The Draft - According to Cap Space

In a perfect world, we draft the best players available, plug them in, sign FA and move along towards the Superbowl. Well, it aint perfect. We have holes in our roster that need to be filled, and no money to fill them with... This draft would fill in the most glaring holes with best value in specific rounds. It is not necessarily the positions I would target, but in this scenario, it is what we need. So, in order to get under the cap and still fill out a solid roster, whats the best way?

The easiest way to get under the cap is cut Smith, Vilma, Harper. Then you have holes at SS, LB, and a need at De. We also let go of Henderson, Bushrod, Strief, Herring, Shanle. Now we have holes at OT, and more depth issues at OLB, and WR to a lesser extent. But we are under the cap! However, not so much that we can go out and sign a player at each needed position. So we draft to fill the need!

1st round - Technically, we have Galette and Wilson to play accross from Jordan. I think DE is our biggest need, but not in this scenario where we don't have a SS, OT, or OLB. I would trade back and get picks, but we cant on the internet, so... No OLB worth taking in the first, assuming Jarvis Jones, Demontre Moore are gone. Ogletree is a great player, but he should fit a MLB role. OT is also an option, as long as we don't reach. I know Safety (along with C/G) are not typically what you reach for in the 1st, but we have nobody. Options are Kenny Vaccaro, Eric Fisher, Eric Reid, Matt Elam. I say Fisher is gone, Vaccaro and Elam fit more of a FS role. 1st pick - Eric Reid, LSU

3rd round - Now, we are still under assumption that we have somewhat capable DEs, but need upgrade. Biggest needs is OT, OLB, DE. In my opinion, you can get a guy in the next round at DE that will be just as good as the 3rd, in this draft. I would strongly consider Gerald Hodges, OLB from Penn St, with this pick. He will be very good. But there are quality LBs still available, and OT is more pressing. Let's hope a good one drops. Best options are Ricky Wagner, Oday Aboushi, Brennan Williams, Kyle Long, Chris Faulk. 3rd round pick - Oday Aboushi, OT, Virginia

4th round - We filled our biggest holes in SS and OT, and now we need an OLB or DE. Could possibly go CB, but we have players there, albeit in need of upgrade. I like the guys that should be available in this round. Jelani Jenkins, Trevardo Williams, Tank Carradine, Devin Taylor, Datone Jones, Michael Buchanan, John Simon. 4th round pick - Devin Taylor, DE, South Carolina.

5th round - So we addressed most of our glaring needs, but we need OLBs. Some of those mentioned in the 4th could still be around. If not, take best available. 5th round pick - Trevardo Williams, OLB, UConn.

6th/7th round - Now we have the holes filled, time for depth or best player available. I think we should look CB, TE, or Oline with the pick. 6th round pick - Brandon Mcgee, CB, Miami. 7th round pick - Phillip Lutzenkirchen, TE, Auburn.

Now, maybe these arent the best picks at each round, but in this scenario it fills all the needs of our roster with the BPA. We also end up with cap space to sign the best player to contribute to our team.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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