Haters Gonna Hate, Keep Hating!


Good morning my fellow brother's and sisters on CSC. Enjoying this victory against a very tough team last night who gave us fits in the first half. I've enjoyed this season, I've enjoyed the broken records and looking forward to the challenge next Saturday on the road against the 49ers. Hoping to get our first road playoff win.

I'm sure you folks notice, people hate success. Well let me take that back. People love success of "certain" teams. If you've read any articles such as this garbage. I mean come on let's face it, every game has bad or questionable calls. Bu bu but, when a bad call goes in favor for the Saints, it's such a terrible sin. Oh and how many years did we have bad calls go against us? Yeah that's what I thought. And not once did I ever blame that solely on a loss. From what I remember, didn't the Saints score 35 points in the second half? Oh wait a minute now, wouldn't that be considered "Running up the score"?

Oh yeah and one thing I don't want to forget, seems like when the Saints are kicking butt outscoring other opponents, certain "Fan Bases" like to throw in a made up "Katrina Rule" when Brees is torching secondaries. That is the most idiotic disgusting phrase I've ever heard in my life. Yeah real cool! Bring up a disaster that happened 6 years ago that killed thousands of people. And wishing a broken leg on Drew Brees. Classy!

For all you whiners out there constantly blaming the refs week after week when the Saints are winning or any other team having success, need to quit watching football and take up a quilting hobby or any hobby that doesn't require scoring or full contact. And if you don't like the Saints putting 40 burgers on your Defense, do some about it! Stop them or draft another D coordinator or draft a Defense that can stop them.

We are hated more than any other team. And you know what? Good! That just shows people hate success of "Certain" teams such as the Saints. In their minds we're supposed to be the old lovable mediocre/losers we once were. Screw that. Keep hating.

And I'll close with this: I'll be damned that I would ever degrade myself to such disgusting acts mentioned above or anywhere for that matter.

Drew Brees and the Saints. Keep doing what you're doing. Run up the score, play hard, play physical. You're our team through thick and thin. And we love you for that. Don't change for Anybody.

Keep on Hatin Haters.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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