Saints vs. Panthers Final Score 31-13: Community Roll Call

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

Below are all the stats from our two Saints-Panthers open threads for Sunday Night Football. My apologies for the delay. Not gonna lie, I completely forgot about it.

Thanks to all who participated.

Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,592
Total commenters 55
Commenter list '09, Ace Venom, Adolpho_Brazil, BRSaintsFan, Barqscreamsoda, Breesus Christ Superstar, CW3, Cajun in CA, Chompski, Dan Kelly, Dang Hu Dat, Drew-Dat, Drunkamania, Greg_R, Hans Petersen, Lakota, Meethos, MiniVanVader, NJJetFan, N_O_1saintfan, Noodoggy, Orgasmatron, Paradoxx's Last Chance, Philinwood, Philistine, RobertM320, SarahT, Silentmode, Stilljreming, Vigk23, WhoDatMatt, babygurlz2012, cajuncommando58, canu2u, chidiver, crescendo2020, fshabazz, harrisondumont, iiAndyiiii, j0shle0, jkp1516, johnmc318, kazmiboy, mangoes52, metryman, mississippisaintsfan, njccc, olewarskule, rollingstoned, sainthomas, snapp44, stujo4, the new Bradfather, whodat70816, xen-cuts
Story URLs

# Commenter # Comments
1 stujo4 146
2 Hans Petersen 140
3 Dan Kelly 126
4 N_O_1saintfan 123
5 johnmc318 99
6 WhoDatMatt 73
7 fshabazz 71
8 Meethos 59
9 Stilljreming 58
10 mississippisaintsfan 57
11 j0shle0 50
12 Ace Venom 47
13 iiAndyiiii 46
14 harrisondumont 45
15 njccc 39
16 babygurlz2012 38
17 Philistine 35
18 snapp44 35
19 SarahT 32
20 cajuncommando58 28
21 xen-cuts 27
22 the new Bradfather 23
23 metryman 22
24 Drunkamania 19
25 kazmiboy 17
26 '09 14
27 chidiver 13
28 Breesus Christ Superstar 13
29 Cajun in CA 12
30 whodat70816 9
31 canu2u 9
32 Greg_R 8
33 RobertM320 6
34 Drew-Dat 6
35 Philinwood 5
36 Adolpho_Brazil 4
37 Chompski 4
38 CW3 4
39 Silentmode 3
40 BRSaintsFan 3
41 crescendo2020 3
42 olewarskule 2
43 rollingstoned 2
44 Dang Hu Dat 2
45 Paradoxx's Last Chance 2
46 mangoes52 2
47 Orgasmatron 2
48 sainthomas 2
49 Lakota 1
50 NJJetFan 1
51 jkp1516 1
52 Barqscreamsoda 1
53 Vigk23 1
54 MiniVanVader 1
55 Noodoggy 1

