Sean Payton's Tenure - Best And Worst 2006 Thru


Well guys I thought I would shift the focus on something else momentarily before we hear the outcome of the appeals tomorrow. I'm hoping the Commish does the right thing by reducing Payton's suspension. However, I will not hold my breath. So for the moment, I would like to take this moment and go down memory lane and review Sean Payton's Tenure for the New Orleans Saints. As long as I'm alive, I sure don't want this Tenure to end. We can only hope it keeps going after this Bounty crap.

So anyway, I'm going to list the best to worst season's under Payton. Number 1 being the best, and number 6 being the worst. And believe me, there's very little bad times under Payton. There's way more positive than negative.

1. The 2006 season as the best. I know I know. You want me to list 2009 first I'm sure, so do I. But without 2006, we would have never gotten our SB victory. This is where it all started. From a horrific 2005 Brooks/Haslett era which finally came to end and nearly ruining our franchise. Sean Payton and Drew Brees did a complete 180 for this team. Something was missing before. "The Attitude Of Winning". Payton cleaned house and literally turned the offense into number 1...the first year. I became a believer again after our 2-0 start, when we had our first game at the Dome since Dec. 2004. The Monday night Atlanta game when the emotions went wild and the dome was rocking. The blocked punt! I will never forget that moment. The New Saints had finally arrived! And the Sunday Night Dallas game 42-17 whooping in their house was truly epic. We got to experience our first NFC Championship and fell short to the ice and snow bowl in Chicago. We were 1 game away. Regardless, it was a magical season where it all started.

The Blocked Punt

Epic Beatdown in Dallas

2. The 2009 season. Our Superbowl year. Saints came out hot and angry early on scoring 40 burgers the first 4 out of 6 games. Stayed hot all the way up through the New England game on Prime time. That was a truly epic night where the Saints murdered the Pats 38-17 and made Brady and Belichik look very confused. Then we started to cool down due to injuries. The horrific night happened Dec.19 losing our first game to the hated Cowboys. Demarcus Ware ate Brees for lunch that night. Then the following week we lost to the 2-12 Bucs at home. My reaction was: Oh God here we go again. Then finally we were fortunate to get healthy in the playoffs by taking care of business whooping the Cards 45-14. Then Jan.24 2010 came. The NFFCG against the Vikings. Drew Brees did not have a good night. The Vikes D shut our offense down better than anyone did. But you can thank the Defense for forcing 5 turnovers and the most critical, Tracy Porter's Interception that forced the game into OT. We won the coin toss. Hartley sealed the deal. The most epic FG kick of all time. And of course after this game, the Saints were "Accused" of being dirty, cheaters, frauds and a fluke. Haters gonna hate right?

2 weeks away we were headed for Miami. It was the longest 2 weeks I can remember. Saints took care of business in Miami in the second half. And I'm a firm believer, the epic onside kick changed the momentum in our favor. Sean Payton has some Brass Balls let me tell you. Final score 31-17

Monday Night Nov.30 2009. The most hyped game ever!

You gotta be kidding me I can't believe what I just saw!

Picked off! LOOK OUT!!

3. The 2011 season. I wish could either tie this season with 2006 or 2009. This was the season ALL the records were broken, including Marino's Record. We scored a TON of points this season and ended up 13-3 as I predicted. And of course there were people complaining we were "Running Up The Score". Don't like it? Good. It's the defenses job to stop the other team from scoring. It was truly an incredible season. After that barn burning thriller in SF which stung like hell for a good while. I was obsessing the fact of the Saints hosting the NFFCG in the Dome. Needless to say, even crown and seven or bloody mary's couldn't ease my pain. Grrrrr!! Don't want to go there.

A Broken Record

4. The 2008 season. Great offense that season, terrible defense. So many close games. So many mistakes including very short yardage. Drew Brees was 16 yards shy of Marino's Record and threw for over 5,069 yards. Number 1 offense, number 1 in scoring ended up 8-8 and finished last place in the NFC South. How a team can score 460 points and end up dead last? Terrible defense killed us. We were millimeters from being a 13-3 team that season.

5. The 2007 season. The year after that glorious season riding cloud nine. Our holes were exposed, no running game and not so good defense. Draft choices were not good in 07, I remember Payton and Loomis admitting that later on. After a horrific 0-4 start, the Saints managed to get back to 4-4 after winning 4 straight. Then that nightmare winless 0-8 team the Rams came to the dome and beat us 37-29 dropping us to 4-5 pretty much ending our playoff chances. It was a good test that season to remind them more work was needed.

6. The 2010 season. I certainly didn't want to pick this as the worst. However, it was the most disappointing season in my book. Do you believe in the Superbowl Hangover? Do you believe in the Madden Curse? I do. Somehow the 2010 Saints did not have that same fire and anger they had from the 2009 season. The offense looked very anemic, especially early on. We had a pretty easy schedule and barely beat some very bad teams. Oh yeah, and we lost to Arizona, Cleveland and yuck....Seattle in the playoffs. I never forgave Gregg Williams for that. Injuries were a huge factor that season and heading into the playoffs. Drew Brees played hurt all season, and still put up some good numbers. Like I said, it wasn't the worst, it was the most disappointing. However, the Steelers Game on Halloween was epic!

Halloween Night Madness

So I hope you enjoy the memory lane and remember the great times. And Sean Payton, we are right behind you brother. If somehow your sentence is not reduced in 2012, which by God I hope it is reduced, we proudly await your return in 2013. You are the best thing that has happened for this franchise. We Saints fans will always support you no matter what. And that goes for you too Drew Brees.



This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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