Fleur-de-Links: Sunday, May 27



cameron jordanI'm gettin a waffle maker tomorrow

Isa Abdul-QuddusThis guy @V_Pain_54 falls asleep in the club every time. Never fails lol

Johnny PatrickGood morning!!!!

JUNIOR GALETTEGood Morning Y'all Dang Dis Weekend Flying By! Whose Going 2 Thank The Lord This Morning! #ZOENATION #WHODATNATION

Deadspin VIDEO: Here's Bob Saget singing the National Anthem for some reason http://deadsp.in/Z4Ef

Held Over"@CSCtweet: Andrew Juge vs. Sean Pamphilon: Twitter War Supreme http://sbn.to/L4XZsZ" Look, mom! I'm helping!

Held OverAccording to a commenter at @CSCtweet @drewbrees has a basement/wine cellar. Now I know why he needs big $: keep the water and spiders out!

Held Over@csctweet My source tells me @drewbrees wants to install a Jimmy John's franchise in his attic. somebody get this to @JeffDuncanTP ! #spon

Held Over Speaking of basements: I've got your poll question, @CSCtweet : if you live/lived in NOLA, did you have a basement? #boom

Grandmaster WangI think it just really hit me for the first time how insanely fun college football is gonna be about 100 or so days from now. Can't wait.

Nick ToonCongratz to my boy @abbrecadabra. He is getting married this weekend!

Jedidiah CollinsWhat is your ultimate pursuit in life? Money? Fame? Power? Or happiness? How you achieve one will affect them all #FindHappiness

Jabari GreerGreat Article! Calling Your Child to a Commitment to Excellence: http://www.familylife.com/articles/topics/parenting/foundations/character-development/calling-your-child-to-a-commitment-to-excellence#.T8JNvQNtfFM.twitter

Corey WhiteI love @kitbraddick

Jimmy GrahamBeautiful day in South Florida for some paddle boarding. Hope everybody is enjoying this weather..#YOLO

JUNIOR GALETTEGreat Word @ Church: "The last Trip To The Well Was My Last Trip" No More Running From The Demons IN GOD I TRUST

Grandmaster WangLMAO RT @CSCtweet: Guess That Saints Crotch http://sbn.to/L5Keu5

JUNIOR GALETTE#WHODATNATION Go show my Brother @BOSS_D0N_BACK LOVE it's HIS BIRTHDAY! #WHODAT (HansDat note: My birthday, indeed :-) )

Andrew TillerWish I was back home so I could hit up some of these bbqs today!!

Johnny PatrickFirst time in mississippi...

Mark Ingram God is Good, another beautiful sunday to glorify his name!! #amen

Saints Nation BlogSaints Nation: Pat Yasinskas of ESPN Ponders the Possibility of a Season without Drew Brees: http://www.bloguin.com/saintsnation/2012-articles/may/saints-nation-pat-yasinskas-of-espn-ponders-the-possibility-of-a-season-without-drew-brees.html

Ralph Malbrough@SaintsNationBlg pondering zombies destroying new Orleans would be as appealing I think

deuce mcallisterKnow that the Battle is not yours. Be the vessel for him. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday

Isa Abdul-Quddus"@ThaMiracleChild: I'm livin for the present cause the future don't exist"

Jedidiah CollinsWhat is it about a good #2 that makes men proud? #MenAreWeird
(HansDat note: did Jed vote in our uniform # poll yesterday?)

Greg Romeushttp://lockerz.com/s/212388579

cameron jordanFriends from cal smh theyre drivin through and havin a good time #calgang I'm kickin em out this state in a min Godspeed lol

Albert BreerWow. @ProFootballTalk explains fascinating wrinkle in franchise-tag rules: http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/05/27/if-brees-sits-out-in-2012-things-get-very-interesting-in-2013/ Who wouldn't surrender a 1 and 3 for Brees?

JUNIOR GALETTEJust Beat Max Payne 3 It Only Took A Weeeekk #2ChainzVoice Lol MP3=GAME OF THE YEAR #GameFiend LOL

Greg RomeusLivin http://instagr.am/p/LJLpYAC4CS/

JUNIOR GALETTENope! RT @jmthegreat: Am I the only one who didnt go outta town or back home for memorial day?

Chase DanielAbout to experiment with the Wok I bought! Any good recipes I should try??

Held Over"@ProFootballTalk: If Drew #Brees sits out 2012 season, things get very interesting in 2013 http://wp.me/p14QSB-3hsM" /Lights Wang signal

JUNIOR GALETTEI hang up everytime lol RT @Stephy322: I hate when people put me on hold when we r on the phone.

Held OverHoly s***, the final episode of Firefly...the writing on this episode and the guy playing the bounty hunter... Wow.


Slim Pickings

Steve Spagnuolo brings reason for optimism to New Orleans Saints' defensive squad | NOLA.com
Mike Triplett - Differences in the defensive schemes between Spagnulo's and former coordinator Gregg Williams will be significant in some areas.

Seeds of change for Saints | The Advocate
Brian Allee-Walsh - The number of big plays yielded by the New Orleans Saints under former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams were plentiful in 2012.

Saints lead NFC South in popularity - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
Pat Y. - The New Orleans Saints are the seventh most popular NFL team, according to the latest ESPN Sports Poll.

Pat Yasinskas of ESPN Ponders the Possibility of a Season without Drew Brees | thesaintsnation.com
Andrew Juge

If Brees sits out in 2012, things get very interesting in 2013 | ProFootballTalk
Mike Florio - Recently, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports reported that, under the CBA, the NFLPA believes Saints quarterback Drew Brees will be entitled to a 44-percent raise in 2013, if the Saints use the franchise tag on him again.

Quarterbacks who passed for 500 yards in a game | NFL.com
Adam Rank - One of the many traditions of the Memorial Day weekend is the Indianapolis 500. Despite the NFL's evolution, 500-yard passing games are actually pretty rare. So here's a look at all of the 500-yard passing performances in NFL history.


V-Roll for One


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