Accountability Index Update with statistics

What’s up, Saints fans??   No really, what’s going on?  I had to take a little time out because… well, I’m not sure why.  But there’s a lot to cover here, so let’s get started.  It should be better than usual because I had plenty of time to work on it.  Ahem…  First, the right/wrong statistics to date including this update:


Name + -
AJG 0 (1)
Andrew Juge 0 (2)
Billy Gomila 1 0
bondcrash 1 0
Breesus Christ Superstar 1 0
BRSaintsFan 1 0
Cajun in CA 0 (1)
coldpizza 4 (10)
cscmember 1 0
Dan Kelly 2 (2)
Dang Hu Dat 1 (1)
David Satch Kelly 5 (7)
deucifer 0 (1)
DrewBreesManCrush 0 (1)
Fat Punk Kicker 1 0
FrenchFreak 0 (2)
FriarBob 0 (4)
Fruly 1 0
HansDat 0 (2)
Jabbadahut99 0 (1)
James The Aussie  0 (1)
Jason LaCanfora 0 (1)
Jaxon 0 (1)
jeff     3 (7)
Jeff Duncan 2 (1)
Jeremy 0 (1)
Jesus1000 1 (1)
Jimbo3 1 0
JohnnyRingo185 0 (1)
Jon 1 (1)
jray 0 (1)
Jricky70 1 0
Len Pasquarelli 0 (1)
lovingmma25 1 0
LSUfan 0 (1)
mississippisaintsfan 0 (1)
MobileSaint 1 0
Mr. Dave 2 (1)
MtnExile 1 (4)
nanvinnie 0 (1)
Northfan 4 0
Philinwood 0 (1)
Preston J. Gary, Jr. 1 (1)
Ranger565 0 (1)
Saint4life 0 (2)
Saintsfan75 1 0
SaintsFanInIraq 0 (2)
saint-sly 1 (2)
skinnykinney 0 (1)
St Jenkins 1 0
stujo4 5 (4)
The Panthers! 0 (1)
tlsk1066 1 (1)
tstuart77 0 (1)
tommy 0 (1)
Vasaintsfan 1 (2)
were gonna need a bigger boat 1 0
WhatIfSports 0 (1)


60 opinion makers to date, some more successful than others.

Tie for the most correct (+) assertions with 5:

David Satch Kelly


Of course, I'm actually way ahead because this only counts my own assertions. 

Most of the statements proven wrong here count as correct assertions for me because I disagreed and put them on the List in the first place.  See what I did there?

Northfan is 4-0.  He also wears suspenders along with his belt.  My psychologist calls this "risk-averse".

coldpizza leads with 10 incorrect (-) assertions.  Draw your own conclusions but be sure to include the words "flailing" and "wildly".

jeff, you're 3 and 7.  Something's gotta give here.

Ok, on with the List:






Sep 19  2011


Malcolm Jenkins. 2011 Pro-Bowler.

I don't doubt it.  Listed by request.

Aug 18  2011


By week 5 the starting Saints o-line will be Bushrod/Brown at OT, Evans/Nicks at guard and Tennant at center.

Brown is in.  Tennant just need to get Kreutz out of the way.  And de la Soul Puenta.  And to be activated on game days.

Aug 1  2011


Strief will give Stinchcomb a run for his money and start at RT

It wasn't much of a contest.  Stinchcomb stayed hurt and then retired.

But Strief did beat out Charles Brown and start the first 3 games at RT.

Jan 21  2011


OT Charles Brown is the starter by Sep 2011

Strief's hurt.  Looking good for Brown.

Aug 17  2011


Leigh Torrence, Jeff Charleston and Pierson Prioleau will play at least a 2011 regular season down with the Saints

Prioleau is a distant memory in the rearview mirror getting smaller every second as the radio plays a sad forgotten song and a tear wells up in... What?

Charleston and Torrence both played in game 1, but 2 out of 3 only counts if you're Drew BREESS!!!  66.66%, baby!

Aug 8  2011


Jimmy Graham's 2011 season will not be better than Shockey's 2009 season

Little Jimmy is looking pretty good through 3 weeks.

Aug 3  2011


Saints go 5-1 in division, lose @Tampa

15-1 blah blah

I don't think your suspenders are going to help you here.

Aug 3  2011


Bucs will go at least 11-5 and push us for the division title

We shall see.

Aug 28  2011


Saints sweep Bucs in 2011

That too.

May 1  2011

GSO Saints Fan

The Falcons will begin a steep decline based on this draft.

Ha ha, I said at the time.  But the Falcons don't look so good at 1-2.

