Shrine Game Shows Off Prospects

A lot of people use college football's East-West Shrine game to gauge talent. It shows a lot of prospects matched up against each other, and how they will perform against other future NFL talent. From what I can tell, a lot of the top talent isn't in the game, as their stock is pretty much solidified. But this is a great way to measure prospects for the mid to late rounds. I use a lot of NFL draft websites to do research, but for this specific piece most of the info comes from

One of the biggest stars of the week was Christine Michael, RB from Texas AM. I don't think we are looking for a RB but he showed very good moves and strength running the football. Interesting, bleacherreport states he had a bad day at practice on Tuesday. But I go with the original scouting. Colby Cameron and Collin Klein did not have very good weeks. But I dont think we will be all that interested in QBs.

In the lineman drills, Michigan DT William Campbell was giving most everyone fits. All except Blaise Foltz. Foltz is an OG from TCU. According to this report, the SAINTS are very interested in Foltz, and have taken a liking to him. He could be a quality pickup in the later rounds, but my question is why? Of all our weaknesses, G seems to be our most promising position. Maybe they are thinking of moving him to Center? In terms of Center, TJ Johnson of South Carolina is said to have been the best lineman of the week. He may have improved his draft stock, but he could be a late round steal.

Devin Taylor, the big DE from S. Carolina had a very good week. Scouts said that he is a very frustrating player, as you can see the potential but he doesn't always show it, much like his season at SC this year.

Maybe the guy I would most be interested in is Gerald Hodges. Scouts say he had a phenomenal week. He is an OLB from Penn St (LB U!). But this week he played both inside and outside backer, which is very versatile. He was very good against the run and pass, and was quick going sideline to sideline. I was begging for us to draft Navorro Bowman years ago, and I may just be thinking the same way about this Penn St backer.

The CBs are having a good week. Three guys have stood out, Demontre Hurst (Okla), Terry Hawthorne (Ill), Micah Hyde (Iowa). All three could be good mid to late round pickups. Hurst and Hawthorne had great weeks. Both show good man cover skills. Hawthorne is a bigger CB. Brandon Mcgee of Miami also had a good week. However, some scouts said Rod Sweeting, Ga Tech, may have the best man cover skills for the NFL. The "other" safety from Florida, Josh Evans, had a really good week. He was overshadowed by Matt Elam this season, but had a good year. He is very good against the run. He is at his best when he is playing at the line.

Jasper Collins, WR from Mount Union was the most impressive wideout of the week. He burned guys all week. Mount Union has produced good WR lately, in Garcon and Cecil Shorts. It wouldn't hurt to land a late round WR gem, and this guy could definitely be the guy.

Unfortunately, one of my most favorite prospects of this draft class, Duke Williams, did not have a good week. The safety from Nevada didn't make many impact plays. I really feel like he is a ball hawk, has great size and speed, and can be a good player. But he didn't show it this week.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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