My Predictions For The 2011 Season!

Hey guys I thought I would liven things up a little bit. It seems that alot of people are concerned on how we're going to do in the regular season. Quite frankly I'm confident we will come out sharp. So here's my predictions for the season so feel free to comment and post your thoughts and opinions.



1. Saints at Packers


This will be an offensive showdown between Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers. Both defenses will struggle We will be playing at Lambeau against the Defending Superbowl champs.  And it's very very rare the defending champions lose at home on opening night. Although not impossible. And very tough to play at Lambeau.  Unfortunately we end up losing a very close high scoring game. (Hope I'm wrong) We will rematch against them in the NFCCG at the Dome and win.


Packers 38  Saints 37


2. Bears at Saints

This is when the defense shines and plays lights out. And as we know we are currently 0-3 against the Bears under Payton. The Bears have been like kryptonite to us. We will get our revenge here and Cutler won't know what hit him.  Saints will be on fire this game.  The Kryptonite ends this game!


Saints 34  Bears 13


3. Texans at Saints

You will see a totally different game than the pre-season game. It will still be a tough game but we will pull this one off in a nail biter.


Saints 27  Texans 24


4.  Saints at Jaguars

Saints will make this one look easy although the Jags are just a mediocre team. The running game will be a huge factor in this game. Saints will have over 200 yds rushing and lead by a mile in TOP.   


 Saints 28  Jaguars 10


5. Saints at Panthers

There's very little improvement from the Panthers but they usually play us tough. I think we get a slow sluggish start and finish strong in the end.  Special teams will be on fire this game.


 Saints 31 Panthers 14


6. Saints at Bucs.

The third road game in a row and the Saints are pretty tired from all the traveling. Turnover battle will be the key in this game.


 Saints 24  Bucs 16


7.  Colts at Saints

The Colts will want some revenge after the Superbowl loss, but it won't be enough to stop the Saints back at home after a 3 week road games. However, this game will come down the wire with Brees driving the team down in the 2 minute warning. Look for a thriller this game!


 Saints 35 Colts 34


8. Saints at Rams

Rams are much improved under Sam Bradford. Saints will be down 17-13 at halftime.  But will come out strong in the second half where Brees and the offense heats up and takes control of the game. Malcolm Jenkins will also have another big game.


 Saints 34  Rams 24


9. Buccaneers at Saints

The Bucs have given us fits at the Dome in recent years. This will change on this beautiful Sunday. Look for Ivory and Ingram to have a banner day running the ball. Brees will pass for over 300 yards and no turnovers. The defense plays well this game and creates turnovers.


 Saints 31  Bucs 13


10. Saints at Falcons

The most thrilling rivalry in the NFL. These games always come down to the wire. Yes, unfortunately the Falcons will be very good this season and will make the playoffs. There's nothing ever boring between these 2 heated rivals. They're very tough at home.  And I have this one at a loss in a tight heartbreaking barn burner. Both offenses will score a ton of points. And the bad news is: I have this one in overtime.


 Falcons 37 Saints 34


11. Bye week. Perfect timing!


12. Giants at Saints

Saints come out fired up after the loss to the Falcons. Brees and the offense are clicking on all cylinders. It will be dominating like the game in 09. The defense forces 3 turnovers and Eli has a bad game. 


Saints 45 Giants 20


13. Lions at Saints

Ladies and Gents, this is not the Lions of old. They are no longer pushovers. They are stout on defense and offense. Provided if Stafford stays healthy, this will be a very very dangerous team that will shock the NFL. They're not yet a Superbowl caliber team, but definitely a playoff caliber team.  Brees will have tough time against the lions defense. Unfortunately this will be our worst game of the season. It will be our only loss at the Dome this season.


 Lions 34 Saints 23


14. Saints at Titans

This is a worrier as well. We haven't matched well against the Titans. Matter of fact, I don't believe we've beaten the Titans. although we've only played them a few times. Saints will struggle in this one but will come out with the win at the end.


 Saints 23 Titans 20


15. Saints at Vikings

A single game rivalry that has gone on for quite some time. We never seem to able to blow this team out. It's been very close games between the two the past decade.   They have a tough defense but the offense remains to be seen under Donovan McNabb and possible Ponder may play this season. I have the Saints in a 10 point win.


Saints 31 Vikings 21 


16. Falcons at Saints

A huge critical rematch between both heated rivalries. And as always, another nail biting thrilling exciting barn burner that will give you some chest pains. This is a must win for the Saints to lock up the Number one seed for Home Field Advantage. As of now the Saints are 12-2 and the Falcons are 11-3.  And yes, we will all be very nervous this game. Aren't Saints and Falcon games always like that?  Saints are down 34 to 31 with 1:42 left after Atlanta scored a long TD. Brees drives them down the field with 38 seconds left on a 25 yd Meachem TD!


Saints 38 Atlanta 34   Saints clinch home field advantage! Yes!!


17. Panthers at Saints

A game that means absolutely nothing. All the starters will play one series and that's it. Then the 2nd and 3rd stringers will play the rest of the game.  Let the Panthers have fun during the last game while we're geared up for the first round bye and polished for the playoffs and a Superbowl run.


Panthers 24 Saints 13


Well there you go my fellow CSC'ers. That's my prediction for the 2011 season. A 13-3 record with a first round bye.  Feel free to share your opinions and comments. Share your feelings on how you feel the 2011 season will pan out for us.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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