This post is actualy more about key observations, but to be thorough I thought I would include discussion about the 4 most important plays:

1) 88 yd TD by Redskins as Jenkins hits RGIII and the defense, tasked with covering receivers for 2.3 seconds (probably less) totally blows it and gives up not an 8 yd gain but an 88 yd gain.

2) Colston fumble when he had either a TD or first down inside the 3 yd line. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN !!

3) Harper PI call in end zone- a terrible call even among a lot of Redskin fans- but it was the single most important call in the game. The momentum change would have been huge- well it was huge in the end- only the wrong way.

4) 4th qtr terrible INT by Brees. I guess I should give hime some slack, but it pretty much killed us , changed the momentum so severely, and I don' t think you should be the highest paid player in the history of the game and overthrow that crucial pass at such an imortant time so severely. If he throws it low and short it's a reception and the drive continues.

Ah, but now the important stuff.

Sproles was the starting RB, but actually he wasn't. Ingram had 5 carries in the first half which is the equivalent of 18 carries for most offenses and he sucked. No, he actually didn't suck. He was okay. That's what he was last year. OK. I am not an Ingram hater but I am not a MI lover. He is what he is. He is a very good back on a team that has at least 3 better RBs, maybe 4. Every carry or reception he gets takes away from PT. They are the same player except PT is the A version and Ingram is the B version. Sproles, Ivory and Cadet are very different players and have different roles and cause defense to approach them way different. Again, PT and Ingram = the same except PT gets a higher grade.

Our pass rush was non -existent. RG III approached the game like it was a practice and he had a red shirt on. We were unable to change that and get hime out of his comfort zone. Will Smith was his usual ineffective self. Get rid of him, find someone in Canada or Arena FB or entice a college senior to quit early. Entice Michael Strahan to come back. Sign Hargrove. Play Martez Wilson. Trade Ingram for a DE. Do something.

In case you haven't noticed.our most effective play over the last 4 years on average is a screen pass to PT. We executed this once and it was very effective. We never got back to it.

Graham was the only receiver until it was decided he was non existent and then we no longer went to him.

In case you haven't noticed, our receiving corps is slow. Actually, no, they aren't slwo- they are just not fast. Devery Henderson is no longer a speed threat. He never was Johnny Knox or Devin Hester or De Sean Jackson, and he is not even where he was 5 years ago. No team is scared of our reciving corps speed. That's why Morgan is essential. Not as a replacement when someone gets injured, like as a key player to stretch the defemse. No one else can. Maybe we should sign Usain Bolt. He doesn't need to catch a pass, just run fast and make them respect him.

Penalties- it was pitiful.

Our pass D strategy is not a pressure the QB strategy, and it's not a cover strategy. It's somewhere halfway in between- the most dangerous place to be. It's a non-strategy.There was no real commitment to anything. We weren't there to win this game,we were there to participate and hope we got a few breaks and then were in a nice position to win late in the game. We didn't commit to the run or to pressuring the QB, to causing turnovers, or to containing the QB and covering receivers.

Morris like touched the ball 28 times or whatever. PT- was it 6? We won a Super Bowl with PT. Not with Sproles, not with Ingram, not with anyone else. Why not go to him and work with Sproles (who is awesome). It works best that way. Why is PT treated like chopped liver? Do they want him to be an analyst in 2016 so they make sure he doesn't take a punishment? Where was Ivory? Someone who averages over 5 yds per carry and he was not in the game?

We keep 5 RBs and we don't even try to run the ball? We face a rookie QB and we put a red vest on him so he doesn't have to get hit and be in fear of the NFL passrush.?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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