2012 cap and beyond...

It may be a little early for this but I had been thinking about it for a while. I was waiting on Drew to sign to get any accuracy at all. I'm also sure some others would be interested so I posted what I found.

I wanted to see how bad off we were next year. I listed the top 54 contracts this year minus Jonathan VIlma's. Source. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe the top 54 contracts should be under about 120 mil for the cap. As of right now we're around 103 mil. This could fluctuate a mil or two with rookies and FA, but unless we make a big FA signing (and JV doesn't come back with a miracle) we are well under the cap. So what does next year look like? (Scroll to the totals if you hate charts)

Drew Brees $10,400,000.00 $17,400,000.00 $17,400,000.00
Sedrick Ellis $7,757,000.00 UFA $7,757,000.00
Will Smith $7,106,250.00 $12,087,500.00 $12,087,500.00
Jermon Bushrod $6,750,000.00 UFA $6,750,000.00
Roman Harper $6,250,000.00 $7,000,000.00 $7,000,000.00
Darren Sproles $4,250,000.00 $3,750,000.00 $3,750,000.00
Jabari Greer $3,825,000.00 $5,425,000.00 $5,425,000.00
Jahri Evans $3,560,000.00 $10,060,000.00 $10,060,000.00
Devery Henderson $3,525,000.00 UFA $3,525,000.00
Marques Colston $3,300,000.00 $6,600,000.00 $6,600,000.00
Scott Shanle $2,950,000.00 UFA $2,950,000.00
Ben Grubbs $2,800,000.00 $7,300,000.00 $7,300,000.00
Lance Moore $2,293,750.00 $4,468,750.00 $4,468,750.00
Pierre Thomas $2,260,000.00 $2,500,000.00 $2,500,000.00
Zach Strief $2,167,000.00 UFA $2,167,000.00
Cameron Jordan $1,756,427.00 $2,107,855.00 $2,107,855.00
Garret Hartley $1,750,000.00 $1,784,000.00 $1,784,000.00
Will Herring $1,733,333.00 $1,833,333.00 $1,833,333.00
Curtis Lofton $1,700,000.00 $7,100,000.00 $7,100,000.00
Mark Ingram $1,684,625.00 $2,021,500.00 $2,021,500.00
Brodrick Bunkley $1,600,000.00 $4,600,000.00 $4,600,000.00
David Thomas $1,600,000.00 $2,000,000.00 $2,000,000.00
David Hawthorne $1,460,000.00 $4,760,000.00 $4,760,000.00
Jonathan Casillas $1,260,000.00 UFA $1,260,000.00
Malcolm Jenkins $1,142,000.00 $2,314,000.00 $2,314,000.00
Chris Chamberlain $1,100,000.00 $1,450,000.00 $1,450,000.00
Korey Hall $1,050,000.00 UFA $1,050,000.00
Chase Daniel $1,000,000.00 UFA $1,000,000.00
Turk McBride $1,000,000.00 UFA $1,000,000.00
Patrick Robinson $962,333.00 $1,147,333.00 $1,147,333.00
Charles Brown $745,000.00 $825,000.00 $825,000.00
Jimmy Graham $706,285.00 $741,285.00 $741,285.00
Chris Taylor $700,000.00 UFA $700,000.00
Martez Wilson $671,000.00 - $671,000.00
Johnny Patrick $645,250.00 $691,250.00 $691,250.00
Thomas Morstead $606,250.00 UFA $606,250.00
Adrian Arrington $540,000.00 RFA $540,000.00
Brian De La Puente $540,000.00 RFA $540,000.00
Fenuki Tupou $540,000.00 RFA $540,000.00
Justin Drescher $540,000.00 RFA $540,000.00
Jonathon Amaya $540,000.00 RFA $540,000.00
Matt Tennant $533,500.00 $618,500.00 $618,500.00
Chris Ivory $491,667.00 RFA $491,667.00
Junior Galette $491,667.00 RFA $491,667.00
Swanson Miller $465,000.00 RFA $465,000.00
Sean Canfield $465,000.00 RFA $465,000.00
Andy Tanner $465,000.00 RFA $465,000.00
Tom Johnson $465,000.00 $555,000.00 $555,000.00
Eric Olsen $465,000.00 RFA $465,000.00
Cord Parks $465,000.00 RFA $465,000.00
Michael Higgins $465,000.00 RFA $465,000.00
Mitch King $465,000.00 RFA $465,000.00
Isa Abdul-Quddus $465,000.00 $555,000.00 $555,000.00
Ezra Butler $465,000.00 RFA $465,000.00


$102,933,337.00 $111,695,306.00 $148,534,890.00

If your wondering, with the last column I projected 2012's contracts into 2013's free agents. This assumes we will spend about the same money on the position.

This is hearsay, but supposedly the cap wont change much next year. Having said that, we're looking at a 25 to 30 mil problem in 2013. We will get rid of some bad contracts though (*cough* Ellis *cough*). Problem is even if we dropped every free agent contract we will only have about 9 mil to sign 26 players. Mickey Loomis could try and push back contracts again but this will be more challenging than before. Also it creates a growing problem when you push back guaranteed money. Then again you could screw over players that renegotiated contracts and keep pushing back their money or cut them. Which I hold the Saint's to higher standards and most those players are essential. No, this may be the last year we see this much talent on the team. We don't need to be dismantled but our depth and across the board talent may drop.

I believe the font office knows this, and they also know where the Superbowl is being played, and we've also been given more inspiration thanks to Goodell. This should be an interesting year Who Dats. I have as much faith this year as I did in the 2009 pre-seaon. I've never had as much before or since. It will be an all or nothing year. But instead of magic it will be determination.

edit: Great News (to me anyway) just found out the salary cap has rollover! We have over 4 mill stored away and this year will gain about 17! That gives us around 30 mill for 26 FA next year. Much easier to accomplish. We will still be very tight against the cap and 2014 may be very ugly, but that's far away right now.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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