Accountability Index Update-Camp

Need to get some of these items put to bed.






Jul 19  2011


Dan Kelly

David "Satch" Kelly

St Jenkins

Billy Gomila


Dang Hu Dat

Fat Punk Kicker

Expressed disbelief that Drew Brees would ask for lifetime exemption from franchise tag as part of the CBA

Or, "God, I hope this is false."

There IS a God.  Looks like the NFLPA lawyers asked for it without Brees' knowledge.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.  Again, my apologies to Drew Brees and his agent, Tom Condon.

Aug 8  2011


Jimmy Graham's 2011 season will not be better than Shockey's 2009 season

He just needs to stop dropping passes and stay healthy.

Aug 3  2011


Saints go 5-1 in division, lose @Tampa

15-1 blah blah

That's not blind optimism, that's Helen Keller optimism.

Aug 3  2011


Bucs will go at least 11-5 and push us for the division title

Well, that's possible.

Aug 3  2011


Atlanta will hit 9-7 (Julio will fail miserably, and Ryan will do worse than 2010 in passer rating)

Disclaimer:  Hans is a Saints fan.

Aug 4  2011


Tarvaris Jackson goes .500 in 2011 if he starts an even number of games greater than zero

This is also possible.  I think. 

Aug 4  2011


Tarvaris Jackson starts Game One in 2011


Aug 4  2011

Breesus Christ Superstar

Seahawks go under .500 in 2011

I sense some subjective analysis here.

Jul 31  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Plaxico Burress will probably start game one, and play a significant amount of snaps

Jets are calling Derrick Mason the starter.

Jul 13  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Jimmy Graham: 10 TD's in 2011

Wouldn't that be nice?

Jul 15  2011


Objects to Rotoworld's statement that Danny  Amendola will return as the starter in the slot.

They're still doing it!!  GAAA!!!

Jul 15  2011

Jon Banks


Dan Kelly


Jay Preece

Just 'Nother Day

Very impressed with Shaun Rogers' career even before he became a Saint

Not sure why this is on here.  I guess I thought he was just a FF and wouldn't amount to much.  Its not trending that way.

Apr 29  2011

were gonna need a bigger boat

Jeff Duncan

Louisville lovers love Johnny Patrick

I'll need to see some preseason action before I can become a Johnny Lover.

Apr 29  2011

Jun 8  2011


were gonna need a bigger boat

Andrew Juge

Ingram pick cost too much with too much risk.  Overrated, potential bust.

I think they were thinking of Mikel Leshoure.

May 1  2011


Ingram scores only 2 to 4 TD's IF he makes the team.

So Pierre and Lance get the rest?  Teetering on the precipice here.

May 1 2011


Ingram has injury concerns, may not have been the best running back prospect in the draft, and doesn't represent a great upgrade over Thomas/Ivory. and when you consider the price, it was a bad pick unless Ingram puts his butt in the Pro Bowl multiple times or keys another Super Bowl run.

I don't think we'll need multiple pro bowls to prove this wrong.  Turn off your mind, relax and surrender to INGRAMANIA!!

Jul 6  2011



Ingram starts more games than Jordan in 2011

Seems like a lock.

Jul 12  2011


Ingram DOES NOT start more games than Jordan in 2011

Somebody's got JORDANMANIA!!

Apr 28  2011


Morstead and 2011 Saints will set NFL record for fewest punts and team record for 6 games without a punt

Hans might have turned off his mind and relaxed a bit too much here.

Mar 17  2011


Breesus Christ Superstar


NFL CBA will be signed before any 2011 games are lost

Cut it kinda close.

I'm sure we all meant regular season games.  I'm counting this as a win.

Mar 4  2011


Saints RB's:

1. PT
2. Chris Ivory
3. Reggie
4. Hamilton

Ouch.  TUSK!!! is probably PUP'd, Reggie is traded and PhotoOp is a ghost. 

And Pierre is probably not going to start. 

Let's end this mercifully.

Apr 24  2011


Thinks our run game will be Top 5.

If they stay healthy and Payton balances his play calls, right?

Jan 9  2011

Bob Marshall, T-P

Saints To-Do List:  Don't rest on your laurels

Time to settle this.

BM, cont'd

Get a pass rush.

Shaun Rogers, Aubrayo Franklin, Cam Jordan

We'll see if this works.

BM, cont'd

Find an elite deep threat.

Adrian Arrington would be the only add on here.

Meachem = chopped liver?

BM, cont'd

Find more running backs



BOOM!! Marking this one complete.

