Working Through My Anger

It seems that every day since the bounty situation broke, there is another nugget of news and/or speculation that just makes it worse on me (and I'm sure on many other Saints fans). I'm at a point now where I just have anger bubbling over at nearly everyone involved in this situation. And to be fair, I'll start with the members of our team.

Sean Payton: Coach...I love you like a family member, and just as I'd forgive one of them, I've forgiven you. But nevertheless, I'm angry that you let whatever it was you knew get so far out of hand that we're in this situation now. I think it is that I just expected more from you. You are looked up to around these parts, you came here when no one wanted to, and we'll never forget what you brought with you. I also realize that while your part in hiring Gregg Williams was just the best decision you thought you were making at the time. We all learn from our mistakes. I truly hope you've learned from yours, whatever they may be...because again, I'm not pretending to know all the details of this shit tsunami.

Mickey Loomis: Not sure I'm all that angry at you unless its true you ignored warnings about all this. We expect you to crunch the numbers and figure out a way to bring the best talent here, and you've done your job...well. For that we will always be grateful. In the future, be more aware of what is going on around you, lest it bring you, and us, down again.

Mr. Benson: just wanted a SuperBowl. And I'm happy that you got it. I'm still reserving judgement on you until someone shows me that you too, ignored something you should have stopped.

Gregg Williams: You Sir are a scumbag. You drug your thug mentality from team to team to team...and left us holding the bag as you hauled ass out of town. I realize that every man on this team is responsible for his own behavior, but lets be brought the bounty culture in and then proceeded to sink our ship with it. I believe you were asked to make our Defense nasty....not make them into the most hated players in the league. And the fact that you were "man enough" to admit doing it in NOLA, a real man would have admitted ALL his wrongs and not left the coach that gave up a quarter million dollars of his salary to get you here holding your smoking gun. I'm not at all sure this website would allow the sort of language I have to say to you, so I'll make it short and sweet. Karma is an evil bitch.

Roger Goodell: What can I possibly say about you that hasn't already been said by many well spoken, angry Saints fans. Never think for a moment we don't see through your hypocrisy. And if you think attempting to sink our ship will save "the shield" in all those concussion lawsuits, I have a few lawyer friends who beg to differ. You say bountygate is a "besmirching of the NFL", well I say "You Sir, are a poor excuse for a leader of the sport we all love so much" Once you get your 18 game season, will you get suspended for all the injuries that happen so you can once again use "the shield" to make a few more bucks? You most definitely went too far this time, you let your ego about being "lied to" override your business sense. You'll find once all the fake moral outrage dies down that you accomplished nothing other than adding another fan base to the list that doesn't even want you in their city.

Saints Haters: Whether you be journalist, fan of another team or just a run of the mill uninformed idiot. I have nothing to say to you. Our team is listening, you're only motivating them more, so....keep that up.

And on a final note: No one is innocent, but it is those that constantly point the finger who truly have the most to hide.

Thank you CSC for letting me vent. WHODAT!?!

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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