NFL Picks Week 7: On The Seventh Week, They Rested

Rob Carr

The Saints and Who Dat Nation were given no favors in Week 6. Even with the bye week upon us, there is plenty to keep an eye on throughout the league in Week 7.

The New Orleans Saints come into the bye week fresh off their first loss of the 2013 season. It wasn't that they lost, but how they lost that's stuck with Who Dat Nation. Despite the loss, a 5-1 record at the bye is pretty remarkable and speaks to the quality of the Saints in 2013. With the Saints off the schedule this week, we focus on the matchups that can benefit the Saints the most. No Saints game doesn't necessarily mean no intrigue for Saints fans, lets take a look.

Last week I went 9-6, Season record 58-34

I told you so: Eagles over Buccaneers!

What do I know: Vikings over Panthers?


Thursday, October 17

Seahawks(5-1) at Cardinals(3-3)

Fingers crossed for a Cards upset at home, just not expecting it to happen.

Pick: Seahawks


Sunday, October 20th - Early Games

Buccaneers(0-5) at Falcons(1-4)

Tampa's defense has a sizable advantage over Atlanta's injury riddled offense. Atlanta desperately needs this win at home.

Pick: Buccaneers


Bears(4-2) at Redskins(1-4)

Washington isn't nearly as bad as their record indicates, I'm sensing an upset at FedEx Field.

Pick: Redskins


Cowboys(3-3) at Eagles(3-3)

In a battle for mediocrity supremacy in the NFC East, Philly's ground game makes the difference.

Pick: Eagles


Patriots(5-1) at Jets(3-3)

Rex Ryan will be unable to avenge his brother Rob's loss from last week.

Pick: Patriots


Bills(2-4) at Dolphins(3-2)

Week 7 edition of the "Johnny Footbowl" (for the Bills, really). Miami avoids squandering their hot early season start against Buffalo at home.

Pick: Dolphins


Chargers(3-3) at Jaguars(0-6)

San Diego can't lose against Jacksonville, can they?

Pick: Chargers


Rams(3-3) at Panthers(2-3)

St. Louis carries over momentum from their victory in Houston last week. It won't be easy though.

Pick: Rams


Bengals(4-2) at Lions(4-2)

Cincy is going to have to play better than they did last week to pick up a win in Detroit. They've got the defense to do it though.

Pick: Bengals


Sunday, October 20th - Late Games

49ers(4-2) at Titans(3-3)

Titans nearly went the distance in Seattle, they finish the job against the Niners in a home upset.

Pick: Titans


Texans(2-4) at Chiefs (6-0)

The lifeless Texans become the next victim to Kansas City's undefeated streak.

Pick: Chiefs


Ravens(3-3) at Steelers(1-4)

Pittsburgh stuns their bitter rival at home on a last second field goal.

Pick: Steelers


Browns(3-3) at Packers(3-2)

Green Bay's offense proves too much for Cleveland to overcome at Lambeau.

Pick: Packers


Sunday Night Football

Broncos(6-0) at Colts(4-2) - Game of the Week

One of the toughest games of the season to pick, made easier thanks to Jim Irsay's foolish comments (surprise!). Peyton Manning wins his homecoming game in Indy, which should be a great contest.

Pick: Broncos


Monday, October 21st - Monday Night Football

Vikings(1-4) at Giants(0-6)

After six agonizing weeks, they do it, the Giants finally win their first game of the 2013 season.

Pick: Giants


That's how I see this Saints-less week of the NFL season shaping up. The bye week always feels so hollow, but we'll make it through together, my friends! Leave us your picks, comments, and insight below.

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