Players Respond to Goodell's Letter

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 03: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addresses the media during a news conference ahead of Superbowl XLVI on February 3, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Roger S. Goodell (I'm not sure what the "S" stands for, but I have some ideas) upheld his decision yesterday via an email to the players involved. Said players have issued an officially unofficial response, which can be found read in it's entirety below.

Commissioner Roger S. Goodell:

It is with great regret that we received your letter today declining to reduce or eliminate our suspensions.

Throughout this entire process, including your communist appeals procedure, and despite our repeated pleas for you to turn over all evidence for our review, neither you nor your "team of investigators/disgruntled employees" has delivered credible evidence that would warrant our current suspensions.

Instead, you elected to offer up a media smear campaign aimed at demeaning the hard work and careers of four hardworking NFL players. Your appeals process was a joke and we do not take lightly to your efforts to belittle our intelligence in such manner.

Although you claim we have been "rightfully accused with sufficient evidence," your principle investigators/disgruntled employees, all of whom were present at the hearing (as we requested for the following reasons) elected not to present "all" evidence, or at the very least "substantial" evidence proving that there was a system in place that clearly pointed towards pay-to-injure program.

You instead elected to defame our character and silence all credible witness with your bravado, but rest assured "A lie will go 'round the world while truth is putting its boots on." You reproduced paper documents in your favor and couldn't even introduce a single exhibit addressing the merits of your non-democratic dictated sentence. You witfully dodged every jurisdictional and procedural objection that question the core validity of the CBA (Communist Bargaining Agreement). In particular, you seek shelter behind the provisions governing "conduct detrimental." We would love proof of that, but are sure you will continue your duck and cover technique.

We are dissapointed with your conduct Roger S. Goodell. There is a certain level of respect that has been diminished throughout this ordeal. The lack of integrity throughout your investigation and unwillingness to involve non partial parties in the decision making process, shows that there is a level of secrecy behind your intent. Due to this fact we will have no other choice but to pursue this matter through federal court. Then, and only then, will the truth be uncovered. We, "the truth," will be waiting on the other side of the federal courts judgement; boots laced.

Tried and tested,

The Accused

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