My Own Take On The Overturned Suspensions.


In a strange way, yesterday felt like the month of March all over again. Anger mixed in with joy in one. Espn and the Sports Blogs were erupting like a volcano yesterday. I'm pretty sure the suspensions will start again very soon. However, it felt good yesterday to have a little vindication even for a short period of time. Whether it's a week or 2 whatever. This sends a message, where we all knew from the beginning, this was a failed ruling and a failed investigation right from the beginning.

Ask yourself this question: why did Roger Goodell fold a few weeks ago and gave Vilma the opportunity to cut his suspension in half? I smelled a Rat from day one on this whole Bounty thing. Goodell, or anybody for that matter has neglected to show ZERO evidence of a Pay To Injure program. Even Sean Payton stated recently that this whole picture has been painted totally wrong of what really went wrong. C'mon man! Do you actually think Payton and Loomis are that stupid to run such a program? Do you actually think the players are lying through their teeth just to avoid trouble? I believe in them 100 percent, and not just because they play or played for us, their sincerity shows. Even the ESPN and NFL analysts are backing the Saints

And on another subject I would like to cover. It probably won't matter anyway, but I'll discuss it anyway. You ever heard of the saying: "Do not Judge before you hear or see the facts". Or "Innocent until PROVEN guilty". Okay, where's the proof Goodell? Why have you been edgy and nervous lately when questioned about the evidence? Makes you wonder hmmm?

I got a good laugh yesterday reading up on news and blogs regarding the overturned suspensions from "Uneducated Haters" as I call them stating that the reason why the suspensions were overturned. In the "Uneducated Haters" minds it was because New Orleans got hit by another hurricane that caused horrific flooding in areas around New Orleans. "The Hurricane bailed them out". Well, that is the most stupid, ignorant comments I've ever encountered in my life. I sure hope to God these people will not continue to extend their Gene Pool. Get your tubes tied or vasectomy please!

We don't know how this will end up, hopefully for the better, but we will see. But it's nice to enjoy this vindication whether it's short lived or whatever. Will Goodell be proved he lied under oath and judged way too harshly? We certainly hope so.

And I want to clarify one last thing. If this similar situation was going on with 31 other teams, I would not judge nor gloat about it. Mistakes in life happen. Get over yourselves.

Thou shall not Judge harshly or quick rush to judgement where there are no facts or proof, thou shall not slander, harm or injure others. And most importantly, thou shall not act like an idiot. When you point the finger at someone, you got 5 pointing back right at ya!

Thank you very much.


This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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