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Hello everyone, it is nice to be back within the football stratosphere.  We have been waiting for this moment for quite some time.  I digress though.  One thing that I would like to contribute is a competitor injury report.  I know that if you are like me you do not wish anyone to be injured from any team, however for some strange reason the injury information becomes captivating when attempting to formulate your fantasy football line up and when the Saints play that particular opponent.  So instead of posting a hundred fan shots to let you know this information, my hope is that you can go to one source and get all the tidbits of information you need to fuel your inner football demon.

 I will organize the information with Saints' injury news first, followed by division rivals.  After the division, I will list the information that reflects the closest game day organization that the Saints have to play any given Sunday.  If you will, leave some feedback on how you perceive this information. Since injuries are constant ongoing process, sometimes additional information comes out and I will miss it. If I have left anything out please let me know and add your information to your comments.  Call this an entire CSC community post.


  • 1. Chris Ivory RB: Just underwent a sports hernia surgery recently. He is still recovering from a linastic fracture (please google it) However the recovery time of his ankle and his sports hernia surgry is approximately the same duration. His status if official doubtful for week 1.
  • 2. Tracy Porter DB: Is continuing to recover from knee surgery. As of right now has has not passed his physical, but his progronosis is that he will be ready for week 1
  • 3. Greg Romeus: In may of this year Romeus underwent knee surgery, as of right now his prognosis is similar to Tracy Porter's, however he is listed only as questionable for training camp.
  • 4. Will Smith DE: According to they already have Will Smith listed as suspended for the first 4 games. The effective date of this information is 3AUG2011.


  • 1. Curtis Lofton LB: Underwent knee surgery in April of this offseason. Several reports have him back in camp in addition to him regaining his speed and fluidity.
  • 2. Shann Schillinger DB: Injured his ankle in December his return to camp is questionable.


  • 1. Brian Price DL: One of the Bucs top picks from last year has some issues with a pelvic injury. (these injuries are very slow to heal) Price's official status is listed as doubtful for week 1
  • 2. Jeff Faine C: tore his triceps muscle in December and is currently listed as participating in training camp
  • 3. Andrew Economos C: ruptured his achilles tendon last year, and his status is doubtful for week 1
  • 4. Tanard Jackson DB: Violated the league substance abuse policy, as a result his return if reinstatement is granted by the NFL, would be no earlier than week 3.


  • 1. Ron Edwards DL: He came from the Chiefs during the FA. A big blow to the depth of the panthers defensive line. He tore his triceps muscle and his status is likely out for the entire season.
  • 2. Jon Beason LB: Suffered an Achillies injury and his return is expected, yet not until the first preseason game.
  • 3. Tony Pike QB: Shoulder injury questionable for the first preseason game.
  • 4. Greg Hardy DL drafted 6th round in 2010 had very high marks coming out of college, however encountered an injury that sent him falling into the 6th round instead of earlier rounds. Managed 3 sacks last year and a blocked punt and a safety.  His injury is listed as his side (whatever that means) He is currently listed as doubtful for training camp, and questionable for the start of the regular season.  7/29/11
  • 5. Thomas Davis LB: First round pick in 2005: Injured his knee last season and his return is questionable for the start of training camp.


 1.  Jermichael Finley TE: One of Arron Rogers favorite targets injuried his knee last season and was unable to continue his season. His status is questionable for the first preseason game and Probable for the first regular season game. 08/02/2011

 2.•    Johnny Jolly DL:  Violated the league substance abuse policy and is suspended indefinitely 7/26/2011

There you have it.  I am sure that by the time this gets posted there will be other updates to add.  Feel free to add to this list.  Once again please leave some feedback within your comments in regards to improvement, sustainability, and impressions. At the very least I believe we can all agree that this is a start.

Information used to compile this information can be found at the following websites:

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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