Defense Is Not The Reason We Lost Folks


Well, that was a loss in a very heartbreaking fashion. Very similar to the 49ers game in the 2011 playoff game when we lost in the final seconds 36-32. One thing about our team, win or lose you will always get thrilling excitement, or some heart breakers like today. We're 5-1 heading into the bye week. It's what I predicted. Perfect time to get our players healthy again.

Bottom line is we were outplayed and out coached. Even though they should have won, they didn't. Shudda Cudda Wudda you know. I thought the defense played tough the whole game, not great but decent. The offense however, has a lot to be desired. Our offense is still good, however, if you guys noticed, it's not been elite as it has been in previous years. Saints have been leaving a lot of points out there, even so in our previous games.

Looking at the game stats, Saints had 131 yards rushing, but it was not enough. There are some burning desires I want to let off my chest. The first half offense sucked. Second half was a little better, but not great by any means. I notice when Drew Brees is in the pocket, he's having a hard time finding receivers open. Above that, he forced some throws to Graham, who was blanketed the whole game. Robert Meachem has been a non factor since he caught a TD in the Cards game weeks ago. Are our receivers getting up in age? I'm going to say this too and you may agree or disagree with me. Not having Joe Morgan this season hurts. Can you imagine having Stills and Morgan together in the lineup? Those are 2 fast deep threats. Colston has lost a couple steps. He doesn't get separation like he has before. Having Lance Moore hurt hurts us too, he's very good when 100 percent healthy.

Here's another couple of stats for you guys, 6 punts. Six frigging punts! Inexcusable! 5 for 14 on 3rd down. Unacceptable. When you're playing against caliber QB's like Brady or Manning, especially on their turf, 6 punts will not win you ball games. Can you guys remember when they would punt once or twice a game? Or sometimes none?

The bottom line is, the Saints are a team built for big plays and scoring a ton of points. Not scoring 35 plus haunted us today. I sure miss those 40 burgers, we're unstoppable when we score that many points.

Sean Payton got too conservative (shocker) on 3rd and 7 on the last drive, knowing there was way too much time to give the ball back to Brady. I was convinced Jim Mora SR was out there a few times. And there was time when we thought we drew the Pats offsides on 4th and 1, it ended up being 4th and 6 on the Pats 40. I though they should have gone for it there. The old Payton wouldn't have had a problem in previous years.

I'm not mad we lost the game, I'm very upset on "How" we lost the game. And hopefully it won't haunt us down the stretch.

So, are you guys a little concerned about the offense?

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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