Fleur-De-Links: Mother's Day, May 13



Jimmy GrahamHappy Mothers Day to all the moms and especially those who can't be with their children today because they are serving this great Country.

Curtis Lofton One of my favorite songs,wishing I was home(kingfisher) with my gmomma and mom. http://twitpic.com/9kptas

Mark Ingram "@ShondaIngram_: @Mark_Ingram28 thank you son...u always made my job easy

Jedidiah CollinsCatch 22 of turning into the hulk at the airport Everyone does what you say but you are too big to get on the plane. #Catch22

Thomas Morstead"@Saints: "My mom is a true Saint because she ________"" My mom is a true Saint because she has never missed a game home or away #WHODAT

Storm Kirschenbaum MSM client, DeOn'tae Pannell OL, has been offered a contract by the New Orleans Saints after participating in Rookie Mini Camp. #PSU #Saints

Mark Ingram "@my_ingram134: Me and @ShondaIngram_ happy mothers day! http://pic.twitter.com/I3XqXAuF" my beautiful ladies!

Will SmithHappy Mother's Day to all mothers and grandmothers..

Lance MooreMake sure everybody checks my boy out! @meechienelson: "mamma proud" video share it celebrate this day with your mom http://youtu.be/j9kBe8U3BMU !!

Nick ToonRookie Mini Camp is over. Went quick. Love it down here in NOLA! It's great to be a #Saint #WhoDat?!?

Johnny Patrick Enjoy times with y'all mom today... I didn't have a chance to grow up with my mom, raised by my (dad)..... GOD bless all the mothers..

Andrew TillerI hope everybody took time to thank the most important person in their life!! Happy mothers day too all of the beautiful mothers out there

Andrew Tiller Ok so I have a little problem! My number this yr is 67 but my username is big66! Big67 just doesn't sound right! What do I do? Lol

Jimmy GrahamAt the MVP NBA ceremony.... LBJ all day... Time to go and get a ring! http://yfrog.com/ocq32axj

Lance Moore@TheJimmyGraham lemme know if they need us out there!!!

Johnny Patrick Sitting here watching Golf lol

Lance Moore Congrats to the homie @CP3 n the clips. Great to see u having success bruh!!! U know as I do that it doesn't stop there. Keep ballin

Zach Strief"@beebetran: Photo: About to smash this homemade Pho Ga @ZachStrief & @kmartnola (Taken with instagram) http://tmblr.co/ZLvJ2yLPoNYm" tease

Andrew Tiller@Rommel5u crazy!! What u did last night?

Andrew JugeReady for big leagues http://lockerz.com/s/208787601

Lance Moore Nice!!! RT @angelleeee: Reppinn @LanceMoore16 in my senior pics? I think so. (: http://pic.twitter.com/7g7KSVqP

Lance MooreNo brainer!! RT @AlexFrench02: @LanceMoore16 I'm debating representing the one six for my baseball teams this summer? Any thoughts?


Saints Stuff

Drew Brees' contract situation with the New Orleans Saints is not unusual, just unnecessary | NOLA.com
Mike Triplett - Each side has a valid argument.

The New Orleans Saints enjoy the benefits of second-generation NFL players dotting the roster | NOLA.com
Nakia Hogan - Second-generation players don't seem overwhelmed by NFL.

Rookie Mini-Camp Photo Gallery (May 12, 2012) | neworleanssaints.com
Michael Hebert


Mother's Day Stuff

Happy Mother's Day Banner | neworleanssaints.com
It is the first slide in the slideshow on the main page - ENJOY! From there, it links to a Saints Facebook photo page.

Special Mother's Day pics from NFL players - Visuals Blog - ESPN Playbook | ESPN.com
Patrick Dorsey - Moms make a difference in the NFL.

Chris Spielman on his book, Mother's Day - ESPN Playbook | ESPN.com
Lynn Hoppes - With today being Mother's Day, former NFL veteran and now ESPN college football analyst Chris Spielman will take his four kids to the cemetery in Columbus, Ohio, to visit his wife, Stefanie, whose 11-year battle with cancer took her life in November 2009.


Lagniappe Stuff

New Orleans City Council shouldn't stop stadium | NOLA.com
Letter to the Editor - I was extremely disappointed by the New Orleans City Council's passage of the measure concerning the Interim Zoning District.

Tulane should consider Tad Gormley | NOLA.com
Another Letter to the Editor - I remember well going to the old Tulane Stadium to attend Tulane and Saints games.

Totally stoked | The Advocate
Arnie Stapleton (AP) - The 14th-year wide receiver from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, rejoined the Denver Broncos — and old pal Peyton Manning — this offseason after missing almost all of 2011.

WR Randle impresses Giants during team’s rookie minicamp | The Advocate
Tom Canavan (AP) - The New York Giants boasted that Rueben Randle was NFL-ready after taking the LSU receiver in the second round of draft.

LOLNFL: Vintage NFL Draft | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Unsilent Majority - More LOLs All images via SI's collection of historic NFL draft photos.

Monday Morning Placeholder | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Christmas Ape - In the meantime, let’s discuss the biggest NFL crossover into pop culture of the weekend besides Cleatus’ latest cameo on The Simpsons: Elisha hosting "Saturday Night Live".

Peter King Is Going To Write About Playing Left Field | Kissing Suzy Kolber
Christmas Ape - When we last left doughy, tasteless hockey doofus, Peter King, he was bellyaching that the employees at an airport Starbucks weren't in a huge rush to give him his triple venti whole milk lardaccino.


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