Stick a fork in 'em, pal. The Saints are done.

Well, I'm cancelling Christmas. I'm also not bothering with a turkey for Thanksgiving. I'm turning out the lights, taking my ball and going home. This season is over. The Saints are a major disappointment. Almost as bad as last year and in some ways worse. Last year, during BountyFarce and the Spagnodefense dumpster fire, the Saints were 3-5 at the midpoint of the season. But, this season at 2-6, their record is worse than last year and Sean Payton needs to be fired and that effing midget should be flat out cut. No, NOT traded. Cut. We could get more for Mark Ingram in a trade than we ever could for Drew Brees

I simply cannot believe what I'm watching on the field.

Wait....what's that? The Saints are 6-2 and not 2-6? Poppycock. It's all over the internets. The Saints suck. And this doesn't come from talking heads on TV, hack writers from sports mags/blogs, opposing players, coaches, or fans. This comes from the ONLY reliable source of information about the team.

Saints fans.

Huh? Wha? The Saints really are 6-2? Let me check the stats. Yep, says so right there. So, what's the problem then? Oh, they lost to the Jets. And they SHOULD have blown them out. Yup, that does suck. Wait, the Jets are 5-4 and have quality wins over the Pats and Saints? Doesn't matter. Shoulda been the Saints first 40 burger this season and since it wasn't, they suck.

Okay, I get it. Folks are upset. People are mad, hurt, disappointed, and emotions are running high. That kinda thing happens when your favorite sports team doesn't beat the hell out of a team the way their fans think they should. But, here's something that a lot of people are forgetting in all this handwringing, bed wetting, diaper crapping, and crying in beer that's been going on around here.

The Saints ALWAYS do that.

This game was simply one of those two s*** games that the Saints lose every year. New England was NOT one of them. That was two elite teams playing against each other and one of them got a little home cooking. That's football. No big deal. Unless, of course, that same team gets caught the very next week and then it's a damn travesty. Effing refs. How dare they!

Wait....where was I? Oh, yeah.

The game against the Jets was yet another example of the Saints playing down to their opponent and losing a game they should have won. It wasn't the road, outside, Payton's playcalling, Drew Brees' alleged decline, Hartley sucking major donkey ass, or even Rex Ryan rubbing his wife's feet for good luck before the game. On camera. Again.

It was ALL of those things and plenty of others rolled into one gigantic fatty that Sean Payton was smoking on the sidelines when he called that reverse, which produced another one of those crappy games that the Saints find a way to lose EVERY year.

They've done this same thing in every one of their 4 playoff seasons under Payton, and of course, the 2007 & 2008 campaigns when Payton was calling double-reverses like he was giving away Halloween candy. Oh, and that BountyFarce thingy in 2012 when Baby Huey was running the offense and some ass puppet was posing as a defensive coordinator.

2006 - This 10-6 season could have easily been 12-4 if not for the Saints dropping a couple of games they were supposed to win at home against an 8-8 Bengals team and also a 5-11 Redskins team which they lost to after they had crushed the Cowboys on the road, 42-17, on Sunday Night Football and being declared by Al Michaels & John Madden as a "legitimate contender" in the NFC.

2009 - 13-0 and then wetting the bed in consecutive losses to the Cowboys and the 3-13 Bucs before shutting it down in the final game against the Panthers to rest up for the playoffs.

2010 - Mr. Pick-Six, that effing midget, struck again in losses to the Cardinals and Browns (who were both 5-11 that season) which contributed to an 11-5 season with a wild card game on the road, instead of back-to-back 13-3 seasons (actually, three straight if you count 2011) .

2011 - Can you say 14-2 or 15-1? The 13-3 Saints dropped games to the 4-12 Bucs and 2-14 Rams in which just one win would have meant a bye and home field in the playoffs (cause Green Bay got smacked in their first playoff game).

And when you include the forgettable 2007, 2008, 2012 seasons in which the Saints were a mediocre ballclub with records of 7-9, 8-8, 7-9, there were too many games to list here. Take your pick of any number of games they should have won.

The point is that Jets game was not some unexplainable aberration, nor was it a harbinger of doom for the rest of the season. It was just another in a long line of games in which the Saints had their heads completely up their asses and lost a game or two that they shouldn't have. So, there is no reason for all of this bed wetting and diaper crapping. And please, for Jesus1000's sake, put away the sharp objects.

Oh, and something else. Some folks on this blog love bringing up 2009 and 2011 to point out how this team is lacking in so many areas and not quite up to par with either of those teams. First off, other than the Super Bowl victory, the main difference between those two squads is that the 2009 Saints started out fast and were gassed by the end of the regular season. The 2011 Saints started out slow and finished up the regular season wiping the floor with teams and getting a bad rep for running up the score in prime-time games.

