Fleur-De-Links Sunday, August 21: California Dreaming

This is something good that didn't get 'singled out' in Dave's earlier post. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Good afternoon, Saints fans. There turned about to be enough content released after this morning's Who Dat Say!?! for me to fire up an afternoon Fleur-de-Links.

The players are off today after arriving at Oxnard in the wee hours of the morning. Go here to see how the city is publicizing the Saints visit (Tay and cajuninCA...the page even has driving directions to help you get there!!).

Hotel information from above link for any other CA Saints fans:

The Residence Inn by Marriott at River Ridge is proud to be the host hotel for the New Orleans Saints Training Camp. See our Special Offers page for camp rates! Ask for the New Orleans Saints Training Camp rate!

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for late breaking news, so this post may be updated through the evening if there's an injury report or press conference from The Visor later on today...



hakimdropsball MtnExile has done it again with this newest banner at @CSCtweetassets.sbnation.com/assets/687057/...

moosedenied Ah yes, the old "IT'S PRESEASON!" admonition. Last refuge of a fan who can't bear to accept what he's seeing with his own eyes.

moosedenied Thankful for last nights Twitter stream. Almost forgot that getting your ass kicked is just fine when IT'S PRESEASON! NOTHING (BAD) MATTERS!

hakimdropsball Pasta strainer. #thingsmoreporousthansaintsoline

hakimdropsball Cheese cloth. #thingsmoreporousthansaintsoline

hakimdropsball  The Second Death Star. #thingsmoreporousthansaintsoline

hakimdropsball Rubbers for players from 'da U' #thingsmoreporousthansaintsoline

LHolderCBS Can't disagree RT @SteveDess07@LHolderCBS only thing I took away from the game is that Mark Ingram is gonna be a stud if he stays healthy.

robyslyfe  This west coast time change is brutal..my body wants to get up by my eyes are still heavy, so im stuck on pause..smh

Mark_Ingram28 Everyone have a blessed and wonderful Sunday! Don't forget to say your prayers and give thanks to the man above

NateBUSSEY What a beautiful Sunday Morning in Oxnard CA..... God bless everyone on this day

JohnnyPatrick32 Good morning, man GOD is good and does everything for a reason. I feel great this morning including my knee.. Thank you GOD for another day.

JohnnyPatrick32 And it's morning in Cali lol....

jeffduncantp The front page of today's Houston Chronicle:lockerz.com/s/131705185

LHolderCBS Oxnard has signs up welcoming the #Saints hanging from the light poles

LHolderCBS About to find out what this In-N-Out Burger is all about.

LanceMoore16 West coastin it. What's good in LA today???

drewbrees Got into Oxnard last night at 2 am.Got some sleep and now at the Quiksilver Surf Competition an US Naval Base Point Mugutaps.la/q2uqgB

Official_Saints Pic from @SNFonNBC of a promo that will air during tonight's game to promote the Saints-Packers game! twitpic.com/69mh17

LHolderCBS This In-N-Out burger may be the only eatery in Ventura, Calif. This place is stupid busy.

ivory_29  Oakland

Official_Saints "Oh when the Saints go marching into Lambeau..."twitpic.com/69mjzy

ivory_29  Ever seen this flavor? yfrog.com/h0623goj

GregRomeus91 Damn this Cali weather is the

drewbrees Check out the judges booth at the Quiksilver Surf Competition at US Naval Base Point Mugu, CA taps.la/pyrCNo

Mark_Ingram28  Wow this cali weather is the truth!! It's only 69, it feel so good outside coming from new Orleans lol


From the Saints Sideline

Saints-Texans Observations: No way to 'defend' first half performance | sportsnola.com
Brian Allee-Walsh - A potentially dreamy week on the climate-friendly Pacific Coast may have just turned into a California nightmare for the New Orleans Saints.

New Orleans Saints' preseason whipping is no reason to panic | NOLA.com
Jeff Duncan - Trip to California will be no week at the beach.

New Orleans Saints WR Joe Morgan state (sic) his case with another TD | NOLA.com
James Varney - Backup QB Chase Daniel starts well, but finishes poorly.

Bobby Hebert On Saints/Houston: ''Embarrassing'' - WWL | AM870 | FM105.3
Well, Who Dats, Coach Payton said in his comments that you can’t sugar-coat the performance of the Saints against the Texans.  I have to agree. 

Texans Postgame Quotes | neworleanssaints.com
Quotes from McNair, Kubiak, Foster, Johnson, Reed, Schaub, Smith, Tate, Watt and Williams.

NFC South mailbag - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
Pat Y. - Time for a Sunday plunge into the NFC South mailbag. (HansDat note - now that summer's almost over, maybe he'll quit with all these plunges and dips - rumble grumble...making me want Nestea and some Ruffles)


V-Roll Roll Call



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