Pete, You've Got Three Options

Dear Mr. Carmichael,

We haven't met, but I've watched your work for some time now. And, I'd like to submit three options for you to choose from to help our offense be more productive.

G** damn, dude! We get it. You like running up the gut. I know it. You know. And the defensive coordinator of the opposing teams knows it. Everyone in the stadium knows it.

#1. RUN OUTSIDE!!!!!!

This one's probably the easiest one of my options for you to implement.

I've seen you do it. You've done it the previous three weeks with much success.

Why you decided to stop, I have no clue.

So, get in the film room. Dog-ear the plays to the OUTside that you liked and USE THEM early and often in ALL of the remaining games on our schedule. Not just the next one, and then act like you've forgotten. ALL OF THEM!

You're second option in a bit more drastic, and you probably won't like it. But, it's less drastic than my third option, so...

#2. You could turn over the play calling to someone who's paying attention... to someone who gives a damn about getting first downs and not wasting six to ten plays every game.

It would take a lot for you to admit you're over your head, lacking focus, or whatever the hell is causing you to call repeated up the gut runs with the stable of talent we have at running back. But, if you did, I would admire your integrity and wish you well at whatever position the Saints front office would put you in.

Lastly, and most drastically...

#3. You could trade all our running backs to other teams - not for picks, because most rookies suck and we're not that good at picking the good ones - but for players... specifically offensive lineman and cornerbacks.

If you're going to continue to piss away downs by running up the gut, it doesn't matter who's at running back. We could have Adrian Peterson, Arian Foster, or Marshawn Lynch back there. If you're going to call the same garbage on every drive, sometimes multiple times per drive, then any old (or young undrafted rookie) will do.

Bring in some running backs at the league minimum, and spend that money on offensive lineman to protect Drew and corner backs to cover a mother ******. (You've seen the pass rush we've been able to get lately; but since no one is covered, the hurried QB still has time to make a play down field.)

So, there you have it. Thanks for listening. I look forward to your reply or your calling some G** D*** OUTSIDE RUNS for a change.

Kind Regards,


This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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