Who was the snitch?

So after reading articles and tidbits across the internet, I've been trying to figure out who the snitch might be and I have a somewhat decent guess (even though I really don't know).

There are number of possibilities as to who the snitch actually is.

First of all, let's look at Saints former director of security, Jeff Santini. Not long after the Saints won their first Super Bowl, Santini accused Sean Payton of, among other things, stealing Vicodin from the organization to fuel his alleged drug habit.

Secondly, there is the possibility of Bobby McCray, who was mentioned by fans in a post over at

However, it is important to recognize that the reasoning and evidence behind this accusation of Bobby McCray are extremely thin.

In a recent interview with WWL radio, former Saints safety Darren Sharper gave a couple of vague hints about who the snitch might be. He stated that is was someone, "with a vendetta," who wanted to put a, "black mark on the Saints organization." He also said that he has a name which has been related to him about who the snitch is. He said that it's not Jeff Santini. He said it was "someone else in the room." That's a pretty vague comment, but he's sure it was someone who was let go by the Saints organization who was angry about being let go.

(Here is the link to the Darren Sharper interview:

My money is on Reggie Bush. The reason I believe it's him is because he already tried to get the Saints in trouble just after he signed with the Dolphins. In the wake of Giants defensive players being accused of "flopping" and faking injuries to try and slow down the momentum of the opposing offense, Bush declared that the Saints coaches also encouraged their defensive players to take a dive. Therefore, we have a very clear record of Reggie Bush trying to bash the Saints organization after he got traded.

Personally, I think Reggie Bush is a totally self-absorbed person who wouldn't think twice about ratting out his former teammates. If he is the kind of person who is willing to stiff a couple of students he had promised scholarships to, he is the kind of person who could be the snitch. (

Another reason I think it may have been Reggie Bush is because his marketing agent Mark Ornstein was heavily involved in providing money for the so-called "bounty" system. According to an email from Ornstein to head coach Sean Payton, the former marketing agent (and now convicted felon) put up $10,000 in 2009 as a bounty on an opposing quarterback. Bush may have been a position to be uniquely aware of this evidence and communication.

Also, the Reggie Bush scenario works perfectly with the timeline of the investigation. This was a "cold case file" until it was resurrected at some point during the 2011 season, right after Reggie Bush got traded. In an article written by Mike Florio on, Florio writes, "The NFL needs to ensure, both publicly and privately, that the person(s) who did the right thing in 2011 and allowed the league to dust off a cold case should face no repercussions." Thus, it was someone who recently came forward with this information. It sounds to me like the league had pretty much abandoned the case due to lack of evidence.

In any case, Darren Sharper stated in his radio interview that believes the name will eventually come out. You can bet your life one or more of the 22 to 27 players about to be suspended would have no problem leaking the name to the press once they know exactly who it is. For my money, it's Reggie Bush.

But who knows? It could be someone we've never even heard of before.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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