How Long Have You Been a Saints Fan?

There are a lot of new usernames that have been popping up lately here at CSC since the lockout ended and based on some of the comments; it got me to wondering......

How long have some of you been Saints fans?

So, I put together this little ditty (there's that word again) for some of the newer members (and regulars too) to take a trip through the looking glass of Saints history.

For old-timers and longtime Saints fans it can serve as sort of a stroll down memory lane, while newer fans can hopefully broaden their knowledge of their favorite team and realize that there is indeed a history for the Saints before Sean Payton and Drew Brees showed up.

1. As of 4pm yesterday, 11,237,422 people claim that they were in Tulane stadium on the day this guy scored a Touchdown.

2. Those same 11,237,422 people also claim that they were in the Superdome when this barefooted kicker knocked the Saints out of what would have been their first ever playoff berth.

3. This player was the Saints first ever Pro Bowler.

4. This player was known as "Doc" because he received his medical degree during the time he played for the Saints.

5. How many Heisman trophy winners have been drafted by the Saints?

6. How many Heisman trophy winners have played for the Saints?

7. If the Saints had drafted this player, instead of that year's Heisman trophy winner, the acknowledged "Greatest Linebacker Corp" would have been even better and much sooner (and maybe a Super Bowl???).

8. This longtime Saints player and fan favorite was traded away for a washed up offensive lineman and some magic beans (okay, maybe not the beans).

9. The Saints chose not re-sign this Pro Bowler and former All-Pro who was a free agent because they decided they wanted to go with matching fat guys instead.

Note: This player would be a Pro Bowler four more times playing for a team most Saints fans despise and the two fat guys would play together for only one season before eating their way out of New Orleans. (YEAH...I'm still HOT about that one!!!)

10. Which Saints running backs were selected to the Pro Bowl as rookies?

11. This man was the architect behind two of the greatest defenses in NFL history and should have been the Commissioner of the NFL.

12. Which Saints teammates won a Super Bowl playing on a "Dream Team" defense of superstars that included Deion Sanders?

13. This ex-Saint was the leading rusher on a team that won the Super Bowl and made NFL history because of its starting quarterback. He was also the first ever ________ in Saints history.

14. This player beat out a future Hall-of-Famer and future Super Bowl MVP for the starting quarterback job and was then completely out of football only two years later after a very brief stint with the Saints.

15. This Saints fan favorite did a local commercial in which he proclaimed "I'm no Bum".

16. This local broadcaster spent some time in Dodge City with Matt Dillon before becoming the host of the Saints post game show.

17. The lyrics to this local song about a Saints player included the line, "We'll just point the finger at old Jim Finks".

18. While these two Saints teammates played together, they actively held the NCAA records for most passing yards in one game and most rushing yards in one game.

19. This former Saints player was famous long before Jose Canseco when he told the world about the rampant drug use in the NFL at the time.

20. These two players were not very kind to their teammates. One was accused of breaking up another player's happy home while the other preferred breaking jaws.

21. He was the tallest wide receiver in Saints history that had a knack for catching jump balls in the end zone and committing holding penalties that killed drives.

22. The Saints had the tallest defensive line in the NFL which included a future Hall-of-Famer, a couple of mirror image defensive tackles, and a "shrimp" who was "only" 6'3" tall. How many of them can you name?

23. What team's offense did Saints defenders challenge to come back on the football field to go for it on fourth and goal instead of kicking a Field Goal?

23-A. Which Saints player took off his helmet, pointed and yelled at the opposing teams' head coach on the sideline to get his offense back on the field?

23-B. What was the result of the challenge?

24. Unbelievable!!! It happened twice in one season. This guy caught the first one and this guy caught the second one (it's the second guy most people don't remember).

25. This Saints player held down the Middle Linebacker spot for almost a decade and could probably take Scott Shanle's job even though he's in his sixties and would have to learn a new position. (You should have known I couldn't pass up a shot a Shanle)

26. Bruce Lee, Elvis, and Amelia Earhart are all still alive and so is this guy who was once banned from the Saints team flights and is now hiding in plain sight on this blog and goes by the handle of Coldpizza.

27. This fan favorite's dad once said that his son's biggest problem was that he was slower than he looked after this ex-Saint got caught from behind on a 58 yard breakaway run on Monday Night Football.

After working hard in the weight room and on the track during the offseason, that very same player broke loose on a 62 yard touchdown in which he completely smoked the defenders chasing him in a game the following year.

27-A. What team were the Saints playing in that game?

28. Darren Sproles could look down his nose (literally) at this vertically challenged ex-Saints running back.

29. Speaking of running backs, this opposing player set the NFL record for rushing yards in a season but when his team played the Saints that year he was held to less than 100 yards and the Saints won the game.

29-A. This game was significant for what other reason?

30. What do Bowling Green, Hattiesburg, and Ruston have in common?

Bonus Question: Before lying flat on his back and trying to use the earhole in his helmet to get a better look at the big screen in the Superdome, this ex-Saint was actually a pretty good college quarterback.

(I just can't get that image out of my head)

Note: Those of us in Who Dat Nation who remember your time with the Saints wish you a speedy recovery.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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