Aug 3  2011


Atlanta will hit 9-7 (Julio will fail miserably, and Ryan will do worse than 2010 in passer rating)

They'll have to turn it around to get to 9-7.

Sep 4  2011


I don't think the Foulclowns will even make the playoffs this year.

I'm not putting my money on it.  Now.

Aug 19  2011

Dan Kelly

Matt Ryan will NOT lead the league in TD passes, not even top 3, but maybe top 5

Piling on!!

Aug 4  2011


Tarvaris Jackson goes .500 in 2011 if he starts an even number of games greater than zero

3 starts, Seahawks are 1-3

Aug 4  2011


Tarvaris Jackson starts Game One in 2011


I guess Charlie "Serpico-The Wasp Version" Whitehurst was a contender in August.  Or something.

Aug 4  2011

Breesus Christ Superstar

Seahawks go under .500 in 2011

1-3.  But Pete Carroll has amazing rah rah skills.

Jul 31  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Plaxico Burress will probably start game one, and play a significant amount of snaps

Good call

He has started all 3 games to date and is seeing a lot of game time.  7 catches for 127 yds and 2 TD's.

Jul 13  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Jimmy Graham: 10 TD's in 2011

2 TD's in 3 games

Jul 15  2011


Objects to Rotoworld's statement that Danny  Amendola will return as the starter in the slot.

He did.  Until he got hurt.

Greg Salas failed to fill his cleats, Austin Pettis got a chance in game 3.

Apr 29  2011

Jun 8  2011


were gonna need a bigger boat

Andrew Juge

Ingram pick cost too much with too much risk.  Overrated, potential bust.

INGRAMANIA!! haters.

May 1  2011


Ingram scores only 2 to 4 TD's IF he makes the team.

As of week 3, he's got 1.

May 1 2011


Ingram has injury concerns, may not have been the best running back prospect in the draft, and doesn't represent a great upgrade over Thomas/Ivory. and when you consider the price, it was a bad pick unless Ingram puts his butt in the Pro Bowl multiple times or keys another Super Bowl run.

If he can stay healthy, he's better than Ivory.  He's cut into Pierre Thomas' workload quite a bit.

Jul 6  2011



Ingram starts more games than Jordan in 2011

It's 3-1, Jordan.

Jul 12  2011


Ingram DOES NOT start more games than Jordan in 2011

It's 1-3, Ingram.

Aug 31  2011


Jeff Charleston starts game 1 over Turk McBride and Cam Jordan

Oh no Satch, I'm so sorry.

Cam Jordan and Turk McBride both started game 1.

Apr 28  2011


Morstead and 2011 Saints will set NFL record for fewest punts and team record for 6 games without a punt

It's a long season.

Apr 24  2011


Thinks our run game will be Top 5.

Not if they keep passing 64% of the time.

Aug 15  2011


Saints' offense will rank in the 12th to 18th range this season

Total offense (yards per game)  2nd as of Week 3

Sep 23  2011


Texans@Saints  9/25/11:  one of these teams is going to the Super Bowl, and this game will tell us which.

Easy on the hyperbole there, Peter Mtn King.  It's week 3 in the NFL.  Any given Sunday and all that.

Texans aren't as good as many thought they were.  Mario Williams!!  Mario Williams!!  Texans D gave up 40 points to the Saints, including 2 two point conversions.   Schaub is no Drew Brees, decline or not.

May 2  2011


Three NFC South teams with double digit win totals in 2011.

Cam Newton is THAT good?  Ha ha.  Oh.  Come on, Matty Ice...

Aug 19  2011


Saints are going to sweep the division.

Such bravado.

Aug 19  2011


Mike Vick will have a mediocre season and not make it back to the top 5 for MVP voting.

Yeah, but will he complain about it?

Aug 21  2011


Lance and Meachem each have better seasons than Colston (better in 2 out of 3 categories: Receptions, yards, TD's)

So far so bad for #12.

Aug 21  2011


Moore's season more likely to be better than Colston's than Meachem's as compared to Colston's.

Ok, I think.

Apr 28  2011


Whoever drafts Da'Quan Bowers will see him balloon up during the inevitable rehab

He has appeared in the first 3 games and recorded 2 tackles.  He could still get hurt and go into a depression and put Pizza Hut on speed dial and...

May 1  2011

were gonna need a bigger boat

Martez Wilson, not Mark Ingram, makes the biggest impact of all rookies this season.

Started 1 game, played in all 3, booked 2 tackles.  Da'Quan Bowers-esque but not in a good way.

