Win Or Lose - Saints Get No Respect.


It's a beautiful sunny day here in Austin,Tx. Crystal clear skies upper 60's. The weather sure does not fit the bill the way I'm feeling after this horrific Witch Hunt. I saw the Weather Report online down in South La. The heavy rain sure does fit the bill down there. Talk about raining on someone's parade, thanks to Roger Goodell, who doesn't give two sheets about the Saints.

First of all, I would have been ok with the fines issued at hand and possibly suspensions for a couple or few games. I was fine with Gregg Williams getting suspended indefinitely. However, I'm not ok with Loomis being suspended for 8 games, and I'm definitely NOT ok with Sean Payton being suspended for the WHOLE SEASON!

Let's face it. This is a Modern Day Witch Hunt. I'll guarantee you, if it would have been one of Goodell's "Popular" teams doing a Bounty, the penalties would have been alot less harsh. It all comes down to Politics. And that is a fact! I love Sean Payton and always will. I pray for his return in 2013. He turned this Franchise into a complete 180 from the Haslett/Brooks era. Payton is a winner in spite of some of the wrong doings, he's a genius just like Bill Belichick. Most importantly: they are gamblers and rebels with an attitude. Is Sean Payton arrogant? Absolutely! He wins games, he runs up the score, so what!

When it comes to coaching there's a difference between being arrogant and a nice guy. For example: Bum Philips was a nice guy. He came to New Orleans and brought us to mediocrity a couple years. In 1983, we saw that small ray of light where we played the Rams the last game of the season and needed a win to make the playoffs for the first time. 2 interceptions returned for TD's and a last second FG shattered those dreams. In a night game in 1984, the Saints were ahead of the Cowboys 27-6 in the 4th quarter. Richard Todd was having a heck of a game. He got hurt in the 4th quarter, Stabler came in and you know how that game ended up. Mora stepped in as coach from 86-96. 4 playoff appearances and no wins.

So now fast forward to 2006 - present. We became a winning franchise under Payton, Loomis and Brees. Only one losing season in 07 at 7-9. 2 NFCCG and one Superbowl Victory. And yes...I will call it a Superbowl Victory. For anyone to call it an "asterisk" or a "tainted lombardi", is flat out uneducated.

Why do I love Sean Payton? Simple. He brought a Nasty Gogetter, Go For It, Attitude to the team. And I love my "Arrogant Rebellious Saints" I love it when they run up the score even if we're known as classless. Don't like running up the score? Do something about it. The Patriots did it, so why can't we? Look at the success the Pats have had the last decade, 5 SB appearances 3 Rings. Whether you like them or not, they know how to win games. And that's exactly why I love Sean Payton. He is a carbon copy of Belichick. An offensive genius.

Win or lose I will be a Saints fan till the day I die. How will the Saints respond to this Witch Hunt? I hope to God they go out for blood in 2012. This should make them madder than Hell.

Dear Saints: Don't let the haters or the Witch Hunt ruin the 2012 season. Use this as a motivator to win the SB in "New Orleans" so Goodell can eat crow after "Your Victory". Continue to run up the score. Most importantly? Don't lose that Arrogant Nasty Attitude!

It is what it is. A Witch Hunt.


Saints or Sinners? I will love you till the day I die.


This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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