Has it hit you yet?

I drank a lot of coffee tonight and, while I'm sitting there at about 4AM, it hits me. OMIGOD! This team is smoking! And, what hit like a wall of thunder is the fact that I'm not just talking about this one year. This team, the Saints, the almighty, love-em, drive-me-crazy(!)-with-losing Saints have been kicking it around the block and going to th playoffs for half a decade! I don't care whether they've won only one Superbowl, these guys are a dynasty. I heard tonight that SP loves the Saints fans. Well, we all love him back. Don't you feel it? Going to the playoff is almost feeling like, well, yeah, but...we gotta do better than that! That is an awfully nice feeling! That would be a great incentive to me, as a coach, to stick around. Money is one thing. Love like that is hard to find. If you've just been around the Saints country, you may not realize how mean some fans can get. I hope no one from New England disagrees with me (I'll take this comment out, if you do) but they can be mean as a rattlesnake to a losing team. Funny that. I can't think of a lot of fans that ever hated the Saints. I thought most of us just loved their bumbling, funny way with a deep ache in the heart. Maybe after winning for a while, we might get that way, I guess, if we start losing, again. I guess it's inevitable. Not the old fans, though. Were you groaning through the repetition of the nightmare tonight during that first half? I was. Thought I was gonna die.

Great article:

Best shot at beating Saints: Don’t punt

This article above and sub-quote below reflects what nofear (yeah, that's me) was saying about no punting! Dang, do they really read csc? I feel honored, if so! I feel even more honored that it worked so well. How long before people will start copying it? Next week?

"From doctors to portfolio managers, imagine another industry where the decision makers could fail to maximize your chance of success 90 percent of the time and we wouldn’t mind. But conventional wisdom says that you punt after three downs and coaches would rather be wrong than take heat from bucking conventional wisdom."

I don't know what they're talking about. I've seen most people punt in every industry I've encountered.

Omigod! Great articles are everywhere!!! Articles to make any Saints fan proud. This is good stuff….

Maybe the glow of success is a little too strong...That is an amazing fact to connect with the Saints and I'm loving it.

The next two weeks, we're going to have to be awfully careful about losing the ball against the 9ers and Pack.

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