May 2  2011


Wilson probably has the best chance of our drafted rookies to win Rookie of the Year

Oh, stop it.  You're sagging, man.

May 4  2011


Martez Wilson will be the best overall performer of our draft class

I don't know what prompted all of this but I hope you're all proud of yourselves.

May 2  2011


Junior Galette will be a starter this year

0-3.            Maybe if Cam Jordan blows an Achilles and somebody else gets suspended.

May 9  2011


2011 RB's:  Ingram, Thomas, Ivory, J Bell. Bush gets cut outright prior to training camp

Reggie Bush chose to pursue other career options in Miami and also to spend more time with his family.

Game 1:  Ingram started, backed up by Pierre Thomas and Sproles.  The Joiquer is now on the practice squad.

May 4  2011



Ingram won't have more than 3 games with 13+ carries

In 3 games it's 13, 14, and 9.  Clearly, he is in decline. (Can't do sarcasm font here)

May 4  2011


Ingram will have 8 games with 13+ carries & 50%+ more rushing yards than teammates

What an exciting year, with all the INGRAMANIA!!!

Jun 2  2011


Doesn't believe A Arrington will be a regular rotation receiver in 2011

Looking irregular so far.

Aug 1  2011


Shanle plays SAM-and presumably starts

No and yes

Shanle is listed on the Saints' unofficial depth chart as WLB.  He is credited with starting the first 3 games.

Nov 2  2010


The over thrown would be TD pass to Strief in week 8 of 2010 indicates Brees' QB career peaked in 2009

"STOP SAYING DREW BREES SUCKS!"  I only said his career peaked. "YOU"RE CRAZY!!  YOU HATE DREW BREES!!!"  I don't.  Stop yelling at me.  "VILLAGE IDIOT!!!  VILLAGE IDIOT!!!"  Jesus1000...

Aug 28  2011

Mr. Dave

Drew Brees' best years are behind him

Mr. Dave has emerged from the controversy unscathed in spite of my best efforts to drag him into the mud with me.  I'll try BOLD typeface.

Jul 14  2011


Drew Brees will prove he is not in decline by throwing less than 10 interceptions and winning the league MVP award

On track, unless Aaron Rodgers cheats him out of it.

Aug 24  2011

Acquired Panic

Drew Brees is not declining or losing his focus.

He's the same as he ever was, only better, and we're all above average if not excellent except stujo4 who is a dum dum poopy head.

Aug 15  2011


Drew Brees will throw 38 TD's and no more than 14 INT's this year

He's in a state of incline.

Jul 14  2011


Pierre Thomas will lead the team for the season in rushing yards and rushing TDs

Only by an Ingram injury, it would appear.  And then he'll have to contend with Sproles.

Jul 14  2011


Darren Sharper won't play another snap for the Saints

Or anybody else for that matter, in spite of some tryouts.

At least he still has his smile.

May 14  2010


Condemned Ricky Williams draft day trade, applauded Tebow draft day trade

In his rookie year, Tebow helped to get his coach fired.  In his 2nd year, he had to fill in at WR off the bench.  Compare and contrast to Ricky.

Jul 15  2011

Jon Banks


Dan Kelly


Jay Preece

Just 'Nother Day

Very impressed with Shaun Rogers' career even before he became a Saint

Those were the days, my friends.  You thought they'd never end.  But you ignored... the loong slow decline.

Jul 2  2011

Preston J. Gary, Jr.

Shaun Rogers will make a big impact on defense for the Saints in 2011.

Still waiting.

Jul 11 2011


Shaun Rogers in 2011:  2-3 sacks tops

0 in 3 games.  But he's a run stuffer.  When they let him on the field.  Sometimes.

Jul 12  2011


At least two teams with a new starting QB will make the playoffs this year. At least one of those new QBs will be a rookie

Kolb and Cam Newton?  We know it's not McNabb.

Sep 23  2011

Mr. Dave

"Stay away from hot-button topics like race, religion and politics unless it is inherently related to the Saints."

Not "will not be permitted" but "stay away from".  I made a reference to this (which is Saints related) here (comment now deleted) and again here with the fanshot title (you can still read it in the URL until the entire fanshot is deleted) and I provided a link to Duncan's article both times.  Because of hypersensitive or agenda driven members who whine to the "Head Coach", I get banned.  I assume that was the reason, but I don't know, no reason was given.

And yet, this is posted by a Content Provider, which has no Saints content that I can see.  Oh, the hypocrisy.  Perhaps the CSC Community Guidelines need to be amended:  "Don't annoy the Inner Circle." 

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