High School (NFL) Referee Brian Stropolo Removed From Sunday’s Saints Game For Being A Fan

Well, well, well… Reasons why high school referees should not do NFL games are beginning to pile up. If it wasn’t enough that players, coaches, announcers and fans are just ripping into referees every time they blow a call or give the team in action timeout, now each of those constituents have another reason to go after the refs and that is because the refs are openly proclaiming their love for their favorite NFL teams when they are supposed to referee there games and remain impartial.

That is until the NFL’s watchdog committee stepped in and caught photos of referee Brian Stropolo on Facebook representing his particular favorite team, the New Orleans Saints. Multiple photos are available of the high school referee wearing Saints paraphernalia at a tailgate party in front of the Louisiana Superdome, where he viewed games as a fan. Stropolo was rightfully pulled from the game and a backup referee was appointed to step in to today’s contest between the Saints and the Carolina Panthers.

The NFL certainly avoided a close call here but I couldn’t help but imagine what would’ve been had Stropolo refereed the game after all. There would’ve been such a huge uproar about the occurrence that even Commissioner Roger Goodell in all his glory and distaste would not know what to do about it. Thankfully for the NFL, they found out about it, corrected the mistake and narrowly avoided a public relations disaster. That said one can only wonder about the what-ifs had Stropolo refereed the game earlier this afternoon. Here are some that I came up with just off the top of my head:

Stropolo Uses High School Refereeing As A Perfect Excuse For Giving The Saints Calls.

It only takes two or three flags to give the team a couple of first downs and put them in the red zone, and when you have Drew Brees on your favorite team and you give them those calls it’s more likely your team is going to win. I can see it now, Stropolo giving cam Newton a penalty for being too good a football, or how about giving one to Thomas Davis for roughing the passer after patting Brees on the shoulder pads as if to say "good play Drew". "After all…" Stropolo would proclaim after the game, "it’s not like I’m an actual NFL referee".

Stropolo Accidentally Wears Saints Uniform Over Pinstripes

Sure Stropolo seems to have been to a tailgate party and the Louisiana Superdome before and had himself a great time, but what kind of football fan would not get excited to follow his favorite team on the road, especially to a nice place like Carolina, where the beach sand is white and the girls addressed a nice bikinis, not to mention you get to watch Cam Newton face off against your boy Drew. But, what if he actually packed the wrong uniform in his suitcase before arriving at the stadium in Carolina? Do you think there is a chance Jon Beason would have mistaken Stropolo for a Saints player and nailed him?

The Saints Get Blamed For It & Jonathan Vilma Gets Whacked By One Of Goodell’s "Associates"

What a whirlwind it would turn out to be there for Roger Goodell was right after all and Jonathan Vilma was totally in on the Saints bounty scandal. As payback for his troubles with the NFL commissioner, it comes out that Vilma found a middle-aged Saints fan on Bourbon Street during last year’s Mardi Gras celebration and said "Hey, you look like you could pass for a high school referee that can pretend to be an NFL referee and help us win in week two against the Carolina Panthers." As payback for everything that has happened to him and tarnished his image in the eyes of the players, Goodell decides to hire an associate whose name cannot be found on the league or the player’s association website. The associate spontaneously attacks Vilma while he replenishes his electrolytes at the Gatorade cooler located on the sidelines. Just before the associate is able to take out Vilma’s knee and end his career, coach Sean Payton comes out of nowhere to save the day!!!

Thank goodness for high school/NFL referees referee games without putting pictures of themselves surrounded by their favorite team’s swag on Facebook.

If you would like to follow more of the sports stuff that I have been doing, you can follow me on twitter @jackchoros.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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