Shame On The NFL! Shame On Roger Goodell!!


If this off-season could get any worse, well it sure hasn't gotten any better. If there's anything that falls under the definition of "justice"? This case has absolutely nothing to do with justice. This is simply a disgusting witch hunt. A witch hunt targeted by our so-called commish who has maliciously targeted a "small market" team known as the New Orleans Saints. And we all know how Goodell feels towards "small market teams" A team I've been a die hard fan since 1979 and until the day I die.

Back to the subject at hand, where's all this bogus evidence we all have yet to see. We have yet to see any evidence of a "Pay To Injure" program. Why is that? It's very simple. There is and was No Such Thing. It never existed. Oh yeah and to clarify, there is a huge difference between a Pay For Performance and a Pay To Injure program. I watched the video earlier of Scott Fujita, I listened to his frustration on how he has worked very hard to be a productive member of the league and how he's so frustrated that his name has been tarnished by this so-called witch hunt. I admire him for saying what's on his mind. And I sure as hell admire Vilma for filing a Defamation of Character suit against Goodell.

What Roger Goodell has done to this franchise is unforgivable. He has slandered this whole organization right through the mud. So much for defamation of character laws huh? The NFL made a huge mistake by hiring him. He has no right to be in position of power, not just in the NFL, but power of any kind. He has twisted this whole thing around and so far, has been successful in tarnishing the Saints good name. He's also been successful in bring out the "Irrelevant Haters" and the "Irrelevant Writers" such as Mark Florio etc who should not have any say so in this matter. Nor should they be given the privilege to watch any type of full contact sport. The NFL has been turned into a Powder Puff league. You think Goodell gives a crap about Player Safety? Think again.

The coaches and the players have had ZERO chance in defending themselves through this whole ordeal. No matter what they say, how they say it, show proof that such and such never existed, doesn't matter, they continue to get crapped on and I'm absolutely sick of it as all of you are. And here it is June 18th and Brees hasn't signed a deal yet. I'm wondering what's up with that and worried as well. I'm not trusting anything the media shouts right now. It's all garbage, point blank and simple.

I despise Goodell with a passion. He's the biggest hypocrite I've ever seen. He's given other players/teams who have done much worse than this bounty gate slaps on the wrists. I've despised him ever since he took a cheap shot at the Saints after winning the SB when he wanted to own the rights of the Who Dat T-Shirts. He hates the Saints, (small market team) and he could care less what the city went through 7 years ago.

I hope to God Vilma and his lawyer can win this lawsuit. I also hope Payton and Loomis will find the right time to file suit as well, and I believe they will at the right time.

I'm a firm believer we will prevail from this. I believe in Karma. What goes around comes around. And seeing Goodell totally embarrassed on national TV...from the Saints would be the best Karma ever.

Most importantly, I hope Goodell digs himself a deeper hole to where he's booted from the league permanently. If there's any justice at all? That would be some sweet justice.


This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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