The Departed

I posted a list of all current Saints defensive players, broken down position, along with the number of games they played with the team since 2009, in another thread. This based on the assumption that punishments will ultimately be divvied up based on tenure, i.e., time spent playing under Gregg Williams in New Orleans.

First, let's revisit that list:

Will Smith - 45
Sedrick Ellis - 41
Junior Galette - 20
Cameron Jordan - 16
Tom Johnson - 13
Turk McBride - 8
Mitch King - 3
Brodrick Bunkley - 0
Swanson Miller - 0
Greg Romeus - 0

Scott Shanle - 44
Jonathan Vilma - 42
Martez Wilson - 13
Will Herring - 11
Nate Bussey - 0
Ezra Butler - 0
Chris Chamberlain - 0
Jeremiah Hunter - 0
Curtis Lofton - 0

Roman Harper - 47
Malcolm Jenkins - 44
Jabari Greer - 39
Patrick Robinson - 26
Isa Abdul-Quddus - 16
Jonathon Amaya - 16
Johnny Patrick - 9
Kamaal McIlwain - 0
Cord Parks - 0
Josh Victorian - 0

To reiterate, there are only 18 defensive players who actually played under Williams in New Orleans currently under contract. There are a few other UFAs that may or may not be re-signed by the Saints, who played for them as recently as last year. Beyond that, there are quite a number of players that could conceivably wind up being suspended and/or fined, some of which are currently on other NFL teams.

Since not many people are even discussing this, I decided to do a little digging and put together a list of those players, as well. I won't bother breaking them down by position. This is merely to illustrate what teams may be affected and to what extent. Not surprisingly, there aren't many former Saints defensive players still in the league. As such, I've also expanded upon the list of current free agents who played during that same 2009-11 period.

The Saints play both the Broncos and Raiders this upcoming season. When the hammer drops, at least we can still cross our fingers and hope Porter and Giordano's suspensions coincide with those particular contests. Giordano, as some of you may recall, has pick-sixed Brees before; in the 2007 season opener against the Colts. Conversely, I think we're all familiar with what Porter can do "against the Colts", at least when he's on his game.

Tracy Porter - 38

Usama Young - 23
Scott Fujita - 11

Marvin Mitchell - 30

Matt Giordano - 9

Anthony Hargrove - 30
Jimmy Wilkerson - 16

JoLonn Dunbar - 38
Remi Ayodele - 31*
Leigh Torrence - 31
Jeff Charleston - 26
Jonathan Casillas (restricted, tendered) - 24
Darren Sharper - 22
Randall Gay - 18
Chris Reis - 17
Alex Brown - 16
Troy Evans - 16
Aubrayo Franklin - 16
Charles Grant - 16*
Ramon Humber - 16
Bobby McCray - 16*
Shaun Rogers - 16
Danny Clark - 14
Anthony Waters - 13
Stanley Arnoux - 9
DeMario Pressley - 7*
Mike McKenzie - 5
Kendrick Clancy - 2
Chris McAllister - 2
Rodney Leisle - 1
Kawika Mitchell - 1
Chip Vaughn - 0*

*has played for other team(s) since leaving the Saints

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