Fleur-De-Links: Saturday, December 1

What, me worry? - US PRESSWIRE

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news, opinion, and whatnot. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Is Drew Brees solely to blame for the loss to the Falcons?


Get the weekend off with the family. Cant wait. Headed to the country tomorrow to cut down our Christmas tree. Feel like the Griswolds!

Cool, is about to reach 8,000 tweets! See the rest of the stats

Hahhaha funniest ever " I have a boyfriend but I want ur number" hahaha "no thanks i thought we was jus dancing""

Good morning everybody!

Good morning world and all who inhabit it

Thanking the Big Man above excited about the possibilities. Good morning to some. Goodnight to others

So sick, my night was miserable..just me & my bed the entire day. Y'all be blessed.

Road To Riches Treat That Street Like Its A One Way!

here's a recap of yesterday's hearing "blah blah blah blah bounty bullsh** still dragging on blah blah blah witchhunt blah blah blah blah"

So it sounds like isn't enthused with how things went in DC yesterday.

yesterday wasnt good or bad...for 9mos the nfl has tried their hardest to prove something that didn't happen.

So just more of the same?

even went so far as to make "independent" 3rd party maryjo white their leading prosecutor now

Well, that part actually IS pretty interesting.

indeed. They forgot to tell you guys that huh

Well, I certainly didn't know that. Until just now, anyway.

": Here's a change of subject. Did u hear Seth announced he will make a Family Guy movie?" FINALLY!! Ted stunk

": you really didnt like ted? Why not?"had a few funny parts but kinda lame overall. I dont smoke so that may be it lol

": well here's a recap of my love.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! :) <3" lolol thanku

Why does happiness come after success? We should always strive to be happy with today!

": I can't come to the dinner again this year I hope it's a success. Is there a place to donate?

Just did a s***load of Christmas shopping at NFL Shop dot com, and I am so ashamed of myself. I need a shower.

I think I'll go see Life of Pi to pass these next couple hours

Sending up a prayer for all those affected by this terrible situation going on in Kansas City...

BREAKING NEWS - Police: Chiefs players kills girlfriend then kills self

My prayers are with the after the events that unfolded this morning. Life is way bigger than football could ever be.


More From Saints-Falcons

Saints shredded by Falcons’ running game on first drive - Black and Gold Blog | The Advocate
Sheldon Mickles - Game notes.

New Orleans Saints’ egos bruised in Falcons loss | The Advocate
Brian Allee-Walsh - The Atlanta Falcons cashed in big on the Georgia Pick 5 Thursday night, leaving the New Orleans Saints’ faint playoff hopes on the rocks.

Drew Brees’ night not one to be remembered | The Advocate
Sheldon Mickles - If you’re lucky enough to play quarterback in the NFL as long as Drew Brees has, you’re inevitably going to have a game or two like the one he had Thursday night.

Forecast: Brees drives 2012 Saints season over the cliff | wwltv.com
Ralph Malbrough - The Saints 2012 season ended like a bus on fire going over a cliff and Drew Brees was the crazy bus driver.

Saints at Falcons: The Gallows Pole | saintswin.com
In retrospect, it couldn't have ended any other way.

New Orleans Saints Postgame Quotes | neworleanssaints.com
Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers Joe Vitt, QB Drew Brees and other Saints players spoke with the media following Thursday's loss to the Falcons.

Joe Vitt Reviews Thursday Night's Game | neworleanssaints.com
Press conference: Saints Assistant Head Coach discusses Thursday's game against the Falcons.

Don't judge Drew Brees on one game, New Orleans Saints interim coach Joe Vitt says | NOLA.com
Nakia Hogan - Saints (5-7) need help to make playoffs.

Drew Brees' passing game against the Atlanta Falcons: Graphic | NOLA.com
Dan Swenson - Chart depicts where Brees threw the ball.

New Orleans Saints defense improving despite losses: Graphic | NOLA.com
Dan Swenson - The New Orleans Saints' past two losses have come during a time of improvement from the defense.

Roman Harper: "We Need Every Win" | neworleanssaints.com
Press conference from Friday, Nov. 30.

The Best Moments From Saints-Falcons | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Christmas Ape - photo/gif slideshow.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints lose to Atlanta Falcons | SI.com
Michael Rosenberg - Drew Brees has had so many great days in the NFL. This may have been his worst.

Drew Brees' touchdown streak ends in Atlanta Falcons' Thursday night win over the New Orleans Saints | SI.com
Chris Burke - The most important moment of the Atlanta Falcons’ 2012 season may have come before the 2011 season even ended.



Washington phase of New Orleans Saints bounty hearings ends Friday with Gregg Williams' testimony | NOLA.com
Larry Holder - Saints bounty hearings move to New Orleans on Monday.

Jonathan Vilma gives a little insight into Friday's bounty appeals hearing | NOLA.com
Doug Tatum - He's not impressed with the NFL's case.

Will Smith says New Orleans Saints bounty hearing Friday was helpful | NOLA.com
Larry Holder - Defensive end, Jonathan Vilma got to hear Gregg Williams testify.

Vilma, Smith glad to see Gregg Williams testify in bounty case | wwltv.com
Howard Fendrich (AP) - Saints defensive end Will Smith says he's glad he got a chance to hear former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams testify at an appeals hearing in the bounties case.



Jeff Duncan's Weekly Reader: 'Coaching Confidential' chronicles rise & fall of Sean Payton | NOLA.com
New book chronicles the work of NFL head coaches.

Meet New Orleans Saints super fans the Sainturions | NOLA.com
Photo Gallery: Basing their costumes on gladiators, Saints Super fans Mark Giorioso and Stephen Leger are Sainturions.

Andersen is semifinalist for Pro Football Hall | The Advocate
Former New Orleans Saints kicker Morten Andersen, the NFL’s all-time leading scorer, is among 27 semifinalists for the Pro Football HOF.

Former Saint Morten Andersen a Hall of Fame semi-finalist | wwltv.com
Former Saints placekicker Morten Andersen and former Fortier High and Arizona Cardinals defensive back Aeneas Williams are among 27 semifinalists named for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Friday.


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