The point here is that the 2011 Saints were 5-3 at the halfway mark of the season and Saints fans on this blog were s***ing bricks all over the place about how the club is going downhill after getting bounced outta the playoffs in 2010. They had that mind-blowing loss to the Rams by 10 points as well as the head scratcher loss to the Bucs and Brees was in a STEEP decline.

They never lost another game in that regular season.

"Payton has lost his Mojo"

Good gosh o' mighty! Did you see that reverse that Payton called? What on earth was he thinking? Probably the exact same thing he was thinking the countless other times he's run that play. There's nothing wrong with Payton that a little coed action down in the Bahamas won't cure.

And besides, how was his Mojo doing when the Saints were 5-0 after kicking in the teeth of Cardinals and Dolphins followed by a first ever road win in Chicago under Payton?

Payton's playcalling has ALWAYS been at times, questionable, suspect, dubious, but that has somehow gotten ignored and retconned out of history like a comic book or soap opera character. Or, Chuck from Happy Days. Ever since "Ambush!" and the Lombardi Trophy, people forget that Payton has a tendency to stick his head up his ass on play calls. He's always been that way. But, it's mixed in with his, at times, utterly brilliant playcalling and unparalleled aggressiveness (in today's game) and folks act all surprised when he indulges himself with the kinds of play calls which were responsible for having those duties yanked from him when he was the offensive coordinator for the Giants.

It's not that Payton has lost his Mojo, it's just that.........."Y'all Musta Forgot!"

"The Defense played its worst game of the season"

Not even close. The Saints gave up 26 points and 338 yards. The way some folks are carrying on about the defense, you'd think the Jets dropped a 40 burger on the Saints and 450+ yards to boot. The defense gave up their second most points and 4th most yards in a game this season. Hardly the worst. They gave up more yards and points to the Pats but this was their "worst" performance? The Bears dropped 434 yards on them in the ONLY game in which they allowed 400+ yards but this was their worst?

Oh, it's the rushing yards, huh? The 198 yards bother you that much? Or is that "TUSK!" went all "TUSK!" on the Saints like he used to do FOR the Saints? Ah, there's the rub. Well, Shoot....what did y'all expect? This is simply a case of what happens when an Irresistible Force meets a very movable object.

Come on, y'all. Chris Ivory did what Chris Ivory does. When he's healthy. And that's the only reason why he's not a Saint. If Chris Ivory were able to play all 16 games in a season do you think the Saints would have let him go? Hell, if he would have been able to give them 12-14 healthy games a year they would have kept him.

And here's the real kicker. If the offense wasn't shooting itself in the foot with dropped balls, off-target passes, questionable play calls, penalties, and missed FGs by Hartley, the Saints would have won that game by 8-12 points and Ivory would still have had his yards.

It was a TEAM effort which lost that game. Not rushing yards allowed by the defense.

"The Saints can't win on the road outdoors"

It's called home field advantage for a reason. Because the home teams have just that, an advantage. Not a perceived advantage but a real and tangible one which is proven in the won-loss records of every team in the NFL over the course of 10 decades going back to the 1920's. The Saints are tied for the second best road record in the NFL since 2006 with the Colts (35-25) and behind the Pats (43-17). The Saints are tied for third, again with the Colts (25-19), for the best road record OUTDOORS behind the Eagles (26-18-1) and the Pats (38-13). And finally, according to the criteria set by a fellow contributor on this blog, the Saints are tied for 4th with the Eagles (6-11) for the best road record, outdoors, against TEAMS WITH A WINNING RECORD behind the Colts (8-11), Steelers (10-12), and Pats (8-7).

Either way you slice it. All road wins, road wins outdoors, or road wins outdoors against teams with a winning record, the Saints are one of the VERY BEST in the NFL since Payton and Brees arrived in 2006.

Also, in regards to that "Road wins, outdoors, against teams with a winning record", only 1 team in the NFL has a winning record under those circumstances since 2006 (Patriots as noted above), while EVERY OTHER TEAM in the NFL has a LOSING record using that same criteria.

Having a losing record on the road, outdoors, against teams with a winning record does NOT make the Saints suspect. It makes them normal. And having the 4th best record in the league under that criteria actually makes them well above average. And it's certainly better than posting their record by itself without comparing it to what the 31 other teams in the NFL are doing would lead fans to believe.

Look y'all, if the Saints were 6-2 with all their victories coming against teams with losing records and they were barely scraping by in order to get those wins, and their losses were games in which they got crushed, and they were in the bottom third of the league in offense and defense, I would be the first to point out that this is a house of cards they've built with smoke & mirrors and is a complete fraud which is going to end in flames.

But, that is NOT the case.

Not even close.

They're a damn good football team who crapped their pants in "one of those games" just like they have done every season since Sean Payton and Drew Brees got here in 2006.

No worries, mates. We got this.

This FanPost was written by a reader and member of Canal Street Chronicles. It does not necessarily reflect the views of CSC and its staff or editors.

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