Coming Back Stronger 2 - This Time It's PERSONAL


Well my fellow CSCers, it sure has been one crappy Spring and off season. Heck I thought the lockout was bad. This was much much worse. As of today on April 9th, "Justice Was Not Served". The only Justice that was given was banning Greg Williams, who brought us in this mess in the first place. However, the immortal wrongdoing by this Witch Hunt known as Roger Goodell, The Devil Himself, has not only unfairly punished Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis, but has unfairly tarnished and ruined our reputation by turning everyone in the league against us. Add the bloody media to the list.

I do understand a punishment should have been in order. Meaning A "Punishment That Fit's The Crime". Which in this case, did not. A 6 to 8 game suspension would have been more acceptable than a full year. I will guarantee you this! Had this been a Favorite of Goodell's. Such as Favre or Manning's team, the punishment would have been a lot more lenient. Why? Because of the "Golden Boy" image they portray. Under Goodell's opinion? The Saints do not carry that image, nor does Goodell like the Saints due to being a Small Market team, nor do they don't kiss his fat rear end. Remember after we won the SB Goodell wanted to take away the Who Dat ownership rights to the T-Shirts? Well, that pretty much says it all he never gave 2 pieces of fecal matter about the Saints organization or the city that suffered a horrible tragedy at it's best.

I urge everyone in the City of NOLA come Feb. 2013, whether the Saints are in the SB or not. (Being Optimistic We Are) When that arrogant snooty hypocrite Goodell comes to the City and expects perfect hospitality? Do your best not to go the extra mile to satisfy him. Make sure his hotel room is not up to standards. Spend less time preparing his meals or whatever. Don't give him the "Special Treatment" he thinks he's entitled too. Simple as that.

This has been a nightmare Spring guys. The only good news? It's over, and I finally woke up sweating and screaming to reality. At least this Long Nightmare is over.

How do we respond? We fight back! Simple as that. We must stay strong and fight together. Don't let this clown win. The key? We've got to get Drew Brees a deal done. Pay Da Man! Whatever coach we get this season, Parcells, Spags or whoever, I'm confident we can go a long way this season. I sure expect them to be madder than hell come fall 2012.

PS. Mr Goodell. Sean Payton has a final speech for you. You stirred up a serious hornets nest in the Who Dat Nation. Just sayin.


This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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