What Up With Dat?: Short and Sweet


Below are my answers to last weeks reader questions submitted Thursday. Special thanks to all those that participated. Feel free to continue the discussion on any of these topics in the comment section below.

Is Will Smith gone? - Sylvain G.

Personally, I think so. If the Saints really are tight against the cap and need to free up some money, Smith's $7 million contract is a fair place to start. He's also due a $1 million roster bonus on March 27th. Unless Smith is willing to re-negotiate or the Saints are able to work some magic with this cap carryover loophole, he'll probably be a casualty.

Choose one: A. We keep Nicks or B. We keep Colston and Meachem. - Grizz

Ouch, tough choice. Still gotta go with Carl Nicks on this one, even if it means giving up two players. Nick's is one of the best players at his position in the entire league. That's hard to find. As much as I love Colston, you just can't say the same. Meachem is obviously nowhere near the best at his position.

Do you think challeneges to bad calls might be insituded this year? - Cajun C.

By bad calls I am assuming you mean penalties. And if my assumption is correct, then my answer is no. They will probably never allow challenges to overturn missed or incorrectly called penalties. At least not this year. I think that opens a Pandora's Box of trouble.

Will we have a big-name FA acquisition? Or do you think we'll mainly build through the draft? Also, do you think that Romeus and Jordan will develop better under SpagNOLA? - Robert S.

I'm sure the Saints will sign someone that fans will get super-excited about. I don't think there's been an off-season in the past three years where the Saints have simply sat on their hands during free agency. They know they're just a few pieces short of another championship and have been aggressive in recent off-seasons to try and acquire those pieces.

As for Spags doing a better job of developing Romeus and Jordan, I sure hope so.

Which 3 passing statistics are the most overrated and which 3 are the most underrated? Completion percentage? Yards per attempt? Yards per completion? QB rating? Total yards per game? TD/interception ratio? Total yards in a season? Total average passing yards per game? 3rd down completion percentage? - Ben D.

Overrated - Total yards in a season, Yards per attempt, Total yards per game.

Underrated - Completion percentage, TD/interception ratio, 3rd down completion percentage.

Do you think the Saints should move training camp to Oxnard, CA? - Hans D.

No. Wouldn't want the players to start getting soft. It would also suck for all the Saints fans here in New Orleans that love to go out and watch the team practice.

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