Fleur-de-Links: February 8, 2012


Tonight, Brees & Roaf will be on . Roaf at 5:35 pm CT. Brees at 7:10 pm CT. You can listen online here:

Had a great time speaking and hanging out w the kids at Madisonville Jr. High and I hope they will now fuel up to play 60 each and every day

Just toured velocity performance center on carrolton. Can't wait to get started. It almost is too nice to workout in... Almost
Make sure y'all tell my bro happy birthday!! I'll b celebrating w my boy this weekend, go show him sum luv...

I was told we had tea in cabinet so that I can make this hot toddy & this is what I found..Ummmmmm 😳

Courtney Roby
Lol..and before rumors get started, that tea was drank when my lil momma was in the oven. Not working on number 2...yet

I'll b back soon but I need that crawfish!! ": i could seriously go for a shrimp PoBoy right about now.

Embrace the power of networking- Watch Dr. Perry’s video discussing this topic

New Orleans Saints
Want to be a part of the 2012 Final Four & 2013 Super Bowl in NOLA? Sign up today at & Be In That Number!

Adam Schefter
Let the speculation begin: Cardinals hired Frank Reich, Peyton Manning's QB coach the past six years in Indianapolis, as their QB coach.

Time is now the currency we earn it and spend it... Cherish time live in the moment...

Johnny Patrick
Living everyday like its my last...

Money. Power. Respect.

Grandmaster Wang
From Spags to Riches: (cc for the reference)

Courtney Roby
Good day World..hope everyone is Blessed & Productive, I've been productively sneezing my heart outta my chest..being sick is the worst 😷👎

Tracy Porter
RT : S/O we need another one of those pretty trophies in tha Boot!!

New Orleans Saints
Can't tweet this enough: Please follow & support .

New Orleans Saints
The man is currently 2nd in votes for the Shorty Awards(Twitter Awards) in . Please Vote & RT

Jeff Duncan
Stunned it took this long. RT : Our very own Joe Horn from the is now on Twitter! Follow

Jeff Duncan
RT : Brandon Jacobs to reporters on Tom Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen: "She just needs to continue to stay cute and shut up."

Johnny Patrick
Trying to be great this morning....

Zach Strief
Vacation is over back to work...

Malcolm Jenkins
Why do I do things like book 6am flights? I'm a zombie in the airport right now...

Help reduce the number of high school dropouts-become a mentor.

Roman Harper
Congratulations to Jim Downey, the winner of the autographed Roman Harper jersey!


William Roaf proud to represent Saints in Hall of Fame
"I was in California kind of running around my house," Roaf said. "It was quite a thrill. I was able to get on a flight quickly to get to Indianapolis and it was nice to be on the field at the Super Bowl. It is nice being fitted for that yellow jacket. You know you are at the top of the game when you receive that. It's unbelievable to experience. It was like being a little kid and going to that first banquet and getting that first trophy. It's outstanding."

Ricky Williams a case of what might have been
Iron Mike was wrong to ask Williams to pose in a wedding dress for ESPN magazine.

NFL fast-forward forecast: Houston Texans will meet New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLVII - NY Daily News
The countdown has started. It's 725 days until Super Bowl XLVIII at MetLife Stadium. That's one year, 11 months and 25 days until kickoff at 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 2, 2014. Just guessing, but it's probably going to be chilly.

Saints: Who could stay and who could go - Offensive Line | wwltv.com New Orleans
The offensive line has been solid. But it also contains one of the biggest questions in the 2012 offseason - Carl Nicks.

Note from Commissioner Roger Goodell to NFL Fans

Saints Make Three Additions to Coaching Staff

New Orleans Saints TE Jimmy Graham featured in USA Network special Friday - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News - NOLA.com
He overcame a difficult background to make it to the NFL

Ricky Williams wasn't a franchise back but he also wasn't a bust - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News - NOLA.com
His eccentricities caused problems

Why Jimmy Graham Is Not a Tight End : The XLog

New Orleans Saints make an official announcement on hirings on the coaching staff - New Orleans Saints Football NFL News - NOLA.com
It has been known for a while that Spagnuola was the defensive coordinator

Drew Brees should have been be the NFL MVP: A letter to the editor | NOLA.com
If Dan Marino received the MVP when he broke the passing record, then Drew should have received it as well.

NFL Characters Unite to fight bigotry | ProFootballTalk
Yes, the NFL season has ended. But there's still plenty of football programming to be found, sometimes in unlikely places. On Friday night, USA will air a documentary entitled NFL Characters Unite, which focuses on the efforts of four NFL figures who have endured personal challenges involving b...

Around the NFC South - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Let's take a look at the top Wednesday morning headlines from around the NFC South. The New Orleans Saints apparently have completed the overhaul

Reflecting on Ricky Williams and Saints - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Tuesday’s news that Baltimore Ravens running back Ricky Williams is retiring comes with a bit of an NFC South angle. Williams once was the big

The Season Is Over. Now What?
Chicks in the Huddle

Ricky Williams announces intention to retire from NFL - NFL - SI.com
OWINGS MILLS, Md. (AP) -- Ricky Williams is retiring from the NFL.


Two Years Ago Today: Pierre Pounds In

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