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
5 chidiver Depends
4 snapp44 If they become popular
4 mississippisaintsfan Now they're playing Kryptonite I love it
4 N_O_1saintfan CONGRATS DREW
3 Stilljreming A little lagniappe for y'all
3 Meethos A little late there!
3 Dan Kelly [no title]
3 johnmc318 Who Dat Nation=Cam's kryptonite
3 stujo4 [no title]
3 Meethos Haha!
3 snapp44 I like angry Colston
3 johnmc318 And for the good luck peep shot
2 stujo4 [no title]
2 Meethos I thought he was stretching his ball
2 chidiver Cam on Cam violence!
2 cajuncommando58 Shut up Les...we're just running out of recors to break!!!
2 Stilljreming This is for you, Hans! ;-)
2 harrisondumont I have
2 harrisondumont Network playing "kryptonite" going to break is sweet
2 N_O_1saintfan Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down from MS
2 chidiver I love it
2 SarahT Vaccarro talking smack
2 xen-cuts Chris Collingsworth: Drew Brees practices throwing American footballs.
2 Breesus Christ Superstar Time to smack Cam in his s*** eating grin and pimp slap Steve smith in his grill
2 mississippisaintsfan I wish Moorestead would have snapped his F***** neck
2 Hans Petersen all-white towels and Gleason's slogan is "No White Flags"????
2 johnmc318 And for the Customary PEEP
2 j0shle0 Fun idea.
2 Hans Petersen I can get behind that!
2 Philistine Colston is fired up tonight
2 WhoDatMatt Nice celebration, Junior!
2 j0shle0 lmao
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Stilljreming Go Hawks? Don't make me flag you! :-)
1 Hans Petersen 3 Doors Down - KRYPTONITE - that song has me PUMPED right now!!!
1 Silentmode Our friends at CSR
1 Meethos Fear the beard!
1 N_O_1saintfan GEAUX FOR IT GUYS
1 Drunkamania [no title]
1 j0shle0 my word
1 snapp44 [no title]
1 njccc such good pocket presence, stepped up and made the throw.
1 Stilljreming Man, I hate to see those all out blitzes
1 Meethos Raises hand.
1 njccc nice, now get back to hitting Cam
1 snapp44 icing up?
1 fshabazz They're doing their best 9'ers impersonations on their own site
1 Meethos [no title]
1 cajuncommando58 Sean has complained a couple of times.
1 mississippisaintsfan thanks loving it after last week
1 Hans Petersen someone wnated FPK to go after it
1 Meethos Did not do prediction...but got the fantasy game won tonight!
1 Breesus Christ Superstar Damn that ghetto smurf got one
1 WhoDatMatt so much!
1 harrisondumont shut up collinsworth
1 kazmiboy I haven't heard Star Loutulei's name once today.
1 johnmc318 Where are all the Panther Fans?????????
1 Chompski Dudes quickly become a favorite of mine as well on the D
1 johnmc318 One of my new Favorite players
1 N_O_1saintfan [no title]
1 Meethos [no title]
1 mississippisaintsfan I would be happy with a 15 yard penalty if someone would just take out smith I time really good
1 Breesus Christ Superstar I like collingsworth too
1 babygurlz2012 Colston is still the man. That is all.
1 Hans Petersen Hawthorne iced up SSmith punk
1 the new Bradfather this is more of a conventional Saints game!
1 Meethos [no title]
1 WhoDatMatt 50,000!!!!
1 the new Bradfather Cam Newton doesn't look so special today
1 Cajun in CA In 183 games
1 harrisondumont graham has no excuse for getting interfered with by Munnerlin.
1 rollingstoned Having upside down ears that you have to hide with a towel
1 Meethos [no title]
1 j0shle0 He should've kept his mouth shut
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 babygurlz2012 And Marques gets it anyway!
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Hans Petersen candlelight, RKelly on the iPod
1 Stilljreming Panthers have no idea what hit them
1 babygurlz2012 He even took them to dinner first.
1 harrisondumont [no title]
1 Cajun in CA DEFENSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 Ace Venom Colston again for the TD!
1 Dan Kelly +1
1 j0shle0 I think Lafell may have heard some footsteps there.
1 snapp44 will the real super cam please stand up
1 Hans Petersen in his hyperbaric chamber, recuperating
1 Cajun in CA LMAO!
1 njccc nice, hit cam
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Dan Kelly That was almost REALLY BAD
1 iiAndyiiii hold saved the sack
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Greg_R And the flag is on - MIKE MITCHELL!
1 '09 21+21+21=?
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Philistine Wow. I wish the Saints could have looked something like this last week
1 mississippisaintsfan Colsten from a soft Drew Brees
1 Stilljreming Sean Payton has brought back reverses this season. Most of them failures so far.
1 njccc there you go, slick play, now hit cam more.
1 Hans Petersen you were just the latest in the thread and already knew his "midnight man" deal
1 '09 Run the ball then let Drew carv them up
1 j0shle0 LOVE
1 xen-cuts i'd still like to have greer back right now for the stretch run
1 N_O_1saintfan Now to get a turnover or fumble recovery and all will be well
1 kazmiboy Great play by Lewis.
1 '09 Speaking of attacking the football at its highest point
1 Hans Petersen Who doesn't mind making history?
1 Chompski No stars aligning in Candlestick this week for Seahawks. 49ers win it!
1 Dan Kelly We're still sucking on the TOP though....
1 Dan Kelly F***ING A!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Stilljreming Hahahaha
1 Philistine Yay! The Saints have held the ball for over 2 minutes now!
1 N_O_1saintfan who the heck knows what he said, I couldn't understand any of them
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Stilljreming So, will the real Saints offense please stand up?
1 fshabazz BLOCK IN THE BACK!!!!
1 N_O_1saintfan [no title]
1 Ace Venom Seems like it
1 Ace Venom Yeah great
1 fshabazz Refs are starting early screwing us!
1 snapp44 he wants 2 set a record with white towels?
1 '09 I've got butterflies
1 j0shle0 Why give out a towel at all?
1 Hans Petersen if Saints lose, they will end up littering the dome and Champions Square
1 fshabazz HELLO EVERYONE!!!!
1 Dan Kelly [no title]
1 N_O_1saintfan you're both welcome lets say a prayer to the recording GODs we won't have to erase the game
1 metryman DL pressure, like it

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