Extremely Early Draft Preview

I would love to see us finish on a strong note, and gain some momentum for next season. But it's never too early to have some fun with draft talk! Here are the positions I think we should target, and also the players at those positions for each round.

I really wish that we could be given back our 2nd round pick, but I don't think it will happen. That said, we have to make the most of the picks we have. I thnk we need to come away from the draft with at least a DE, CB/S, OT, DT, TE.

DE - Part of the reason our secondary looks so bad is because of the lack of pressure. The ends have played better of late, but we lack that one go-to sack machine. Smith and Jordan are balanced against run/pass, but neither has the athletic ability to be a constant problem for the Oline. I feel like our DEs would be better suited for a 3-4 DE with their size. I think we need to add a rush DE with our first pick.

CB/S - Continuing with support for the defense, we need to add more talent in the secondary. I am actually pleased with Jenkins. I think he will be just fine. Harper is what Harper is. He is good against the run, but he can't cover the growing use of athletic TEs. The corners are average, but if a top notch player is available we should snag him. Problem is, a lot of our secondary is signed on for several more years.

OT - When our offense is clicking, up-tempo, and quick passes, the Oline job is much easier. But sometimes that isn't the case. Not to mention Bushrod is in a contract year. We can use an upgrade at OT.

DT - It would think we will move forward without Sedrick Ellis. I thought Bunkley did a solid job this season against the run. Hicks came on towards the end. A lot of people feel we should use our first rd pick on a DT, but I am very much against that. Unless it's a monster, like Suh, the DT will not be an impact player on every down. You can get a guy to command double teams in the later rounds.

TE - Being that our offense utilizes the TE so well, it would be beneficial to add another weapon behind Graham. But it is a pretty thin class this year.

These are the guys I would like to target in the given rounds: 1st rd Target: rush DE, CB Sam montgomery - de lsu Bjeorn werner, de fsu Xavier rhodes, cb fsu Johnathan banks, cb miss st

3rd rd Target lb, cb/s, de Gerald hodges, lb penn st Sean porter, lb tx a&m Darius slay, cb miss st Prentiss waggner, cb/s tenn Brandon jenkins, de fsu Tank Carradine, de fsa

4th rd Target: dt, s, ot Dominique easley, dt uf Duke williams, s nev David yankey, ot stan

5th rd Target: ot, dt, te David pugh, ot syracuse Seantrel henderson, ot miami Omar hunter, dt uf Jordan hill, dt penn st

6th rd Target: te, wr, db, ol Tarvarres king, wr uga Chad bumphis, wr miss st Andre debose, wr uf Philip lutzenkirchen, te aub (P.S. If you haven't watched Duke Williams play, look him up. Absolute ball hawk.)

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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