Favorite-player-to-watch team, non-Saints version...

OK, so I'm bored. I'm 33 years old, but just for fun, I wanted to go back a little and talk about players past and present that were always fun to watch. It's sort of an off topic sort of thing, and even though we are all Saints fans 1st, most of us are football fans too and can appreciate some of the other players in the league. I am not one of those guys that are fans of multiple teams, I pull for one team, the Black and Gold. I just simply enjoy watching some of the other players of other teams over the years.

I'm not going to pick OL because honestly there aren't too many of us focusing solely on that come game day. But I thought it would be fun to discuss some of these guys or some of your faves to watch from other teams. Maybe some of you won't care at all about this, and that's cool. You can stop reading now.

QB: BEN ROETHLISBERGER: I love watching this guy play football. Good thing the Steelers do not have a 5'11" QB because the guy would be a pancake by now. There are so many throws that Ben has made while he literally drags guys, it's almost not even fair. Then last year, the guy basically played on one leg. The guy's a tough one, I appreciate his skill.

RB: BARRY SANDERS: I did see Walter Payton play too, but Barry is still the best RB I've ever seen play the game. I still have yet to see a player cut like him. He wasn't human.

WR: CALVIN JOHNSON: That guy is an absolute monster. Period.

WR: RANDY MOSS: In his prime, the only man that made it look easier in my opinion was Jerry Rice. I truly believe that if Moss in his prime would have been hooked up with a top 10 QB throughout his career and wasn't such a punk he would be the 2nd best WR of all time.

TE: SHANNON SHARPE: I usually don't like players that talk trash, but for some reason I always liked the Sharpes. (I almost put Sterling over Moss. Loved watching him play.)

DL: REGGIE WHITE: Best DL I've ever seen. Even at 33, I find it amazing that kids that are 18 may have never had the honor of seeing (and understanding) one of the best football players ever play the game.

DL: JOHN RANDLE: I guess this isn't helping my "I dislike trash talking players" argument, but i always thought that Randle was so cool. The painted up face. The tenacious style of his play as an undersized player. The man was a bull.

DL: DWIGHT FREENEY: A very dangerous player in his prime, that spin move has owned some of the league's best. It amazes me that a guy's "bread and butter" move is publicized so much yet he still has success with it. Fun player to watch.

LB: JUNIOR SEAU: I liked the Chargers version better, but that guy was all over the field. He really is one of my all time favorite football players to never wear a fleur de lis. RIP sir. You were an incredible player and a certain hall of famer in my eyes.

LB: RAY LEWIS: In my opinion, he's the most complete MLB of the 21st century. First ballot HOF material.

LB: LAWRENCE TAYLOR: I simply remember as a kid wanting to be like this guy in backyard football games. He was even unstoppable in Tecmo Bowl. Don't play me in the original Tecmo Bowl if I have the Giants. You will lose.

CB: DEION SANDERS: Best CB I've ever seen. I'll debate this with you all day. He wasn't a great tackler, but he was unreal in pass coverage.

CB: DARRELL GREEN: He would be my choice as someone who could contend with Deion. Hell of a player, very underrated. Dude was 5'9" and dominated his position!

S: TROY POLAMALU AND ED REED: May as well list them both because they are fun to watch for the same reason: THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! Two certain hall of famers and two guys I seem to stare at more than anyone else while they are on the field.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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