Ladies And Gents! It's Panic Time!


Things sure have changed for the absolute worst in the past few weeks. The whole team is in total disarray, confusion, lack of emotion, and most of all, lack of confidence. Yes, we are sitting at 0-3, and ladies and gents, it is definitely REAL. Alot of us Saints fans were optimistic in the off-season that our team would somehow come out angry and focused with an attitude of winning. We were proved wrong. Let's face it, our defense is absolute utter garbage ranked at a long distant ranked at 32nd in the league. Matter of fact, my years of watching football, this has to be the WORST defense I've ever encountered. I can only hope some serious drastic changes MUST be made down the road.

The Saints have had their name dragged through the mud by horrific slanderous accusations during the whole off-season, thanks to the lowlife scumbag Roger Goodell, who I hate with a deep passion. We lost our head coach for a whole season. We lost our GM for half a season, Joe Vitt for 6 games, and most of all, lost their confidence. It's just not there anymore. When you lose your head coach, who's the best in the league, your team will suffer. Our 0-3 record is proof of that, and a terrible defense such as this will not win you games.

About the loss today:

I'm not one that blames losses solely based on bad reffing. Even though reffing was bad, as it has been all around the league, the Saints alone are to blame for their 0-3 record. They put themselves in this situation. Sound familiar? If you recall, we had a 24-13 lead with a nice drive going until Brees threw that interception near the end zone. The whole momentum shifted into a complete 180. The D hung in there for a bit. But the offense stalled on their next 4 possessions. I blame most of that on the offensive line and the receivers, and a little on Brees as well. We've been in these situations before where we still would come up with a victory. Brees has been getting hammered like crazy these past few weeks. So you can't blame it all on him. If only he could cut down on the interceptions.

If anyone has also noticed the receivers have lost a couple steps. They don't get open nearly as much as they used too. And the dropped passes? OMG! Last year they were at their peak and were dominant. What a difference a year can make. In spite of all the horrific mistakes our offense has made, it's still a dangerous offense that lacks the killer instinct they once had. The realistic aspect is, it's gonna be a long long season. That's the reality. Do I think this team can play better even without the presence of Sean Payton? Yes, I do. If you look at the team, and if you look at Drew Brees, the fire and spark is GONE. Sean Payton. Nuff said on that.

We went from contenders to the laughing stock of the league just like that folks. And we are getting laughed at big time. Next Sunday they play like they have nothing to lose if they even want a slim chance beating Green Bay. But you never know, there's been a ton of upsets in these few weeks. Today was a downer. Reminded of the old Aint's games where we would have a big lead and blow it in the 4th quarter. These past few weeks have been a downer. But the facts remain the same always, I am a Saints fan win or lose till the day I die. Hang in there my fellow Saints fans.

Bottom line: Losing your head coach for a season hurts. And it hurts badly.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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