Ladies & Gentlemen! - Welcome To The 2012 NFL Asterisk*



I think that * looks cute for a hat on Goodells head don't you agree?

God I love my team! God I love Drew Brees! God I love Sean Payton! And last but not least, I love the fans all over and the fans of CSC. I'm going through a ray of emotions these past couple of days. There still lies the anger inside me of how much of a mess Roger Goodell put this organization through when he over abused his power. Then there's some joy in this as well. When Paul Tagliabue overturned the suspensions yesterday (which was the correct decision) I was relieved when we finally got a little justice. What was more relieving is when Paul informed everyone the Saints organization were mistreated and punished way too harshly. Matter of fact, I'm a firm believer, if Paul Tagliabue would have been in charge of this investigation last March. The punishments would have been ALOT less severe. There would have been fines. and no suspensions. But unfortunately they were victimized by the wrong Judge.

On one of our OP posts yesterday: "Paul Tagliabue Got It Right" It was a "Pay Per Performance" not a Pay To Injure. And I really admire him for seeing All sides from this and found the necessary task not over judge. So to all you haters out there, yeah you know who you are. Who made you God? Who made you judge and jury? Exactly. So remember this, if you had a family member that was accused for a serious crime that he/she did not commit, would you react the same way? The same thing applies to outside parties who are going through the same thing. So much for innocent until proven guilty right?

The New Generation...The American Way


I read that book above where 3 kids were falsely accused for crimes they did not commit. I also followed the story on TV. Nearly cost them their lives. But no matter how they cried and screamed they were innocent, it didn't matter to the prosecutor (who was later disbarred) or the public eye. Why? People rushed to quick judgement and already assumed them guilty without any facts or evidence. The system wants to sell you "Innocent Until Proven Guilty". It's all backwards ladies and gents. Just as Roger Goodell did to the Saints organization. He turned a minor problem (may I remind you all 32 teams have been known for a pay per performance for years) into a very big slanderous bloodbath. See where I'm going with this? Stop playing judge, jury and God. That's the problem with society today. Nobody is perfect, not people, not football teams, no one.


Don't let the title fool you folks. I'm not simply basing our 2012 season as an asterisk. Was it a bad season? Absolutely. Did not having Sean Payton hurt us? You bet it did. On the other hand, Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL IS the Asterisk. The Asterisk of 2012. Before I go any further I want to make something very clear upfront. Our famous foes (who are not our divisional rivals) during the past few years have somehow come out with a silly idea to place an *asterisk next to the 2009 New Orleans Saints. And you know what? If they want to look foolish, go right ahead. If you want to cheer for injuries, make Katrina jokes where thousands of human beings died, hey, whatever makes you feel better. But just remember, the rest of the world will laugh at you while the important thing matters, we got a SB ring..."Without" cheating, "Without" an asterisk. And we got our ring our First trip where we were fortunate not to fail 4 to having multiple empty trophy cases.

The Bottom Line? The New Orleans Saints are true warriors and are my hero. And I couldn't be any prouder for you guys standing up to the biggest Fraud in sports history. I love when Drew Brees Speaks His Mind. He's humble and a true class act. What an excellent role model for children and society as a whole. I love your speeches and your tweets Drew. Don't stop for nobody! To Jonathan Vilma. We're all pulling for you and wish you nothing but the best in your suit. And hopefully there will be other's that choose to join you.

We may not have won the war yet. We got a ways to go and will keep fighting. But at least we won part of the battle. Our next hurdle is getting Payton back. We certainly have missed you man. We will welcome you back with open arms.

Last but not least. The true definition of what an Asterisk* is? Look below or up top, you'll get the hint.



This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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