Saints vs. Falcons Final Score 17-13: Community Roll Call

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Below are all the stats from our two Saints-Falcons open threads for Thursday Night Football.

Thanks to all who participated.

Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,390
Total commenters 60
Commenter list '09, Ace Venom, Alex Swift, BRSaintsFan, BenDerDonDat, BewareofDog, Biddy44, Breesus Christ Superstar, CW3, Cajun in CA, Carloski50, CrazyforColston, Dang Hu Dat, DatNOBoi, Dave Cariello, Drunkamania, El Shorts, Fat Punk Kicker, FrenchFreak, GESWhoseBack, GSO Saints Fan, Greg_R, Hans Petersen, Jricky70, Max102, Meethos, N_O_1saintfan, PanheadCatahoula, Philistine, Ragin Who Dat, RobertM320, Saint Christopher, SaintMerc, SaintSooner, Silentmode, Spanish Saint, Stilljreming, Tee Word, Wallace Delery, WhoDatMatt, babygurlz2012, biju, cajuncommando58, canu2u, daisy117, germinator, harrisondumont, iiAndyiiii, jeremy.sherwin., johnmc318, kazmiboy, metryman, mississippisaintsfan, prsmith777, saintstildeath46, scwerly, snapp44, stujo4, vjdancer, xen-cuts
Story URLs

# Commenter # Comments
1 Hans Petersen 148
2 stujo4 127
3 N_O_1saintfan 126
4 iiAndyiiii 91
5 Meethos 73
6 johnmc318 70
7 Stilljreming 68
8 cajuncommando58 65
9 Philistine 60
10 FrenchFreak 47
11 harrisondumont 42
12 babygurlz2012 40
13 WhoDatMatt 36
14 scwerly 34
15 snapp44 31
16 Tee Word 30
17 metryman 29
18 Drunkamania 23
19 Dang Hu Dat 21
20 CW3 19
21 Breesus Christ Superstar 19
22 vjdancer 19
23 BenDerDonDat 15
24 mississippisaintsfan 14
25 DatNOBoi 14
26 daisy117 13
27 '09 12
28 xen-cuts 11
29 Biddy44 10
30 jeremy.sherwin. 10
31 kazmiboy 7
32 Alex Swift 7
33 RobertM320 7
34 Dave Cariello 6
35 Greg_R 5
36 BRSaintsFan 4
37 Carloski50 4
38 Ragin Who Dat 3
39 PanheadCatahoula 3
40 Spanish Saint 3
41 biju 2
42 Fat Punk Kicker 2
43 Silentmode 2
44 GESWhoseBack 2
45 Max102 1
46 GSO Saints Fan 1
47 Ace Venom 1
48 saintstildeath46 1
49 Saint Christopher 1
50 SaintMerc 1
51 El Shorts 1
52 Wallace Delery 1
53 germinator 1
54 SaintSooner 1
55 prsmith777 1
56 Jricky70 1
57 Cajun in CA 1
58 BewareofDog 1
59 canu2u 1
60 CrazyforColston 1

