The alternate side to the battle for 4th/5th WR

We all know the big storylines going into training camp in a couple of days. And we all know how we think (or maybe hope) we know how those position battles are going to pan out. In truth, we know absolutely nothing what-so-ever at all about what goes on past game day (as clearly shown by this vehement offseason that caught us all completely off guard). Point being, it's widely accepted that the battle for one, maybe two wide receiver spots comes down to Arrington, Toon, and Morgan. But wait I say! What if that's not the case? Interested? Find out more inside....

Before I go on, I want to make it perfectly clear that Marques Colston is not in any way part of my ponderings and obscure thoughts on the matter of the depth chart, he is clearly our number one wide receiver for years to come. That being said, no one else is safe from debate.

It would also be an extreme shock to say the least if Lance Moore were not on the 2012 final roster, barring any injury of course. But past next year, as pointed out by many sources (including an extremely well laid out article at SaintsNation), we are going to be facing a tough CAP situation. I doubt he's the first to go, but with so many promising youngsters itching to make their mark in this near unstoppable war-machine beast of an offense, anything is possible. Lots of love to Lance, don't get me wrong.

Everything that you just read above ^, goes double for Devery Henderson. His durability is probably the only thing that really sets him apart from anyone else in the group. That and the number of years he's been in the system. Everyone acts like he is some sort of incumbent as one of the "three garuntees" to make the team because of the speed that he brings to the deep game. However, at the same time, the main argument for Joe Morgan is his top end speed. The real kicker though, and this is down right humorous, is that the knock on Morgan is that he may not have the most reliable hands. Haha! FAKE POP POLL ALERT: What aforementioned member of the New Orleans Saints does that remind you of? You're answer should not be Colston. And if you answered Jimmy Graham, might I offer you a swift kick to the crotch and a recommendation that you check out this super cool writer over at Yahoo Sports. Anyways, I digress. Joe Morgan is a younger, less expensive version of Devery Henderson, and if Morgan comes back healthy, that fact will be hard to ignore.

So then there is the quagmire of Mr. Adrian Arrington. We gave up a 6th round pick to move up and draft him, so obviously the initial infatuation was there. The real question is, has he remained in black and gold because we haven't had any options better as far as depth goes, or because Loomis really believes he will one day make the most of an opportunity (Hint to Arrington: this is said opportunity, if you don't get big in preseason you're done in NOLA. And even worse you will completely ruin my whole argument on your behalf). Arrington has shown that he can make plays in the NFL, even if it has been in garbage time with nothing on the line. The Saints obviously think highly of him, they haven't been known to keep people around just because they make a fun story, or are fan favorites ( Right Darren Sharper? Right Jon Stintcomb? Right Mitch King?). If he doesn't hurt himself in preseason as we all have come to expect, he could very well see some game time passes every week from a certain 100 million dollar man we all love.

Then there's Nick Toon. What we all know about Nick, that everyone is constantly forcing us the imprint in our brains, is that he is the son of former NFL player Al Toon. So what? That literally couldn't mean less to me, and it shouldn't to you either. Here's why; to begin, I highly doubt the majority of Saints fans remember Al Toon, much less remember anything he did. I'm sure some of you know of him, but it's not like this is the seed of Jerry Rice we're talking about. I've read the articles that tell us we're to be impressed by this because it means he knows how to work in such a competitive environment. I, however, don't see the relevance because it is a well known fact the most wideouts are crazy prima donnas. I would be more impressed if his dad were a Navy Seal personally. I like Nick Toon a lot though, I was very pleased he fell to us in the fourth round and I expect big things from him down the line (maybe even some this year), but not because his father was in the NFL 20 something years ago. I like Toon for what he brings to the table physically and mentally. In fact, I think he is as close to a lock to make the team as a fourth round pick can get.

Courtney Roby is my X factor in this whole position battle, if he gets cut, literally everyone else will make the team. We all know we can't keep a designated special teams player forever, especially one that is not a kick returner anymore, especially now that there are so many more touchbacks in the NFL, especially when a good chunk of those touchbacks are kicked by our very own Legatron. His duties get reduced every year. At some point in the near future, someone with much more clout than I, will realize that if we release Roby, one of the toughest decisions this year in camp will have worked itself out.

2012 WRs: Colston, Moore, Morgan, Henderson, Toon, Arrington

This is all speculation of course, I guess I forgot to mention that I DO NOT have a time machine. But if I had to bet on it, this year Roby draws the short straw. Next year Henderson and maybe Moore.

And that's that. If your reading this far, thank you for bearing with my rambling and overuse of parentheses (they just help so much when making a quick side note I can't resist).

In summation, GEAUX SAINTS!!!!! F#€K EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!

I got $$$10,000 $$$ on whoever knocks out any dirty bird this season. Now go collect your $$$ like bounty hunters!!!

(Spoiler Alert: this completely meaningless "article" will be used as evidence against Mr. Vilma, extending his suspension indefinetly)

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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