The Cut

I am just throwing this out there to get some conversation going as I was thinking about the moves the Saints will make with the roster.

There are some tough choices. Most of the choices are easy, but a few of them will be difficult. What to do about the promising Nick Toon? Does Cadet fit in somewhee? If Cadet (or anyone else who is eligible for that matter) go to the practice squad, wil they make it through waivers? What do you do with Joe Morgan? How many DEs do you keep knowing Will Smith won't be available for 4 games (and in those 4 games someone could step up and rightfully earn the starting position)? Will the Saints make their choices (I think this is the big question) based on what they (they being Vitt, Loomis,Kromer , Spags, Carmichael,etc) think is the best roster, or do they decide with a mind towards WWPD (What Would Payton Do?) There could be a difference betwen what that group votes on or decides (or what any one individual decides such as Spags or Kromer, etc) vs what Payton would do.
After all, this is still Payton's team and he will have to work with next year whoever they retain and also not work with whoever they release, regardless of how he would handle it. This coaching staff likes and respects Payton. They probably will consider him- but how much? Personally, I think he should have the right for a 2 hour meeting right now with the staff. That would be reasonable.

I have my opinions on these issues and more, just like most of us do. I am interested in what everyone else has to say.

I think Toon has great potential, but I am not willing to release Joe Morgan in lieu of him. If both can be kept, then that could work- assuming Toon looks healthy and skillful this weekend. Toon to IR might have to be an option. I would love to see Arrington going full blast and wowing us, but it isn't happening so he will get cut I assume.

I think the Saints should be very active in seeing what DLs get released around the league, especially DEs. It is unlikely we would get a real keeper, but it's possible. Several teams are loaded with talent there and a trade could even happen. I would like to see us trade Ingram for a top level DE, but that won't happen because..well there are many reasons. But my thinking is that you have to trade good for good. If we could obtain a DE who is as good, relatively speaking, as Ingram is at his position, it would fill the one spot in our roster that I think is a true weakness- a bonafide pass rusher. Again, I don't see that happening. If by some strange event it occurred, our 4 remaining RBs, regardless if it included Ivory or Cadet as #4, would still be excellent. We could even keep 5 if you count the PS. We could alternatively trade Ivory, but I don't see us getting what we need there. Plus, I like what Ivory brings to the table.

As far as Joe Morgan, I think our passing game needs his speed. To have such a prolific passing game and not have some speed that really scares opposing defenses is a waste. Not that our receivers are slow, but Moore, Colston, Toon, Camarillo, et al are mostly possession receivers. Henderson is our deep threat, and still has significant speed, but I don't think he has scary speed anymore and if he goes down we have some significant deficiency going deep with a speedster. Roby, I guess, has some speed. But, is he really a deep threat, or is he a guy that would just try to stretch the field a little and rarely have a long reception? I like having that threat to open up the defense. And what about Camarillo? I am expecting him to stay and it might be a good move. Brees' opinion will be a huge factor and I am thinking he wants Camarillo to stay.

The little bit I see of Jose Gumbs I like; I hope he doesn't get cut. He breaks on the ball very well and seems to have a presence in the defensive backfield that is very confident and mature. Maybe I am over reacting, but I would like to see them keep him even if it means practice squad duty. But, I think he could be a good special teamer also.

All, in all, I am pretty comfortable with the entire roster regardless which way they go with some of the names I have mentioned. We have a very good team, assuming the LB injuries get worked out. My one real concern is the pass rush and although i have been harping on it, I hope I am wrong. But I don't think I am. I don't think a team can have a great pass rush without a great pass rusher. You can't have a great passing game without a great QB, you can't have a great running game without a great RB. You can't get a lot of interceptions if your defensive backfield can't catch. Same kind of thing. Hope I am wrong.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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