The Keys To A Very Successful 2011 Season!

Greetings my fellow CSCers!  My crazy creative mind is brainstorming all these thoughts now that Football Season is just a blink of an eye away.  Heck I'm even excited just to see the first Pre-Season game with the Black n Gold on the field. I'm very anxious to see our Rookies and signed free agents kick some major butt on the field.  We were graded very high in our draft picks and free agent signings.  I must say, my optimism is very high.  


I love the fact we have a tough schedule! Because most of you know, most of the time we play extremely well against solid teams. I'm counting down the days and hours to that first pre-season game!  But I definitely can't wait till Sept.8th.


So anyway, I'm going to discuss the major factors of having a killer 2011 season.   The most important factor is "Staying Healthy"!  The fewer injuries, or hopefully none, the more dangerous we will be. That's what killed us last season. We were plagued with injuries in the RB dept. and in our secondary. And the fact that Drew's knee was hurt didn't help as well.  

The next factor is balance on offense.  Balance the run with the pass and set up Brees deep play action pass. Last season we were one dimensional.  Not to mention the O'line protection was not as efficient as the previous season.  I hope Ingram has a killer year, and I think he will do well.  And get well soon Ivory. 


Special Teams:  Which was horrific last season. Now that we drafted Darren Sproles, I think you're going to see a huge upgrade in that area.

Defense: Stopping the run needs much more improvement. We allowed way too many rushing yards and too much TOP for the opposing teams.  With our new draft choices, look for a big upgrade in that area. 

Red Zone and Turnovers: Plagued us last season and we can fix that problem as well!


And of course, remembering the 2009 season, the Saints came out with fiery anger on the field and were scoring a ton of points. I know Sean Payton and Co. were Fiery Hot after...well you know, after the playoff game. He had mentioned in the off-season his goal was to show that "He Wants To Prove That We're Not A One Hit Wonder"   I love the sound of that!  That says he's mad as hell and will not settle for just 1 Lombardi. 


I Like It When Sean Payton's Angry!!   Just go back to the 2009 season.




I believe we are going to see a bunch of fired up Saints players on the field in 2011!!   




This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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