Fleur-de-Links - January 28, 2013

Mario Tama

Your daily collection of New Orleans Saints news and opinion. TODAY'S HEADLINE: Roger Goodell cements his douchebag status by confirming the Saints will NOT get their 2nd round draft pick back.


NFL jersey display at the Super Bowl shop in the convention center

Don't judge a person just because you are hurt

Everything in life happens for a reason. What you get out of each situation is what will make or break you

There are two sides to every story

I have made and still make mistakes but I learn from them. I'm a man and still working on becoming a good one.

Biggest snake!

I'm not too proud to admit that I hope Duncan gets fired after going full meltdown and putting out all kinds of crazy s*** on twitter.

If Greg Williams gave Scooter that kind of access, what else did JD know? Is Jeff Duncan the new Kenny Wilkerson?

Scooter is some kind of quiet after revealed that Payton is suspicious of his sexting relationship with Greggo


So Duncan's only real inside source is Gregg Williams. Gregg gets fired for leaking him draft picks. Now Duncan hates Saints, Payton, Vitt.

F***ing perfect. Holy s*** is Duncan a douche.

Joe Vitt needs a f***ing statue. He's a goddamn hero.

Can I just say after reading this JOE VITT IS EVEN MORE AWESOME. The man clearly needs his own reality show

Oh s***. So much about Jeff Duncan makes sense now. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.

Commish asks serious question. Hundreds of responses, nearly unanimous. 5 dissenters by my count. YOU ARE OUT OF TOUCH, MR. GOODELL.

Jay Cicero of the New Orleans Sports Foundation said they would like to bid to host the Super Bowl in 2018

True Story. Goodell IS grumpy cat.

If you're not following along, Goodell clearly and concretely said the Saints will NOT get their 2nd round pick back. Left no doubt.

Rita said tickets are still available for Media Day tomorrow at the tomorrow. Check

Goodell gives new meaning to the term "dickhead."


Goodell affirms that Saints will not get back 2nd round draft pick (as if there was ever a chance this d-bag would see the error of his ways and reconsider)

I am Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, AMA : IAmA
Goodell's Reddit transcript

Roger Goodell’s AMA had some news, a lot of trolling and an answer that began ‘I notice there are a lot of questions on socks’ | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
From the blog Shutdown Corner: Roger Goodell met the public on Monday afternoon, with a mix of news from Goodell, rage from fans and general weirdness. One of the top ranked comments was from "New_Orleans_Saints" simply linking to a gif that showed Danny DeVito flipping … Continue reading →

Saints won’t get this year’s second-rounder back | ProFootballTalk
The Saints got coach Sean Payton back a bit earlier than expected, but they won’t be getting their second-round pick back. Goodell mentioned that during an online chat on Reddit.com, via the New Orleans Times Picayune.

Roger Goodell says New Orleans Saints will not get second round pick back in 2013 | NOLA.com
This just in - Goodell is still very much a douche.


Joe Vitt's Tagliabue hearing transcript obtained (lots of interesting nuggets of info not seen before)

Joe Vitt's anger, frustration and wit displayed in New Orleans Saints bounty appeals testimony | NOLA.com
"Now we're going to try and sell it to the public? Sean is suspended for a year, Mickey Loomis for eight weeks? We have a director of security come down and intimidate our owner, he's got to be kicked out of the building. Who got hurt? Who was maimed? Look at the film. Who are we gonna sell this to? Somebody tell me who we're going to sell this to. This is a dilemma, boys, ladies, gentlemen. This is a dilemma. How are we going to sell this to our public, to our season-ticket holders? How are we going to sell this? Because you know I'm telling you the facts." After that, White said, "I have nothing further." And Vitt responded, "Yeah, I didn't think so."

Joe Vitt questioned Mike Cerullo's credibility during Paul Tagliabue's bounty hearing | NOLA.com
Partial transcript of the testimony from Dec. 3

During questioning by NFL's attorney, Joe Vitt said Gregg Williams lied in his testimony | NOLA.com
Vitt said Williams had program to hurt coaches on opposing sideline


GM Mickey Loomis signs five-year contract extension

Saints GM Mickey Loomis signed five-year extension
He and Sean Payton now both under contract through 2017 season.


Super Bowl week (Goodell arrives at the lion's pelican's den)

WWL - AM870 | FM105.3 | News | Talk | Sports - ACLU's Suit Over Super Bowl 'clean Zone' Settled
The agreement filed Monday would allow the city to enforce some limits on commercial activity in the French Quarter and surrounding neighborhoods. The filing says the city can prohibit "off-site and mobile advertising,'' such as signs attached to a vehicle or worn by a person.

Recovery Is Complete for Saints Owner Tom Benson - NYTimes.com
For the Saints owner Tom Benson, who did not leave town after Hurricane Katrina, hosting the Super Bowl represents a crowning moment in New Orleans’s renaissance.

As Super Bowl week arrives, Goodell playing both savior, villain to locals | wwltv.com New Orleans
When Roger Goodell arrives in New Orleans for this week’s Super Bowl, he may enter the city as the most polarizing of individuals.

As 49ers and Ravens ready for Super Bowl XLVII, biggest star of game is reborn city of New Orleans - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
As 49ers and Ravens ready for Super Bowl XLVII, the biggest star of the game is the city of New Orleans — reborn after the devastation of Hurrican Katrina in 2005. As 49ers and Ravens ready for Super Bowl XLVII, biggest star of game is reborn city of New Orleans

New Orleans' grudge against Goodell evident, but not overt - NFL - CBSSports.com News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
One NFL source explained that there was an unlikely but possible scenario that if the Saints had made the Super Bowl and won it, Goodell might not have awarded the trophy, out of concern for his safety.



Former Niners lineman charged with assaulting "boyfriend" | ProFootballTalk
According to the San Mateo Daily Journal, former 49ers tackle Kwame Harris has been charged with assaulting "his former boyfriend at a Menlo Park restaurant during an argument over soy sauce and underwear."

Pro Bowl future in doubt amid questions of game's validity - NFL.com
Many, like star QB Aaron Rodgers, have carped about the quality of the NFL Pro Bowl. Albert Breer breaks down the pros and cons of the game, which might not be played for much longer.

Congress warns players may be called to testify about HGH | ProFootballTalk
As the NFL and the NFLPA continue to stare at each other like the boys and girls pressed against opposite walls of a middle-school dance on the issue of HGH testing, Congress is getting closer to pushing the walls together, Star Wars Episode IV-style.

Forecast: New coordinator won't necessarily fix what ails Saints' defense | wwltv.com New Orleans
This is going to sound strange coming from the guy who wrote after the Saints gave up 44 points in the finale to the Panthers they needed to either fire Steve Spagnuolo or tear apart the defense completely but after doing both, I'm not convinced...


Video & Audio

Podcast: Saints DE Will Smith - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Saints defensive end Will Smith shares his thoughts on the way that the NFL handled the punishment of players and coaches for illegal bounties, New O

NFL Fan Pass: New Orleans Saints cornerback Jabari Greer - NFL Videos
Adam Rank catches up with New Orleans Saints cornerback Jabari Greer and talks about his favorite player growing up and who he patterns his game after.

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