Beyond the Visor: Saints Director of Pro Scouting Ryan Pace

We've already met Khai Harley, the Director of Football Administration, and now we get to meet the Robin to his Batman, the Green Arrow to his Green Lantern, the Herb to his Peaches, the Jelly to his Peanut Butter, the Watson to his Sherlock Holmes, the Cash to his Tango, the Hooch to his Turner...need I go on? (or maybe you will in the comment section)

Just who is that? Why, according to the headline, it's Ryan Pace, the Saints Director of Pro Scouting, who has probably been busier than anyone else on the Saints staff this offseason and burning a LOT of midnight oil lately.

Make the jump for more information on Our Man Pace...

CSC Programming Note: Today's Saints practice is from 4:00-6:45 CST, so be sure to come back later tonight for your Day Eight training camp recap...

Thanks to an extensive and exclusive insider's "interview" with the Saints team bio page on Ryan Pace, I have unearthed the following seriously classified intel on him (and who says we CSCers lack Saints "access"? Mike Triplett and Brian Allee-Walsh would kill for this type of access, I know they would!):

Has-Mue (Jim Haslett and Randy Mueller, the predecessors of Pay-Loo), brought Pace on board in 2001, allowing him to get his foot in the door with a position assisting in the coordinating of the operations for game days, training camp, and with the Superdome. 

In 2002, Pace got bumped up to scouting assistant, and for the next two years...

His well-rounded experiences included evaluating players from around the league as well as prospects from NFL Europe, the Arena Football League and the CFL. Pace also tracked player movement, scouted college players and assisted in the preparation of the draft room.

From 2004-2006, he dropped the assistant part and became a Pro Scout, during which time he evaluated veteran free agents and college players, and scouted upcoming opponents.

His big break came in 2007, when he was promoted to his current position, DIRECTOR OF PRO SCOUTING.

Ryan Pace is responsible for managing the entire pro personnel department on a daily basis.

In addition to overseeing the club's staff of pro scouts, Pace's legion of responsibilities include recommending player acquisitions by scouting current and future NFL free agents, monitoring the waiver wire and evaluating players from other professional leagues. Another ongoing effort is researching possible trade opportunities.

A key responsibility for Pace is supervising the advance scouting of upcoming opponents - including their personnel, tendencies and schemes. The pro personnel department also constantly evaluates current Saints players.

Pace graduated from Eastern Illinois (haven't we heard about this school before?) in 1999 with a degree in marketing, following a four-year run as a DE for the Panthers that culminated in him being named a Team Captain as a senior.

He is married to Stephanie, and they have a daughter, Cardyn.

In honor of this piece honoring Ryan Pace, let's hear it for all the hard workers in our Pro Scouting Department, who have really been getting it done:

Pro Scouts - Terry FontenotRyan Powell

Salary Cap Analyst/Player Personnel - Joey Laine 

Scouting Assistants -  Joey Vitt, Jr., and Matt Manocherian

Bless You, Boys! 

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