Da Gris Gris Man's Spell on The Redskins




I live in da swamp in a flooded graveyard,

I practice dat voodoo an practice it hard,

I aint scared of nuthin cause I’m dead as a brick,

But I knows dat in D. C. dem politicians is thick,

Now dem cats all dressed up in blood red and off yellow,

Don’t scare me as much as dem political fellows,

So I got a lil sumpin boiling in my big voodoo pot,

And you know dats its sittin on a zombie kings plot,

Way back here in da swamp where I does my best work,

I be castin good spells quicker than Goodell can be a jerk,

So into my pot goes some dead Nutria rats,

An owl and a chicken and two dead alley cats,

Some crushed up monkey bones from Audubon Park,

Dat I dug up one night when da moon was all dark,

I call on da power of things that be dead,

Like most of dem brain cells whats still in my head,

Da pots all a boiling and getting real thick,

So all it needs now is to make some Indians real sick,

In goes some toenails I clipped off a drunk in da Quarter,

And adds in some sour mash and just a lil bit of water,

I drop in a gold coin from Jean Lafitte’s stash,

And mix in some red skin from a big baboon’s ass,

Now just as this mess be all boiling up,

I pours in my gris gris and drinks me a cup,

I see it all clear now but dat Pierre Garcon he be blind,

And dat old Santana Moss has got too much behind,

Mr Vilma said it was OK to bust dis spell for free,

No bounty was paid and I done waived all my fee,

Across da Redskins goal line I laid my broom full of potion,

When dey try to catch Sproles it’ll be like slow motion,

When Brees gets to chunkin dat fat lil pigskin,

Aint but one thing could happen and dats Colston goin in,

Scared money cant win and a jealous man cant work,

Da Saints can overcome all da sanctions of a jerk,

I’ll sneak into the locker room of da Injuns from up North,

And upon their red souls my spell I will pour forth,

So when dem amateur referees call da last play,

Dem Saints will done begun da journey to Super Bowl Sunday.

Gris Gris Man, Voodoo MD, Voodoo Surgeon General and team Witch Doctor



VOODOO SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: Any and all spells & hexes are performed specifically for the sole purpose of generating an "L" for the opposing team! This includes but is not limited to, fumbles, penalties, in completions, pick 6's, missed field goals, strips, trips, bungles, gaffs, brain farts, Come on Man's, or otherwise benign occurrences.

PETA DISCLAIMER: No creatures were cursed and no animals were hurt too bad or killed excessively in the making and or casting of this spell!

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This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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