The New Orleans Saints - Most Hated Organization?

Drew-brees-saints-032-300x168_medium Here's to hoping April will be better than March. Even if it's slightly better, anything would help.My stage of grief is still a lot of anger. And it has nothing to do with the coach or the team being being punished. It has everything to do with the Principle behind it. Should there be some sort of punishment? Yes, I believe in fairness. Does the punishment fit the crime? Hell no! Do I believe this ordeal has turned into a Witch Hunt? Absolutely! The problem I have with this is I feel like this has been a "Slam Dunk" and the Saints have been Singled Out from all the other 31 teams.

We, as an organization have been hated since we won the Superbowl. Thanks to Goodell and the bloody media, we are way more hated than before due to the fact our reputation has been tarnished forever in a very negative light. This issue should have been handled in a Private Matter, not public. Why? Because regardless of all the evidence, the media has twisted a lot of things around. If it were up to me, the media should be banned permanently. A matter of fact, in the career field of media, that career should be banned for life. For so many years people, organizations, institutions etc have had their legacies and reputations ruined due to "Hearsay" from the media..without presenting "all the facts" beforehand. This is an unfortunate situation that has snowballed out of control by rushing to judgement.

I believe in fairness, and this was not fair treatment received from Goodell. If Sean Payton would have gotten a 4 to 6 game suspension would I upset? Sure. However, I would accept it a whole lot more than a 1 year suspension. Donte Stallworth get's a 1 year suspension for killing someone in a DWI incident. Sean Payton get's a 1 year suspension for the Bounty situation. See the difference here?

The price you pay for winning a Championship. Regardless, it's still our championship. No one can or will take that away from us.

We are extremely hated no doubt. Heck, we may run a close second to Casey Anthony..who was voted as the most hated person in America. See the difference there too huh? I will never forgive Goodell or the media for running this way too far in the ground. I'm a very passionate fan and will support my team all the way until it's my time to depart this earth.

The way the Saints need to respond to such adversity? Bring home another championship in New Orleans. And let Goodell be the one to hand it to us. Would love for it to be handed to Sean Payton, hopefully Goodell will do the right thing by reducing his sentence.

Good luck to you boys in New York this week. We're all pulling for you!


This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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