Saints vs. Seahawks Final Score 37-7: Community Roll Call

Jonathan Ferrey

Below are all the stats from our two Saints-Seahawks open threads for yesterday's Monday Night Football.

Thanks to all who participated.

Roll Call Info
Total comments 1,775
Total commenters 88
Commenter list '09, 52Tennessee, Ace Venom, Adolpho_Brazil, Alex Swift, BRSaintsFan, BenDerDonDat, Breesus Christ Superstar, Cajun in CA, Cashews!, Chompski, Dan Kelly, Dang Hu Dat, DatNOBoi, Dave Cariello, Desert Dog Runner, Drama504, Drunkamania, Fat Punk Kicker, FractalWalk, GESWhoseBack, GUMBOINAZ, Greg_R, Hans Petersen, JJammer, Jon Oliver, Jricky70, LSU Ranger, LSUJOSHUA, Lakota, LantermanC, Letloosethedogsofwar, Lyles, Meethos, MiniVanVader, MooreBreezy, N_O_1saintfan, Nola5712, Paradoxx's Last Chance, Philinwood, Philistine, Ragin Who Dat, RaikkFan, SaintMerc, SarahT, Silentmode, Stilljreming, Tee Word, The GIF Oracle, Toluca_Niner_JR, Tord F, ValientC, Valmo, Wallace Delery, WhoDatMatt, Wiedmann, babygurlz2012, boiseahawk, cajuncommando58, canu2u, crescendo2020, daisy117, donniethelion, forrestgump52, fshabazz, harrisondumont, hooahsaint2.0, iiAndyiiii, j0shle0, johnmc318, kamso, kazmiboy, kevininpo, maybetoday, metryman, mississippisaintsfan, oregon49ner, saintstildeath46, scwerly, snapp44, statsjefffrey, stujo4, the new Bradfather, vestal, vitzeng, vjdancer, whodat70816, xRCx
Story URLs
# Commenter # Comments
1 DatNOBoi 165
2 Hans Petersen 116
3 johnmc318 101
4 N_O_1saintfan 99
5 Dan Kelly 76
6 Stilljreming 69
7 stujo4 66
8 Wiedmann 65
9 metryman 65
10 crescendo2020 63
11 Ace Venom 60
12 babygurlz2012 56
13 Philistine 52
14 mississippisaintsfan 48
15 fshabazz 47
16 WhoDatMatt 41
17 Drunkamania 41
18 Jon Oliver 29
19 BenDerDonDat 28
20 Alex Swift 28
21 j0shle0 26
22 Letloosethedogsofwar 23
23 SarahT 22
24 Jricky70 20
25 JJammer 20
26 Nola5712 19
27 Meethos 19
28 Wallace Delery 18
29 harrisondumont 16
30 Greg_R 15
31 Tee Word 14
32 The GIF Oracle 12
33 vjdancer 11
34 canu2u 11
35 scwerly 11
36 the new Bradfather 10
37 saintstildeath46 10
38 Ragin Who Dat 9
39 snapp44 9
40 Toluca_Niner_JR 8
41 Dave Cariello 8
42 Cajun in CA 8
43 Philinwood 8
44 iiAndyiiii 8
45 Fat Punk Kicker 7
46 Lyles 7
47 daisy117 6
48 Chompski 6
49 LSU Ranger 5
50 Adolpho_Brazil 5
51 forrestgump52 5
52 MooreBreezy 5
53 52Tennessee 5
54 '09 5
55 Tord F 4
56 kamso 4
57 hooahsaint2.0 4
58 Dang Hu Dat 4
59 cajuncommando58 4
60 Silentmode 3
62 statsjefffrey 3
63 oregon49ner 3
64 kazmiboy 3
65 RaikkFan 2
66 Cashews! 2
67 BRSaintsFan 2
68 LantermanC 2
69 ValientC 2
70 SaintMerc 2
71 GESWhoseBack 2
72 Breesus Christ Superstar 2
73 Lakota 2
74 vestal 2
75 donniethelion 1
76 Valmo 1
77 Desert Dog Runner 1
78 xRCx 1
79 Paradoxx's Last Chance 1
80 FractalWalk 1
81 MiniVanVader 1
82 kevininpo 1
83 whodat70816 1
84 Drama504 1
85 maybetoday 1
86 boiseahawk 1
88 vitzeng 1
# Recs Commenter Comment Link
10 Breesus Christ Superstar Suck my DVOA!
7 Jon Oliver The women must absolutely love you
7 Jon Oliver If we're going to be subjected to peeps...
6 Dan Kelly You're welcome...
5 Meethos [no title]
5 Jon Oliver LIES!
4 stujo4 [no title]
4 Drunkamania [no title]
4 harrisondumont Never EVER feel bad for cowboys or their fans.
3 '09 PCP
3 Hans Petersen I can get behind that...
3 snapp44 this is horrific
3 52Tennessee So, here's what happens
3 Wallace Delery Let's see how "stunned silence" registers on the Richter Scale
2 snapp44 Last game of the Thanksgiving weekend.
2 scwerly Go Hawks!
2 Meethos You Rang.
2 Ragin Who Dat An earthquake
2 Meethos [no title]
2 scwerly All we've heard all week on CSC...
2 Wiedmann Richard Sherman is such a piece of shit.
2 johnmc318 Gonna go ahead and get this out of the way
2 Hans Petersen [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 The GIF Oracle [no title]
1 Wiedmann Cool story, bro
1 johnmc318 PLAYOFFS?? PLAYOFFS??
1 Philistine Isn't that what happened to Vernon Davis?
1 canu2u Here ya go
1 Hans Petersen this is all I got
1 canu2u Well, this is embarrassing as hell.
1 Wiedmann I'll give him props for getting out of USC before the sanctions hit.
1 j0shle0 Just run it down their throat
1 N_O_1saintfan or is that scratching their balls all night
