Worthless Excuse For A Writer. Meet Hater, Warren McCarty

Hey guys are you ready to kick major butt in the 2012 season? You bet I am! I was browsing Sports articles online and I happen to come across a very uneducated hate article written by a no named wannabe blogger Warren McCarty. Oh yeah, it involves the Saints of course. @shocking@ I know! The article discusses here: Saints players need to come clean and move on. Ok whatever Warren. It's not like 31 other teams are ooo so perfect. Please don't make me laugh McCarty! LOLOLOLOL!

To make matters even more disgusting, he decides to bring up the 2009 NFCCG how the Saints deliberately tried to hurt Brett Favre. The NFCCG the Saints EARNED fair and square and went on to win the SB by a 14 point margin in which Warren McCarty failed to mention. He or nobody can ever take that away from us. But of course he does not mention the horrific performance of the epic fail of their offensive line not protecting the QB. Might as well put skirts on the NFL right Warren?

You guys remember Mike Ditka correct? Not too fond memories during his tenure in New Orleans. However, there is something I agree with what Mr. Ditka has mentioned years ago: "Living In The Past Is For Cowards". That is an accurate statement and he was right on!

After reading that horrific article from Warren McCarty, I read some interesting comments below that made me laugh and fall out of my chair. Especially this comment.

all you brett favre lovin' pu**ies need to get over yourselves! (you especially mccarty!)these guys have every right to the law suits they have filed. and if someone was trying to strip you of millions of dollars, you'd want the freedom to execute every avenue afforded to you too.and for the record, i REALLY don't think the saints played all that "cheaply" in the championship game. you say we as fan's have bought the media hype that goodell that goodell is on some sort of a power trip. but its not possible that YOU are just buying into media hype about the severity of what was actually going on?? these guys were just playing football. GOOD football. I really don't see all that many penalties called on the 2009 Saints. So until the big scandal breaks that they were paying off the ref's. i really don't think you favre appologists have much of a leg to stand on. (no pun intended, but i'll take the credit)

My 15 month old niece could blog a heck of a lot better than McCarty ever will in his miserable existence.

Guess what McCarty. We have Drew Brees signed for a long term deal. Chew on that. Another thing. I would like to see your laughable response when he host the SB in New Orleans...bringing home our 2nd Lombardi.

Warren McCarty falls under the definition of an "Uneducated Hater". The term I've used numerous times before. Those types of opinions are irrelevant. Just a waste of internet space and fresh air.

Those types of haters fear us. We laugh AT them not WITH them. Chew on that McCarty.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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