Fleur-de-Links: Saturday, July 7



Johnny PatrickPosted a pic Out having a good time with @MartezWilson95 my sister @freshjohnson and @dsh504 at metro http://pic.twitter.com/AEoy3s4T

Matt TennantAbout to see "BoM" on broadway. South park creators wrote it. I'm attending with in-laws. Should be interesting. http://pic.twitter.com/zR24frRT

Garrett ClevelandGetting a "WHO DAT" from @Mark_Ingram28 in the elevator was the highlight of my vacation. Just dont wear an Auburn shirt around him.

Pierre ThomasOut here in DR loving life...my guy @usama_young28 bout to be married within the hour #congrats

Malcolm JenkinsBetter is a little with the fear of the Lord than great treasure and trouble with it. (Proverbs 15:16 ESV) mo money mo problems lol

JUNIOR GALETTE#Bang #Bang RT @KingLILKEIS: YOU NOT DOING SOMETHING RIGHT if you dont have no #haters....

Pro Football HOF@Saints Willie Roaf, 1 of 13 position players named to 2 @NFL All-Decade Teams since '70 merger. http://bit.ly/hKER3t #PFHOF12

Thomas Morstead"@Repo: heading to Jeff Charleston & @ReaganLauren's wedding in NOLA tonight" Same here!

Alex Restrepo@thomasmorstead see ya there. Try to keep dancing to a minimum. #TheLeg has to be ready for football

Mark Ingram Bouta take my Lil sisters @my_ingram134 and @Lele_Lele2100 shoppin! Might get @ShondaIngram_ sumthin too!! 💰💰

Andrew JugeSo cool RT @sanamksingh: Marray/Neilson win wimbledon doubles .. what an unbelievable story.. Great to watch!!

Pierre ThomasThis violin player is killin it @usama_young28 wedding

Canal St. ChroniclesDo you think Hans is going to include all of my tweets today in his Fleur-de-Links later this afternoon?

Canal St. ChroniclesHello, Hans!!!

Hans Petersen@CSCtweet Hello, Dave.

Canal St. ChroniclesLet's see what Saints players are saying today...

Hans Petersen@CSCtweet hey! that's what I'm about to do for the FDL...

Canal St. ChroniclesYou're welcome. RT @JuniorG93 Football Would B Nothing W/O Fans Even if Ur Not A Saints Fan #ThankYou #WHODAT #SuperBowlOrBust

Canal St. ChroniclesBoth @usama_young28 and Jeff Charleston are getting married tonight. Congrats!

Canal St. ChroniclesCrabby Jacks. RT @JuniorG93 #Whodatnation Where Can I Get Some Delicious Crab In New Orleans? In Mood 4 #SeaFood

Canal St. ChroniclesRemember when I was trying desperately to reach 1,000 followers? That was sooooooo 189 followers ago!

Andrew Juge@CSCtweet make that 188 followers ago #unfollow #notreally

JUNIOR GALETTE#Saints Fans R Da Best Fans In Da World My Dream Is 2 Retire A #Saint #WHODAT



Goodell dismisses perception of bias in bounty appeals | ProFootballTalk
MF - Accused of not being an impartial arbitrator in the Saints bounty case, Commissioner Roger Goodell has responded by explaining that he merely has implemented the procedures for which the players collectively bargaining.

NFL Videos: Chances that Vilma will play in 2012 | nfl.com
Gabe Feldman, director of the sports law program at Tulane University, breaks down the latest developments and news related to the Jonathan Vilma appeal with the NFL.

Video: Bounty settlement conference - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
John Clayton discusses the settlement conference for players involved in bounty lawsuits, which is scheduled for July 23rd.

Daily Special, July 7, 2012 | Who Dat Social Club


In Other Saints "News"...

Three Years of Tackle Efficiency: Linebackers | ProFootballFocus.com
Sam Monson delves into the profootballfocus.com archives to reveal the NFL's best tackling linebackers. (HansDat note: Lofton and Hawthorne make the list - does this bode well for the Saints?)

Karabell: Will Saints' offense fizzle in 2012? - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
In an article you'll need to be an ESPN Insider to access, ESPN.com's Eric Karabell discusses what the Saints' tumultuous offseason could mean for your fantasy team Insider this fall. (HansDat note: you know how I feel about ESPN Insider content, and since I haven't played FF for 5 years, I care even less about this content.)

Video: Drew Brees' contract negotiations - NFC South Blog | ESPN.com
Has there been any progress made in Drew Brees' contract negotiations with the Saints? John Clayton has the details.

Tick Tick Tick Goes The Clock For Brees & The Saints - WWL | AM870 | FM105.3
Kristian Garic

Saints Questions: What impact will Curtis Lofton have? | wwltv.com
Lofton’s impact could be large. (HansDat note: I just saved you the trouble of clicking on the link if you only wanted the short version.)

New Orleans Saints top 25 countdown: Patrick Robinson, No. 19 | NOLA.com
Third-year veteran could get more INTs in new defense this season.

Saints Nation: Latest Saints' Reading Material | thesaintsnation.com
Andrew with a Fleur-de-Links of his own! Also, if you're into tennis, tweet him about Wimbledon...


Fluff Pieces From Saints Official Team Site

Saints Partner with Bonifay Bulldogs Summer Camp
Saints Youth Programs and Saintsations traveled to Bonifay, Fla. June 25-29

Roman Harper to Host Third-Annual "Sainted Weekend" to Benefit Harper's Hope 4*1 Foundation


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