1 metryman reading SP's lips, at the LineJudge, "you blew the holding call, Roughing the passer, and that BS" LULZ
1 crescendo2020 [no title]
1 Drunkamania [no title]
1 DatNOBoi I thought we fired Spags.
1 Nola5712 yea
1 harrisondumont make no mistake
1 johnmc318 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Ace Venom I'll give ya a film breakdown
1 The GIF Oracle [no title]
1 Stilljreming NOoooooooooo, don't be that guy. That guy is a Falcons fan
1 Drunkamania [no title]
1 Jon Oliver Request fulfilled.
1 vjdancer Ouch. I can honestly say I was NOT expecting that...but - now that it's out of the way, time to regroup and move on to Carolina.
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Hans Petersen Yeah it's an outdoor stadium
1 statsjefffrey How dare you question a seahawk fans knowledge on playoff football?
1 statsjefffrey Niners fan.
1 stujo4 [no title]
1 Jricky70 Wrong
1 Ace Venom Not classless at all
1 Wiedmann You haven't seen Seahawks trolls?
1 Ace Venom Hmm...
1 crescendo2020 Going to bed. I have forgetting to do. I'm so glad I lost sleep over this.
1 Jon Oliver FIFY
1 Philistine So's Anthony Davis for the Pels
1 Alex Swift 99 bottles of scotch on the wall
1 mississippisaintsfan This game reminds me of when we beat the Pats in 2009
1 Wiedmann Been going on longer than that.
1 Hans Petersen just running out the clock
1 crescendo2020 [no title]
1 mississippisaintsfan So we regroup and take it out on the Panthers next week in the dome
1 babygurlz2012 [no title]
1 Hans Petersen [no title]
1 Wiedmann I'm a Packer fan, I know what it's like to get screwed by the officials against the Seahawks.
1 Cajun in CA Leaving the thread
1 DatNOBoi Just give the man his sack, damnit!
1 babygurlz2012 Not yet man. Not yet.
1 Hans Petersen [no title]
1 Letloosethedogsofwar Take the check down!!!!
1 Greg_R THAT's just what will cost us the game
1 Alex Swift Has anyone here (Outside of maybe Frenchie)
1 Alex Swift You get a rec
1 mississippisaintsfan I knew you would peep in sooner or later
1 Meethos Had to ride my bike to get here.
1 Jon Oliver Proof that Seahags fans simply hear whatever song is playing in their little minds
1 Stilljreming If you're a sportsman (and you're going for a run) you don't throw the towel at halftime.
1 Drunkamania [no title]
1 Jon Oliver As long as both chains are moved
1 babygurlz2012 Y'all are making me depressed.
1 DatNOBoi So...are the Seacawks the new era Cowboys now? This fellatio fest has gotta end...
1 fshabazz Shut up gruden
1 fshabazz We get this stop and I feel the momentum changing!!!
1 babygurlz2012 Can I just say that the words prevent defense makes me see red?
1 Fat Punk Kicker Neither side of the ball looks too stellar
1 Ace Venom See you guys next time
1 Hans Petersen [no title]
1 fshabazz Defense should be well rested!!!
1 Jon Oliver Love Drew's chant
1 canu2u In the immortal words of Clubber Lang , my prediction for tonight is " Pain "
1 Stilljreming Wow, Drew just can't hold that bold for that long
1 mississippisaintsfan wow wheres the false start
1 Philinwood I know Thanksgiving is over, but I am so thankful
1 Hans Petersen [no title]
1 Alex Swift I may disagree with a lot of the Hawks actions
1 DatNOBoi Corey White couldn't cover a baby chick if he had a damn blanket and a warming lamp.
1 Drunkamania [no title]
1 Jon Oliver Totally sounded like
1 fshabazz GREAT START DEFENSE!!!!
1 Philistine I just saw a pig fly by
1 babygurlz2012 Understatement of the century.
1 Hans Petersen they forgot to get the ones that block the Dline
1 BenDerDonDat [no title]
1 Dan Kelly Did you guys know Drew Brees and Russell Wilson are both short?
1 Dang Hu Dat But can that 3 y/o girl recite the Seahawks' DVOA's?
1 N_O_1saintfan LOL just busting your chops
1 DatNOBoi When one reaches His level of divinity,
1 johnmc318 For Hans and Meethos
1 Alex Swift The only cure is...
1 Stilljreming #WeGotThis
1 Meethos They used the DVOA to figure that one out.
1 Nola5712 he's a football player man.
1 N_O_1saintfan ALL OF THE ABOVE
1 Wallace Delery Saints should just play fast and loose

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