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
7 Breesus Christ Superstar Mike smith don't you ever get fired. I love you
6 Drunkamania [no title]
6 Meethos [no title]
5 Cajun in CA Hey Who-dats!
5 cajuncommando58 Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa
4 Meethos Payton was talking to Smith; did he say this:
3 Stilljreming Iced by the master sorcerer Payton!
3 Hans Petersen well, at least someone rose up
3 snapp44 RISE UP
3 johnmc318 [no title]
3 Meethos What up Peeps!
3 Meethos [no title]
3 N_O_1saintfan [no title]
2 Meethos Dang!
2 Meethos [no title]
2 Breesus Christ Superstar Mike Smith is the Washington generals to Payton's Globetrotters
2 Stilljreming Hahaha, the beer is strong in you, Danish! :-)
2 johnmc318 Did someone ask for the Jimmy graham dunk GIF???
2 harrisondumont [no title]
2 babygurlz2012 Pierre, you're beautiful and I love you. That is all.
2 Biddy44 PT to Pro Bowl!
2 Hans Petersen turn away if you don't want to know how the (PEEP)sausage is made...
2 johnmc318 [no title]
2 DatNOBoi [no title]
2 Breesus Christ Superstar I hate Thursday night football
2 johnmc318 [no title]
2 cajuncommando58 Yes!!!
2 Meethos Need to change that to a W, not a Super Bowl Trophy
2 Meethos Epic!
1 N_O_1saintfan what the H*LL they call the PI is total BS
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Tee Word So their poster child is a former crackhead? Lol...
1 Stilljreming Saints D need to turn the ball over. This game is getting into a lull
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 CW3 [no title]
1 Meethos [no title]
1 WhoDatMatt Not the kind they want anyway!
1 Meethos [no title]
1 Meethos [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Meethos In the perfect place
1 snapp44 falcons rage quit
1 scwerly Go Saints!
1 Meethos [no title]
1 babygurlz2012 The more I watch this game, the more I'm convinced Thursday night games are the devil.
1 harrisondumont Seriously, Pierre Thomas for President!
1 CW3 still hate 3 NFL net guys
1 kazmiboy Did I mention how much I love Pierre?
1 Stilljreming PT is one hell of a player.
1 johnmc318 "WE WANT SEATTLE!!!!!!!!!!" GOTTA LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
1 johnmc318 DONT LET OFF THE GAS
1 Meethos Later Peeps
1 scwerly Guess it was a good TO.
1 Saint Christopher It just gives me warm and tingly feelings...
1 '09 WAAAT son
1 daisy117 Love PT
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 scwerly I've been extremely nice and even said I was hoping you guys would win this game to make...
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Meethos [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 '09 He has passed up a bunch
1 Meethos I pronounce it..
1 N_O_1saintfan nice wrap up Corey
1 SaintSooner It all makes sense now....
1 johnmc318 SO... just as I figured....
1 Philistine 2:41 left - plenty of time for Drew to engineer a score
1 johnmc318 GOD I NEED WWL Stream
1 harrisondumont Come on guys, everybody knows Falcons losses taste so much better when they think they have a chance.
1 babygurlz2012 No problem. #wegotthis
1 stujo4 what can they do? this'll be a problem going forward
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Meethos [no title]
1 Meethos [no title]
1 babygurlz2012 I must say that, honestly, do not give a s*** anymore about what they think.
1 cajuncommando58 [no title]
1 Carloski50 FPK thats it
1 Stilljreming Yup and he should, if the league is gonna be consistent.
1 cajuncommando58 Good!!!
1 WhoDatMatt [no title]
1 iiAndyiiii I bet Hicks gets a fine next week
1 iiAndyiiii I want a sad trombone to that weak, weak slide!
1 BenDerDonDat [no title]
1 N_O_1saintfan go back to the original peeps thread I think I beat ya all
1 Jricky70 Last nite
1 johnmc318 [no title]
1 N_O_1saintfan [no title]
1 snapp44 It's a Guinness dinner 4 me.
1 Alex Swift Would that mean it's actually
1 Breesus Christ Superstar At least we know Atlanta will blow a lead.
1 Stilljreming I hope the Saints really did know this wasn't gonna be easy!
1 iiAndyiiii Let this be the last TD for Atlanta today!
1 Dang Hu Dat Drum sets, Hans. Just a suggestion.
1 Drunkamania [no title]
1 Hans Petersen all we are saying is...
1 Stilljreming This is their Superbowl, Saints will have to match their energy
1 harrisondumont Dang. Missin Jabari now.
1 snapp44 [no title]
1 RobertM320 Maybe he didn't, but doesn't there come a time where maybe he needs to take a chance?
1 N_O_1saintfan probably getting drunk so they can handle the loss better
1 Dang Hu Dat Fans done rised up & went home already?
1 Breesus Christ Superstar [no title]
1 DatNOBoi #FirstWorldProblems
1 Breesus Christ Superstar Whew! Just got home from work.
1 Drunkamania [no title]

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