"I’m not saying the NFL is intentionally lying"

With those eight words, Scott Fujita has officially put himself back on the "our heroes" list. It's brilliant what he just said there. He didn't actually accuse the NFL of lying, so he makes sure he's not opening himself up to a counter-suit for libel. He just artfully implied that they are. It was brilliant. In one stroke he avoids incriminating himself and also plants some doubt in the minds of anybody bright enough to realize that the NFL has nothing BUT reason to lie.

I originally wrote this as a comment for the Who Dat Social Club, but since it seems so few of you visit there I wanted to edit it a touch and then see if I could get a few comments out of the rest of the crew.

But think about it for a minute. The NFL truly has absolutely no direct reason to tell the truth, regardless of what the truth actually is. Let's examine both possibilities, that the Saints truly had an outright pay-to-injure program, or that they merely had the pay-for-performance program they've admitted to.

If the Saints really did do exactly what the NFL claims (and if the moon is really made of green cheese and Martians are going to invade next weekend to finally solve all the world’s problems) what benefit does the NFL gain from this? Stopping the practice? Who gives a crap? The NFL is a gladiator sport, and if it stops being one the NFL itself will cease to exist because the peons won’t want to watch anymore. The NFL is the modern American version of the Roman Colosseum, the only difference is instead of throwing Christians to the lions we throw volunteers to each other. This is the modern equivalent of giving the peons their bread and circuses so they won’t realize the Emperor is naked and rise up in revolution. So stopping the practice actually hurts the league. They may not be smart enough to see this, of course. But it’s still true. And whether they realize it or not, publicizing the “truth” — if this scenario was in fact the truth, not that I believe it for a microsecond — still directly gains them nothing whatsoever. It can’t help the league’s profitability. It can’t make the sport more popular overseas, in fact it’s likely to greatly hurt the international expansion. They may gain a trivial amount of extra money from page-views on, but the gain couldn’t possibly begin to repay even one-percent of the expense of this “exhaustive investigation”. They could have pumped up the visit count just as much with infinitely less expense by simply having some sort of sex scandal in the NFL front office break open and titillate the masses for a few weeks or so. So they didn’t do this just for the page views. There is nothing that in any way shape or form directly helps the profitability of the league or enhances its attempts to expand its fan base.

And if the Saints didn’t actually have a pay-to-injure scheme, but just an overblown pay-for-performance scheme with a lot of hyperbolic, retarded, over-the-top, idiotic hot air spewed from the obscene pie-hole of Gregg the Retarded PowerPoint Naif Williams, then still what does the NFL have to gain for telling the truth? In this case, they still have no reason to admit this. They had no reason to even publicize it at all. They gain nothing by telling the truth. No reporter was within two light-years of uncovering this situation on their own. So if the NFL didn’t leak this themselves, it never would have come out. But admitting how trivial a joke this is gains the NFL nothing at all, except perhaps a tiny bit of revenge against Sean Payton for daring to turn a previously pathetic franchise into something that can challenge the “important” teams in the league, like the Nu Yuk Tinies or the like. Goodell is obviously a power-mad tyrant, but he’s not THAT big a buffoon.

But once you consider the concussion lawsuits, suddenly they have several billion reasons to lie, and every one of them has George Washington’s face printed on it. If they can shift even part of the blame for concussions to the players instead of themselves, suddenly those former-player lawsuits become as dangerous as overcooked linguini. Now it's the players fault they have concussions because they spent all those years paying each other to injure their opponents, and now that the benevolent NFL has finally found out about this, they react with shock and horror to prove their bona fides and show how deeply they care about all those poor players, but they didn't know and it's not their fault and please don't make us pay billions of dollars in medical care and damages to our previous victims players.

The NFL has absolutely no reason to tell the truth whatsoever. So why would they? (Aside, of course, from morality, honesty, and just being decent human beings. But it’s not like we thought they were beforehand anyway.)

So yeah, I’m not saying they’re intentionally lying, either. But I sure as hell am implying it.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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