Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, February 12


Chase Daniel Hey @lindacohn thanks for the shout-out on SC. What a game! @MizzouHoops is looking good this year!

New Orleans Saints What is the BEST thing to do on weekend with no football?

New Orleans Saints Are you dressing your dog up in Saints gear for the Barkus parade today? Tweet us a pic! #NOLA #Barkus

Zach Strief Pulling for my guy Charlie Wi today!!! Played with him in the Zurich Pro-Am a couple years ago. Great guy. You deserve it... Go get it!!!

Erica B @Saints #barkus #NOLA pic.twitter.com/ntBy5HHf

Johnny Patrick I got 1,170,150 points while escaping from demon monkeys in Temple Run. Beat that! bit.ly/TempleRunGame

Johnny Patrick "@FABEWASH31: Laugh it helps"yes!!!!!

Johnny Patrick Hey I don't play temple run all the time... And I got a million so forget y'all lol....

Johnny Patrick Try your best to live without drama...

New Orleans Saints Brees fan at #Barkus #nola pic.twitter.com/9cbNthFJ

Thomas Morstead #mardigras2012 in uptown! pic.twitter.com/XxK8ElcW

Thomas Morstead Favorite #mardigras2012 float so far #saints #LSU pic.twitter.com/f2Ae5jpz

New Orleans Saints Nice of Sproles, Graham & Brees to come to the #Barkus dog parade instagr.am/p/G6uKdDGKm3 #NOLA #Saints

Jermon Bushrod Crawfish boil and cake reveal party!!!

Chris Ivory Watched "Safe House" last night that movie something serious!! If you hadn't seen it you should check it out..

Johnny Patrick @ivory_29 yea I seen it first night bro.....

Thomas Morstead #USA #mardigras2012 pic.twitter.com/h4WQp2YJ

Thomas Morstead Just caught my best set of beads today. #mardigras2012 #BlackAndGoldToTheSuperbowl pic.twitter.com/iKeqvZpZ

Thomas Morstead "@RPMSports18: @thomasmorstead best place to catch a parade uptown is on St Charles. Hands down." that's where I'm at


Saints/NFC South

30 FAs in 30 Days: Carl Nicks | kcchiefs.com
Josh Looney - With the Chiefs looking to improve depth and competition across their roster, KCChiefs.com will preview 30 potential free agents in the 30 days leading up to the start of free agency. Up first is New Orleans Saints guard Carl Nicks (1/30).

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
Pat Y. - Let's take a look at the Sunday headlines from around the NFC South.


Lagniappe/Kissing Suzy Kolber Salute

Note: most of these links include stories with profanity and are NSFW...

"Aww, It’s Just A Grammy" | Kissing Suzy Kolber
We can’t offer a cure for the despondency of the first football-less Sunday in months. At best, we can provide a distraction. Therefore we suggest you spend some time this evening with Cajun Boy over at the Uproxx flagship page for a Grammy Awards open thread. (HansDat note: this one's for BRSF.)

WE AHHHHHH HAWNTED!!!! | Kissing Suzy Kolber
This is a pretty funny spoof of/hyperbolic response to Bill Simmons' post-Super Bowl column.

Fun With Mock Drafts: Sugary Cereals That Are Worth the Risk of Diabetes | Kissing Suzy Kolber
This week’s draft will be a three-round affair, with sugary cereals up for grabs. Save your Kix and Cheerios for another week, this one is just for sugar bombs.

Peter King Could Have Been An Architect | Kissing Suzy Kolber
When we last left Geno Auriemma's biographer Peter King, he was marveling over Mike Mayock's travel schedule. (HansDat note: I really enjoy this critique/skewering of MMQB)

Meme With Peter King | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Bad photoshop hilarity with Peter King.

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