BM, cont'd


Overhaul your return and coverage teams.

tlsk thinks this got done with Johnny Patrick and Nate Bussey.  We'll see. 

Roby is back too.

Jan 10  2011



NFL players and owners will reach an agreement by March and all will continue as normal provided they drop the 18-game schedule idea.

Missed it.   Satch regroups and predicts we'll miss no more than 2 preseason games.

Boom, done.  Hall of Fame game doesn't count.

Jan 14  2011


Skeptical of Denver Post's statement that Kyle Orton is likely to be traded in the offseason

This went back and forth all year.... until they saw Tebow's first practice.  Then they realized they wouldn't have a QB if they traded Orton.

VAsaintsfan is correct.  Orton is not going anywhere for now.

Jan 16  2011

Jeff Duncan

To Do List:

Sign Brees


Reggie-pay cut/trade/cut

This took an extraordinary turn. 

In an unlikely trade.


Cut Shockey-keep Graham/D Thomas


And done.


Cut Kyle/Gay, keep Dresher/P-Rob

Kyle and Gay cut.

Gay might return.  Or not.


Retain Bushrod, Harper, Moore,

P Thomas

All done

Fans' response is mixed on some of these.


Shanle, Ayodele, Hargrove-Paycut or cut

"Now starting at linebacker for your New Orleans Saints...."

Shanle signed.  Ayodele skips to the Wikings, Hargrove to the Eagles.


Goodwin, Evans, Strief, Charleston, Prioleau, Torrence-release, resign at Saints' leisure

Gootwin & Evans gone.

Strief, Charleston, Prioleau and Torrence all return, for now. (We got camp bodies in competition!)


(Tennant replaces Goodwin, Casillas replaces Shanle)

Tennant backburnered with the addition of Kreutz.  This might take another year.

Casillas needs to step it up.


Draft a DE to help Will Smith

Cameron Jordan

boom done, we'll see how much help he is


Free agency niceties-  young fullback, reserve interior OL, K/P returner

See ya, Heath Evans.

I don't know, I guess this is covered.  Can Sproles return kicks or just punts?


Educate and overhaul TUSK!

Don't know about the education, but the overhaul is turning into a long term project.

About to start the season on the PUP list.

Jul 12 2011


Strief gets re-signed by the Saints before Bushrod

Close enough to be meaningless.

Bushrod signed July 28, Strief on August 1.

Apr 28  2011


Whoever drafts Da'Quan Bowers will see him balloon up during the inevitable rehab

This is not happening, I was wrong.  At least, for THIS rehab.  Will he make it through his rookie season?  Holding this open in case of catastrophe.

May 1  2011

GSO Saints Fan

The Falcons will begin a steep decline based on this draft.

Julio Jones looks awesome.

May 1  2011

were gonna need a bigger boat

Martez Wilson, not Mark Ingram, makes the biggest impact of all rookies this season.

Wilson's had a pretty quiet camp, hasn't he?

May 2  2011


Three NFC South teams with double digit win totals in 2011.

Why didn't he just say Saints, Falcons, Bucs?

May 2  2011


Wilson probably has the best chance of our drafted rookies to win Rookie of the Year

He didn't say " the NFL" so technically, he's still got a chance.

May 2  2011


Junior Galette will be a starter this year

He's got to make the team first.

May 9  2011


2011 RB's:  Ingram, Thomas, Ivory, J Bell. Bush gets cut outright prior to training camp

The crystal ball had a little smudge on it, Reggie was traded before camp.  Leaving this open to see if The Joiquer can prevail.

May 4  2011


Ingram won't have more than 3 games with 13+ carries

I heard that humble pie tastes like dog poop.

May 4  2011


Ingram will have 8 games with 13+ carries & 50%+ more rushing yards than teammates

Mikel Leshoure would have done the same if Mickey had read his incoming faxes on draft day and Leshoure's Achilles hadn't snapped.

May 4  2011


Martez Wilson will be the best overall performer of our draft class

Déjà vu.  That's French for "You smoke too much dope."

May 11  2011

Andrew Juge

Saint for life

Andrew Juge again

Saint for Life again

Heath Evans will probably/def be on the opening day roster

Oh, you meant on the NFL Network?  Well why didn't you say so?

Bunch of Heath lovers.

May 13  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Saints will pursue Rocky McIntosh and Barry Cofield

If by "pursue" you mean "If you want to come to camp without any guarantees of any kind, that's fine, whatever", then I think you nailed it.

They signed with somebody but I'm not looking it up.

