RIP 2012 - You Will NOT Be Missed!


Well, if I could sit here and tell you there was anything I enjoyed about 2012, I would be blowing smoke up your rectum. And you folks know me as Mr. blunt who doesn't beat around the Bush so I'm just going to lay it out on the line. My personal 2012 year has been crappy all around and I'm ready to get on with a new year and a fresh start. But I won't go into that, I want to discuss the horrid season of the 2012 Saints. It started on that fateful day of March 2nd last spring when the news broke out regarding the bogus bounty scandal. Then the wrath of our most hated foe Roger Goodell...well made things much worse. From then on, it was bad news after bad news after news. I can only recall only 1 bit of good news when Drew Brees finally was signed to a 100 million dollar contract on Friday The 13th in July, the infamous date that Jason Voorhees has a field day slashing teenage camp counselors or anyone who get's in his way. I remember we FINALLY had something to cheer about for once in spite all the hooplah and bashing of the Saints organization.

When the Saints got back to 500 at 5-5 they had a pretty good streak running. It looked like the Fire was coming back There was hope to save our least we thought. That fire was put out in the 49ers game before halftime where we failed to convert on a "Very Manageable" 3rd and 1. Something in me gave me that ugly feeling in my stomach. You know, "Here We Go Again". Then as the Saints were driving down the field with seconds left, the bone headed throw for a pick 6 happened where they could have gone into the half with a 17 or 21-7 lead. I'm thoroughly convinced it was those two plays that changed everything. Then the Falcons game where Brees threw 5 int's and no TD's. Then there was today's game where we were down 35-13 and scored 14 points to make it an 8 point game. It looked like they were fighting back. Then came the bone headed INT in the Red Zone on 1st down. Well, you know how the rest of the game turned out.

The problems with the team run deeper than you think. Roger Goodell played a big part in it no doubt. And the fact Sean Payton is not there has killed the team's chances big time.

Regarding Drew Brees.

Would you agree with me he has not been as dominant as he once was? Have you noticed his throws look way off? He's looking like Brett Favre as of late forcing throws into triple coverage and throwing these 2 yard passes where the receiver is blanketed by another defender. Some of his throws I'm like WTF?? This is NOT the Drew Brees I know. Why? You tell me. Is it likely because Sean Payton is not there? I would definitely think so. Or the 100 million dollar contract? You guys tell me. I've been highly pissed off at his performance lately and I think I have a right to be. I love the guy and am grateful he's our QB but he's played very badly lately. I don't want to make excuses for him but yet, I'm not going to put all the blame on him. But please, pick another pre-game chant or go back the 09 or 11 chant.

The Offensive Line.

Not as effective as previous seasons but not all terrible. In some games Brees was running for his life out there and has been sacked more than we can bear.

The Running Game.

Improved but not great. We have way too many RB's. A couple need to go next season.

Special Teams.

Please do not make me vomit. Our Special Teams unit has been horrible this season. When was the last time they had a decent KO or Punt return? I can't think of any. And don't even ask me who those clowns were out there on ST in today's meltdown. Oh yeah, and Travaris Cadet is not the answer for returning kicks.


Let's face it. Our defense has improved a bit, but it still needs a ton of work. I've been impressed with CB Mack and Corey White. They've done pretty well. PRob is a little up and down improving slightly. The D line is very weak at getting a pass rush. Better at stopping the run.


The question I want to ask is very important. Whatever happened to the fast receiving corps we once had? Have you noticed poor route running not getting separation to get as open as they've been accustomed too? Have you noticed lack of YAC? (Yards after catch) Is age becoming a factor in some of our receivers?

Who needs to be gone next season.

I have quite a few in mind.

Devery Henderson. Not a good year for you buddy. You look slow out there, poor route running, and very key dropped passes. You gave us some very good years and I thank you for that. I have no ill feelings toward you whatsoever. It's just time to part ways I'm afraid.

Dave Thomas. Nothing short of hot garbage. I present to you the king of holding and false start blunders. I was never a Dave Thomas fan and never will be. He maybe has one or two decent games a season. Not enough. Cut him. He's been a drive killer in as many games as I remember.

Jed Collins. Another king of false starts and holding penalties. Another drive killer and fumbler. Cut him too.

Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith. Age factors. Thank you for the good games you've given us in the past. And thank you Mr. Vilma for standing up to Goodell. You get an A+ for that in my book. I wish you could be young again, you would be my first choice again.

There are more problems with this team. I know it, and you know it. Lance Moore has made clutch plays but yet has made a lot of key drops that he never used to do. Colston has been very inconsistent as well. Made a lot of key drops and a few key fumbles this season including today after Brees threw a perfect deep pass to him. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, are we the most penalized team in the NFL this season? It wouldn't surprise me. Are we near the bottom on 3rd down efficiency...including 3rd and short, that wouldn't surprise me one bit. They've been horrific on 3rd and short this year. It bit us again today on that bone head 3rd and 1 play where we had to settle for a FG.

Our needs for next season.

Defensive linemen, pass rush etc.

Special teams returner. Lightning speedster is needed.

WR. I'm afraid we're going to need a good fast receiver who can CATCH and fight for the ball. Another Joe Morgan perhaps?

TE. Someone to replace Dave Thomas. Someone with speed as well as physical abilities.

Fullback. Someone very strong and a great blocker.

Special teams coach. Sorry, this guy just ain't getting the job done.

And most importantly. Sean Payton. First and foremost we need him back. Give him a good contract please?

Quite frankly, I don't see us winning another game this season. But I will still pull for them like hell as always. The fire and the passion is gone folks. I think you know the answer why.

Twenty one more days till 2013. And I can't wait. Screw everything about 2012. There's my rant for the year.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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