Jun 2  2011


Doesn't believe A Arrington will be a regular rotation receiver

In 2011

jeff, ever the skeptic.  But I tend to agree.  He's got a very slight build.  AA, I mean.  jeff could stand to lose a few.

Jun 18  2011


PhotoOp makes the roster

So sorry, tommy.

If Ingram pops an Achilles, Rita could give Lynell a call, sure.

April 18  2011


Scott Shanle will return to the Saints in 2011

LunchPale ain't skeered of Casillas, Herrring, or Clint Ingram.

Now, will he start on opening day?

Aug 1  2011


Shanle plays SAM-and presumably starts

That's what I'm talkin' ‘bout.  Not that I like it.  I'm just reading Gdub's mind.

Jan 21  2011


OT Charles Brown is the starter by Sep 2011

He's practicing and doing well, I heard.  But he'll have to stay healthy.

Aug 1  2011


Strief will give Stinchcomb a run for his money and start at RT

I don't know what "run for his money" means.  Like, steal out of his locker?  We're going to need to be more specific, guys.

Nov 2  2010


The over thrown would be TD pass to Strief in week 8 of 2010 indicates Brees' QB career peaked in 2009

I'll draw a picture for you in a couple of years.  It'll kinda look like this:



.    \

.     \__

.          \

Jul 14  2011


Drew Brees will prove he is not in decline by throwing less than 10 interceptions and winning the league MVP award

In 2011, presumably.  The >10 might be harder than the MVP.

Jul 14  2011


Pierre Thomas will lead the team for the season in rushing yards and rushing TDs

Satch, you found the peyote in the New Mexico desert, didn't you?

Jul 14  2011


Darren Sharper won't play another snap for the Saints

Down to the wire on this one, but not looking good for Sharper.

May 14  2010


Condemned Ricky Williams draft day trade, applauded Tebow draft day trade

Hey, Ricky's going to play for the Ravens this year.  While Tim Tebow sits on the bench behind Orton.  it's a completely different thing than the shotgun.  Tebow is stiff under center and can't make decisions quickly enough.

May 17  2010


Believes Payton was addicted to Vicodin and Loomis aided cover-up

Need to get this off of here before we get sued.

I'm calling it.  Unless they go to rehab, this is a closed chapter.

Jul 2  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Shaun Rogers will make a big impact on defense for the Saints in 2011.

I underestimated the Big Ass Baby Huey or whatever he's called.  But let's wait and see if he falls on Ingram in practice and tears his Achilles.

Jul 11 2011


Shaun Rogers in 2011:  2-3 sacks tops

Seems about right.

Jul 12  2011


At least two teams with a new starting QB will make the playoffs this year. At least one of those new QBs will be a rookie

I need a pencil and paper to make sense of this.  You mean, like, Christian Ponder?

Jul 18  2011

Len Pasquarelli

Between signing bonus and 2011 salary, Bush will be 'made whole' on the $11.8 million, or close to it, but the odds are it won't be in New Orleans.

Signed a two-year, $9.75 million contract with Miami. The deal included a $2.5 million signing bonus. 2011: $2.5 million, 2012: $4.5 million (+ $275,000 workout bonus)

I thought "made whole" meant he'd get all of it.  He didn't get all of it and certainly didn't get it all this year.

Jul 2  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

If Reggie stays, he will have a more impactful season than his rookie year and the offense will be more dangerous than in 2009.

He didn't stay.

You wanna double down and say it applies in Miami?

Jun 23  2011

Jeff Duncan

Chances of being a Saint in 2011:

Reggie 30-40%

Lance  80-90%

Correct on both.

I think he might have just guessed on those odds, though.

May 4  2011


Reggie's new contract will be at least $4 million a year, traded or restructured

It is.

I wish him well in Miami.

May 3  2011


Reggie needs to have a good camp, or PayLoo will cut him without a contract offer.

I don't know what kind of camp he's having.

I think the Daniel Thomas kid will put a kink in Reggie's plans.

Mar 22  2011


Reggie will not sign a new contract prior to mid-August 2011

Well technically, he didn't sign a contract with the Saints.

Signed with the Dolphins on July 28

June 11  2010


CP thinks PT and Reggie both gone in 2011

Only half way there.

I'm closing this. PT will sit behind Ingram.

May 20  2011


Reggie will retire having played all his NFL games as a Saint.

I let my emotions get the better of me.

I'm trying not to cry.

Jul 26  2011

Steve Forbes

US will return to the gold standard within 5 years

Teddy Roosevelt style pince nez eyeglasses will come back into style first.

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